First Rockville, MD Geek Meetup!

If you missed our Geek Meetup on Saturday, I feel sad for you! :)

Thanks to FalcoVolt, we will have this at the con this year:

Here are some of the great people who came out to party with us:

We had so many people even with the Easter holiday cancellations that we outnumbered everyone in the entire restaurant we went to.

Mosaic is a 5 minute walk from our convention hotel and specializes in delicious waffles sandwiches and burgers. (They even have vegetarian sandwiches for those of you who don’t do meat.)

Games were played, drawings made, Girl Scout cookies bought and eaten, and other LOLZ were had before we went to eat. Originally scheduled for 3-7 then dinner, the meetup lasted until almost midnight. We are probably going to do another one this summer involving a BBQ!

As you may know, we are working hard to be able to keep the positive attitude and fun going all year round. I feel much happier when I am able to hang out with people who are like me, and I know that the crew feels that way too. To that end, we have started Geek Networking Meetups. We hold them just about every month in either New Jersey, Maryland, or Virginia so far. This is also a great time for people to get more info about Intervention and suggest cool things to us. Our event prides itself the most in doing what the fans want. We don’t limit ourselves to what has been already done.

Our only limit is funding, so I must remind you that you should please register for the con, donate, or sponsor and buy some ads with us. This is how we are able to bring the event to you in addition to Harknell and I personally funding as much as we possibly can. Harknell, the whole staff, and I believe strongly in putting everything where our beliefs are to create a safe, fun, educational, and sometimes crazy space for geeks of all stripes and their families.

You will definitely see some things at our con this year that you will see at no other con. I am not afraid of doing things that have never been done before. :D Let’s take a walk on he ceiling and see what good things might happen!


There is no requirement for you to join us at these meetups. You don’t even have to ever have attended Intervention before. All you have to do is show up, meet new friends, and pay for any food or park tickets that you may need for the day. Our next scheduled meetup is at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I picked this park because it truly is a beautiful park that also accommodate non-riders very well with it’s animal exhibits, great food, shows, and gentler rides. Harknell does not ride roller coasters, so it was only fair to make it something for everyone. :D

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(Please note that my language on my personal social networking outlets isn’t always as family-friendly as my convention. I am from New Jersey and Pittsburgh. Heh. :) )

It was so great seeing all of you who came out this weekend! I can’t wait to do another one! The Spring and Summer will bring a lot of good things. The convention is already ahead of schedule planning-wise, and the good ideas and fun mayhem is flowing!

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  2. […] Click here for details about the Maryland Geek Meetup and the DeLorean Mayhem. […]

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