Intervention 2012 Artist / Vendor Room Application Now Live

Intervention 2012 is now accepting applications for it’s Vendor Room (Artist Alley / Dealer / Vendors). Please note that Intervention does NOT have separate Artist Alley and Dealer / Vendor spaces, there is one room that encompasses all vendors at the convention. So to vend at Intervention 2012 as an artist or vendor use the form on the linked page to apply to have a space in the Vendor room.

We will start the review process and begin approvals at the end of February 2012.

2 Responses to “Intervention 2012 Artist / Vendor Room Application Now Live”

  1. Chris Flick says:

    Hey Oni, Harknell and everyone else involved with organizing and running Intervention…
    Just wanted to make sure my i’s were dotted and my t’s were crossed…
    Hope you guys find it in your heart of hearts to invite me as a guest again for 2012. If there’s anything I can do art-wise or publicity-wise to help you guys out, just let me know.
    I will be going to the 30th Anniversary of heroes Con this year… if you want, I’d be more than willing to put Intervention Postcards on my table or on the “freebie” table at Heroes. Just let me know.

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