Pre-Registration Contest 2nd Winner Selection Deadline Today

Today is the deadline for entry to our 2nd drawing for our Pre-Registration Contest. Any pre-registered attendee for Intervention 2012 will be entered in the random drawing for many prizes from our sponsors (in value from $50 to $250+). So why not pre-register now, save some money (our current online cost is $40, versus $45 at door rate), and possibly win more in value than your attendance cost to go to Intervention?


See The Mignogna Chronicles At Intervention 2012

Intervention is happy to announce we will be doing a full presentation of the new Todd Haberkorn video “The Mignogna Chronicles” at our event this year. We are currently the only convention in the North East where you’ll be able to see this epic 40 minute final part of the “Tribute Wars” series between anime voice actors Todd Haberkorn and Vic Mignogna. The following is only a small sneak preview of what you’ll see at Intervention:

So come and be a part of the finishing moment in this incredible online video battle. Details on showing times will be posted on our programming schedule closer to the event.


The Next Intervention Pre-Registration Contest Winner To Be Picked Soon

We’d like to remind everyone that July 31st 2012 at midnight is the next deadline for our Pre-Registration Contest. By Pre-Registering for Intervention 2012 you will be entered in this drawing held August 1st, and 2 more, to give you 3 chances to win a selection of items ranging in value from $50 to $250.

So, to recap, you get into Intervention for our discounted price of $40 for the full weekend, and you have 3 chances to win prizes higher in value than your cost to attend the event. Our first winner has already selected a set of Copic Markers, what would you select if you won?


Our co-founder’s thoughts on today’s tragedy

Today is a day of profound sadness.

As I write this, I struggle to hold back tears.

Last night, a gunman killed 12 people and injured many more at the Batman premiere in Colorado.

Click here to read the whole post.


Hotel Room Space Going Fast

We’ve just received a report from our event hotel (The Hilton Rockville) that we are getting very close to running out of rooms in our con block, so you might want to reserve a room now. Like last year when we hit the limit, we will work with the hotel to try to add new rooms to our block, but we can’t guarantee how many more we can add at our discounted $114 a night rate, so if you want one you should really reserve it sooner than later.

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