Today at midnight is the end of the pre-registration price and the room block discount

Today at midnight is it. The registration price goes up. The room block closes and disables the room booking discount, and we’ll do another drawing from all pre-registered people where you get to choose a prize from our sponsor goods. These aren’t cheap prizes – you can even win expensive software.

Please note if you were interested in advertising in our con book, tonight at midnight is also the deadline for that.

Long time attendees know that we are just a handful of volunteers funded by Harknell and I. We are not a big company. We are not backed by a big company. This is why it’s so important for you to register, attend, and if you can’t attend - tell other people about us. Your support directly helps us run this.

We committed in 2010 to having a fun event where all people could come together and learn cool things. 2 years later we are still doing that thanks to you.

We could not do this without you. You are the reason we find all of the long nights worth it. Thank you. :)


Room block sold out but you can still get some

The Hilton can’t give us any more rooms in our block, but we can manually do it for you at the con rate.

Book your room at any rate, send their conf # to hotel@intervention.com and it will be added to the block.

Remember at midnight on August 31st (tomorrow) this closes of for good.

This is the last week to buy your registration for Intervention 2012 at the discounted price of $40 for the full weekend, after September 1 the cost for registration will be $45. Besides being less expensive though, buying a registration now enters you in our 2 remaining Pre-Registration contest drawings as well, so you might end up with a prize greater in value than your registration cost!

We’d also like to mention that buying an Enabler level in addition to your registration really helps us out, but also gets you some really neat stuff:

$15: Level 1 Enabler
– Free Wifi in the Intervention function space.
– Express registration for the con (no standing in lines, get your badge mailed to you in advance)
– Invitation to the special Enabler exclusive Guest/Staff “Meet and Greet” event at the con.

$25: Level 2 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Special Intervention Poster which contains exclusive artwork:

$50: Level 3 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Mentioned on the Intervention website in a list of “Enablers”.
– Special Intervention Owl mascot plush doll:

$100: Level 4 Enabler
- ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Special Enabler T-Shirt. (Not sold or available to the public.):

– Mentioned on the Intervention blog.


Intervention 2012 Programming Descriptions Now Online

The Panel/Workshop Description list for Intervention 2012 is now available online. We may make some tweaks here and there, but for the most part this is pretty close to the “Final” list for the event. Please note that Children’s Programming and our Gaming areas will have their own separate lists, so they are not included in this listing.

We plan on having the Programming Schedule up in the next few days as well.


Guest Interview: Shaenon Garrity

Conventions are of course a lot of fun…and also a lot of work.  As the weeks wind down to the third annual Intervention, we have been exceptionally busy behind the scenes to ensure that a great convention is pulled off.  Thus,  this week, we felt it was only appropriate to spotlight an Intervention guest who is no stranger to a busy lifestyle.

Intervention interviewed Shaenon Garrity, creator of no less than SIX comics.  In addition to her webcomic work, her writing and art has appeared in other venues as well.

As indicated on your site, Narbonic Trunktown have been completed.  As an artist in an atmosphere where webcomics seem to keep going forever, even when it is clear they have run out of ideas, how important are definitive endings to comic series?  How do you know when it is time to end a series?  What signs of “this should end soon” should other creators look for and any advice on wrapping them up nicely?

I usually do comics with a set beginning, middle and ending.  I’ve never really done an open-ended strip that could conceivably go on forever, so I don’t have any advice there.  End it when you get bored with it, I guess?

That said, I still draw short Narbonic stories for the Couscous Collective anthologies, and Tom Hart and I have talked about doing another chapter of Trunktown sometime.  So even finite stories can keep going in some other form.

In your various series, you share both writing duties (Skin Horse) and drawing duties (Li’l MelSmithson).  What do you believe the keys to true collaboration are?  Is it easy for you to fully explain to artists your vision for characters and situations?

I enjoy collaborating specifically because I don’t want to fully explain my vision; I like seeing what another person brings to the comic.  I’ve done many different types of collaboration now: writing scripts for another artist to draw, drawing from another artist’s scripts, and the more involved kind of collaboration I did with Tom Hart on Trunktown and currently do with Jeff Wells on Skin Horse, where both parties toss ideas around and work out a story together before the drawing begins.  I like to experiment with different collaborations to see what comes out.  Right now I’m drawing a comic adaptation of a story my seven-year-old cousin Joselyn wrote.  It’s called “The Adventures of a Cat-Loving Girl.”

Are any of Li’l Mel‘s stories based on events from your own childhood?

Oh, awesome.  Nobody ever asks about Li’l Mell.

“The Horror of Rukavina Caverns” is based on a story my eighth-grade English teacher, Mr. Rukavina, used to tell about being trapped in Seneca Caverns on a field trip.  He used to spend an entire class period telling us stories like that, and then our assignment would be to write our own version of it: “Mr. Rukavina’s Class Goes to Seneca Caverns,” “Mr. Rukavina’s Class in the Middle Ages” (based on his experiences in the Society for Creative Anachronism), and so on.  So that’s where that came from.

“Brain Wars” is based on being in Odyssey of the Mind, a hard-to-describe creative problem-solving competition that seems to be endemic to Midwestern school gifted programs.  I’m sure anyone who was in OM as a kid recognized it in the story, because it’s exactly like that.  I was always joining or coaching very bad OM teams.  My husband Andrew, on the other hand, once earned the coveted Renatra Fusca award for individual creativity for using the word “bouillabaisse” in the Spontaneous section of the competition.  He plays the teacher, Mr. Willey, in that storyline.

The most personal storyline in Li’l Mell is “Adjustment.”  It’s also my favorite, although that’s largely because Neil Babra did such a spectacular job on the artwork.

Once you have completed recapping every X-Files episode in Monster of the Week, is there another TV series you would like to tackle?

Dude, I just started Monster of the Week, and “The X-Files” is nine seasons long! That said, I have been thinking about various Star Treks..

Anything you’d like to add?

I can’t wait for Intervention!  Jeff and I had an awesome time last year.





New Programming Pages Up

We’ve added new programming pages for Intervention 2012, our Arcade Gaming Page, Music and Performance Page, and Children’s Programming pages are now available online.

We’re happy to work with MAGFest to bring Arcade cabinets to the event this year; they will be in the room right next to our already popular Video Gaming room (so you can now go from playing on our Commodore 64 to playing a multi-player game of X-Men Arcade in just a few steps).

We’re also happy to have Corinne Simmers back as our Children’s Programming coordinator, she’s set up a great series of family events to inspire children to work on art and animation over the course of our event.

And of course, we have a ton of performances scheduled over the 3 days of our event, so once you’ve had your brain filled with knowledge, you can dance and rock out to our great line up of evening programming.

We even have a few more things lined up for this year, so expect a few more announcements in the next week.

How did we manage to fit even more stuff into the event this year? It’s a mystery…

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