Registration price goes up on April 1 – register now! :D

Hi guys,

The registration price goes up on April 1. You should register now and tell others to do so as well. There are a few reasons for this.

This event is not a for profit event run by a big corporation. It’s just me, Harknell, and our volunteer staff who make this happen. None of us get paid to do this. We are still a start up company powered by what we can contribute, your registration money, and the volunteer man and womanpower of our staff.

This is why you might notice something special at our event.

Each and every staff member believes so hard in Intervention becoming more than just a fun weekend getaway. We are in this for the long haul, to offer opportunities to the geek community that weren’t previously available. It is our dream to put on the most fun convention where you can also learn something to make your life better all year round. It has not been easy, but oh heck yes we are on that path!

Harknell and I truly have dedicated our entire lives to making this convention the best and most innovative con out there. If we have to work 80 hour weeks, we do it. When you do something you believe in this strongly, it is an absolute joy to do it!

The fact remains that we still absolutely cannot do it without your help and patronage. Every bit of your registration money goes to the event – paying for the space, feeding the guests, lodging the staff who make the event happen, and paying for insurance.

It often takes about 5 years for new events to fully gel. In our first years we have shown a great growth pattern that is more than the statistical average for new events in our area. However, we have to keep this up. I need your help to keep this up. I want to do this faster than the statistical timeframe, and I know we can do it.

It would mean so much to me if we could get a few more registrations in before the price goes up on April 1st.

It is just as important now in year 3 as it was in year 1 for you to pre-register, tell people about us, and donate. Do you have a business that we can help market? Please consider our sponsorship opportunities that help us pay for the event space and the printing of the con materials.

Still, the best thing you can do is attend and tell people what a great time you had. We are still building this, and every amazing brick counts.

If you are unfamiliar with our brand of geekery, look no further than our About Page, and the Archive on the top navigation bar for examples of what we did and will continue to build upon.

If you are familiar with our brand of geekery, prepare yourself for some great new additions to the programming this year. We have things planned that no other con has ever done before – to be announced as soon as the ink dries. The more registrations we get, the more we can do.

I can’t thank you enough for your support, help spreading the word about what we are doing, and patronage. I truly consider it an honor to be able to put something good and geeky back into the world. I have never worked on an event that managed to progress so quickly, but we still need every bit of your support that you can give! :)


First Round of Intervention 2012 Guests Posted

Intervention 2012 is happy to announce it’s first round of guests for the 2012 event. We have a great collection of returning guests from our previous years, and a notable new guest of Danielle Corsetto, creator of Girls with Slingshots. We have many other guests in the works, so expect some huge announcements over the next few weeks.

This is just the beginning of the chaos….


Maryland and Virgina Geek Meetups!

Hi guys! While we are busy working behind these scenes preparing for the guest announcements and things, there are 2 things you should know about. We have 2 fun mini events for you to attend! There is no charge to attend either of them by us, but for the Busch Gardens one, you have to buy your own park ticket to get in.

Sat. April 7th @ The Hilton Rockville, MD: Geek Meetup:
Here is a Facebook invite.

For those without FB:

Hilton Washington DC/Rockville
1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland 20852

Saturday, April 7, 2012
3:00pm until 7:00pm

This meetup is open to the public! Invite as many people as you want to this.

Well, we did a poll and April 7th won by a landslide this time around.

We will be hanging out from 3-7PM at the Hilton Rockville in the Atrium area near the bar. After that we will go to Mosaic to get waffle burgers: http://www.mosaiccuisine.com/

What is the reason behind this meetup? Fun, really. We never get to see most of you when we aren’t working at a con, so this is a great time to socialize in a low-stress environment. You do not have to have attended Intervention (https://interventioncon.com/) to attend, but it is a great time for you to ask us questions about the event, make suggestions, remind us about things, and hear unreleased info about the Sept. 2012 event.

Sat. June 30th @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA: Geeks Invade Busch Gardens:
Here is a Facebook invite.

For those without FB:

Saturday, June 30, 2012
10:00am until whenever

Our awesome geeky event https://interventioncon.com/ is only once a year. We decided that we should have mini meet ups all year round.

This is open to the public! All geeks (and even non-geeks) are invited. You don’t have to have attended Intervention in the past. You also don’t have to ride the rides – half of our group are non-riders. Their job is to test the delicious food and alcohol for us. ;D

BGW has a new coaster this year (Verbolten), a new Fairy Tale stage show in Germany, and new German foods, like gingerbread!

We’ll meet at the park ticket booths at park opening, If you are late, its OK.

Follow http://www.twitter/com/Onezumi to see where we are at, and/or call/text 619-ONEZUMI if you don’t have Twitter. Also, you should probably friend me on FB (Onezumi Hartstein)

Don’t be shy – come on out and have fun with us!

You can also sign up to our Geek Meetup mailing list here. If you don’t do social networking, you can still get the updates there.


Early Owl Con Rate Ends Soon

Intervention 2012’s “Early Owl” registration rate of $30 for the full weekend will be ending very soon, on March 31st. After April 1st the rate will go to our regular pre-registration cost of $35. So it’s a good idea to buy your registration to Intervention 2012 right now. With a cost this low you can add on an Enabler Level for the same total cost for registration now as our at door rate! It’s always nice to get something essentially free :)


Intervention 2011 Panel Video: How To Speak In Public

The next Intervention 2011 Panel video is: How To Speak In Public

Description: Do you want to be up at the front of the room speaking on a panel? Do you want to be more successful selling your stuff and talking with people about your work? Get advice on how to speak in public from the pros who have been doing it for years.

Panelists: Eric Kimball, Blue, Sara Mitchell, Elaine Corvidae

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