Getting ready for 2012 at Anime USA

You might have noticed the new header on the site. I’m working on the redesign now. I’m also rewriting all of the pages to make things even better than they were last year.

Enablers will get some new benefits this year, and…I shouldn’t say too much this early, but it’s looking to be better than ever before. You can expect some more guest announcements soon.

We will have a table at AnimeUSA this weekend, at which I am also a guest speaker. I am not sure if we will have 2 tables (an Onezumi.com table and an Intervention table) or just combine it all into one table. If you are looking for us and can’t find us at one table, look for us at the other table location. We hope to talk to a lot of you there so don’t be shy! I only bite chocolate and perhaps pancakes. :) Bring your suggestions, or just hang out with us and chat.

My speaking schedule is as follows:

The Computer is Willing, but the Spirit is Weak: How to Build the Motivation to Keep Going Saturday 4 PM-5:30 PM Workshop 1 (Kennedy 3rd Floor)

Portfolio Review Sunday 1 Pm-2:30 PM Workshop 1 (Roosevelt Room 3rd floor)

Introduction to Webcomics Sunday 2:30 PM-4 PM Workshop 1 (Roosevelt Room 3rd floor)

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