Upward and onward into 2012!

Oni Hartstein

Hi guys! :D Happy New Year! I hope none of you had a fire at your NYE party that involved a fire extinguisher extinguishing all of your food. Heh…. ;D

Our marketing and advertising stuff is almost all written up. We are taking a lot of care in this process because we believe that it’s not just about us – it’s about the community and the people we work with. If we don’t feel that we can add value to a business we won’t take their money. Also, if we don’t like the business, we won’t take their money.

It may take more work to get things done, but this isn’t a game to us. We aren’t about throwing buzzwords at you or any of that stuff. I’m not that type of person, and my event isn’t that type of event. Subtlety has never been my strong suit. I learned early in life that honesty and straightforward talk saves a lot of time and creates better results.

This month we will be venturing around Maryland and the internet to see which businesses can buy ads in our con book and on our website. These ads and sponsorships help us pay for the guests, programming, and events at the con. Working closely with local and internet businesses this early allows us to create events that help them and our attendees better. Sections of this site are also being rewritten and redesigned to improve upon what we already have. I am also looking for new ways to make things better in every vector of it.

Newcomers to our event may not realize that we are all-volunteer and most of the pre-event work is done by me and Harknell. I am relieved that we have added 2 staff members to help with the Artist’s Alley and Programming this year. For the past 2 years we were doing it all our self. It’s just not possible. :) Delegation can be awesome!

So far, what I have in store for you for 2012 is so cool I might explode with anticipation. Intervention 2012 will be even more amazing than 2011. I can’t thank you all enough for supporting us in our early years. Whether you attended, told someone about us, posted a click-able link to us, donated, or simply gave great feedback – you are appreciated in every way.

Intervention is the most important thing to me. I founded it because I want to put something out there that is positive, fun, educational, and helpful to people. This means that you all are that important to me, because you are who I am doing this for. :)

Thank you guys, I hope to see you all at the con in 2012. I’ll be posting updates here as we progress. You can also:

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Follow me on Twitter. (Note: I swear a lot. The Intervention-specific social networking outlets are all family friendly, though. : ) )

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