This Saturday is our Busch Gardens Geek Meet Up!

I hope to see some of you in Virginia this Saturday for a day of fun and mayhem! All are invited! See below for the details:

Sat. June 30th @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA: Geeks Invade Busch Gardens:
Here is a Facebook invite.

For those without FB:

Saturday, June 30, 2012
10:00am until whenever

Our awesome geeky event https://interventioncon.com/ is only once a year. We decided that we should have mini meet ups all year round.

This is open to the public! All geeks (and even non-geeks) are invited. You don’t have to have attended Intervention in the past. You also don’t have to ride the rides – half of our group are non-riders. Their job is to test the delicious food and alcohol for us. ;D

BGW has a new coaster this year (Verbolten), a new Fairy Tale stage show in Germany, and new German foods, like gingerbread!

We’ll meet at the park ticket booths at park opening (10 AM), If you are late, its OK. You can reach me to find out where we are in a few ways:

Contact me on Twitter.

Call or text my Google Voice if you don’t have Twitter – 619-ONEZUMI.

Also, you should probably friend me on FB (Onezumi Hartstein)

Don’t be shy – come on out and have fun with us!

If you’d like notifications of these meet ups in the future, we have a Geek Meetup mailing list here.

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