Artist’s tables, website rewrite, Magfest in Maryland

Greetings from the convention founder! :)

Just a quick note to let you know that we are in the final stages of the website rewrite to make things easier to read through. We also will be updating the site with the form from where artists and vendors can register to exhibit.

If you are curious about all of that, you can get a general idea of how we did it by looking through “Archive” on our top bar.

We are back from Magfest this weekend and wanted to thank you all for purchasing all of our squeaky owls. Many of you registered as well. Meeting you and talking with you really inspires us to make this con even better every year. Thank you!

If you’d like to see pictures from this weekend, you can see them on our Facebook as well.

We Intervened and Inspired this weekend at Magfest in Maryland:

We sold our squeaky owls – when you purchase one of these you also are donating to support the event. We SOLD OUT of all of them:

I was drawing some comic goodness at the table. This will be a comic over at Onezumi.com in the next few days:

I found an awesome flower for my hair yay:

Janice, our new Exhibition Hall coordinator made this for me! SQUEE:

We love our friends over at Squishable.com. If you attended a last Intervention, you had a really great chance of winning one of these guys:

For once, I remembered to wear my Intervention T- Shirt. PROOF:

I played SO MANY games in the arcade room at Magfest. This was less than half of the room – more like 1/8th of the room. It was huge in reality:

Ghostbusters car:

I hope you all had a great weekend! I now have a flat tire from my trip home. Nothing goes perfectly in life, but if you keep thinking positively things will be great! :D

2 Responses to “Artist’s tables, website rewrite, Magfest in Maryland”

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  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures. It looks like a great experience. Looking forward to more.

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