Contact Form Hijinks

We’ve heard some feedback that there have been some issues that have occurred when using some of the contact forms on our website. If you have submitted feedback, programming suggestions, or applied to be in our vendor room, but did not receive an auto-reply email (saying basically “we got your submission”) within a few hours, then it’s likely the form did not properly get submitted. One possible suggestion is to make sure any “no-script” plugins for your browser are set to (at least temporarily) allow scripts on our form pages. We’d also especially like to hear from anyone who sees any error messages after submitting a form.

If you believe you are being affected by this you can contact us through our contact email address at: contact @ interventioncon.com.

Thanks, Harknell


First Vendor Room / Artist Alley Approvals Sent

We’ve sent out our first round of Vendor Room / Artist Alley approval emails for Intervention 2012. We’ve also sent out an email notification to everyone else who applied notifying them that they have been added to our waiting list. If you applied to our Vendor Room but do not receive an email by later today (either an acceptance or a waiting list notification), then there is either a problem with the email address you provided to us (typo maybe), or our email is being sent to your spam filter or somehow not reaching you. Please use our contact form to let us know you did not receive an email from us and we can work out a solution to the issue.

Due to the sheer volume of applications (way more than double the capacity of the room) we’ve had to split up the approval process into a few rounds which will take place over the next few weeks. We will be approving another round of applicants on March 24th. All applicants on the waiting list are still in the running for a spot in the Vendor Room.


Have An Idea For Programming? Submit it!

We’ve posted a new form on our programming page to solicit ideas from the community for programming topics for Intervention 2012. If you have an idea, or would like to host a panel at the event, please use the form to send it in to us. While we might not be able to do every panel submitted, we can really get a gauge on what’s interesting and important to the community, which will help us customize things this year to even better match what is desired by our attendees.


Overwhelming Odds

Ok guys, we admit it, you broke us. The response to being in the Vendor Room this year has been huge, so it’s taking us a bit longer than initially thought to go through and review all of the applications. We are currently hoping to get through them all and have decisions sent out this coming weekend by March 11th.


March May Be Madness For Us

We just wanted to let everyone know a bit of a preview of upcoming announcements for Intervention 2012.

We are in the process of signing guests for this year, and expect to have the first round of confirmed announcements in the next week. We expect to have even more guests than our already overwhelming previous 2011 and 2010 line ups.

We are starting our Artist Alley / Vendor submission reviews this weekend, so we will also be announcing our first group of confirmed vendors soon as well. (and there’s still time to apply)

It also looks like we’ll be hosting a fun photo op set up that will make you feel like you’re in “The Future” (or just going back to it).

And on the sponsors front, it seems like we can’t hold them back from wanting to be more involved this year, so expect even bigger giveaways and offers for attendees than even our epic last year haul of goods.

Things are shaping up behind the scenes, so get ready for the wave of stuff to hit the front page soon. It’s still the best time to register for the event since we’re currently offering our “Early Owl” rate of only $30 for the entire weekend. Buy your registration now here.

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