Intervention guest Phil Kahn of Guilded Age has been nominated for a Philly Geek Award

Our very own Phil Kahn of Guilded Age has just been nominated for a Philly Geek Award for Comic Book Writer of the year due to his work co-writing the webcomic with T Campbell and David Wurzel. The book is now being carried in the Previews catalog.

Guess what convention got them signed into the Previews catalog?

Intervention did.

We are proud of the success of Guilded Age. This is a clear example of what makes Intervention special. We are all about helping great creators meet their audience and have fun at the same time. Our conference-style atmosphere is unmatched as far as networking with people in the industry AND meeting new fans.

Even if you can’t get a table at our con, you might meet your next big career opportunity. The certain thing is that you will leave us feeling inspired to take over the world if we have anything to say about it. :)

The Guilded Age crew will be returning to Intervention this year – you’d best buy their books quickly because last year they sold out so fast that people were complaining that they missed the opportunity to buy them.

All I remember is seeing T Campbell running through the hallway with boxes of new books shouting “Thank you Oni!” at me.:D

A comment from Phil Kahn: “Oni speaks nothing but truth. Intervention was and is CRUCIAL to GA’s success!”

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