Tick tock! 2 weeks left to pre-register! August 31st!

You had better get your registrations in soon, because in 2 weeks’ time on August 31st, the registration price reverts to the at door price of $45. At this same time the room block rate expires and you’ll have to pay the maximum rate to book a room.

It’s a no-brainer that you should get those registrations and room bookings in now. It’ll save you money since the Reg cost is only $40 right now, and the room rate is only $114 (versus at least $129 regular rate).

Registration info is here.

The registration store site for transactions is here.

Register your hotel room here.

NOTE: If you have trouble registering that means we’ve sold out our our allotment of rooms. We have already gone over our estimated room bookings and had to add more to the inventory. If you have any trouble, email hotel AT Interventioncon DOT com for assistance and we can help you get in there before the deadline.

Register now unless you like arbitrarily paying more money.

Still undecided? Check out examples of our programming linked from our about page. From education, to DeLorean photo ops, to Harry Potter Belly Dance, to 24 hour video and board gaming, to Zombies and Flash Mobs – This year is a can’t miss event. Thank you all for believing in the indie art space of the future so we can offer the most value and awesome for your convention-going pleasure. :)

Expect many announcements of events in the next few weeks.

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