Guest Spotlight: Danielle Corsetto

Danielle Corsetto is a first-time guest at Intervention.  Appearing on Saturday and Sunday at the convention, Corsetto is the mind behind Girls With Slingshots, which will celebrate its 8th birthday in October.  We at Intervention talked to her about her life’s work and upcoming appearance.

First and foremost…do (or did) YOU personally own a slingshot?
I do! My friends Bill and Dani got me one while they were visiting me. It’s actually a really good one, kinda scary how powerful it is!

Are any of the characters in GWS based off of people in your own life?
Yes and no. Many of them have been inspired by people, but once they’ve appeared in the strip several times, they really take on their own personalities.

What was it like taking over Bat Boy from Peter Bagge?  Do you ever
see continuing any of his other characters, perhaps Buddy Bradley?

That gig was such an out-of-the-blue opportunity! I was at a small show in Manhattan promoting GWS, and this guy came up and looked over my work, asked if I did “all of this” (“yes, even the hand lettering and website coding”), tossed me a card and said “I think we could use you.” It wasn’t until he left that I realized he was the editor in chief of the Weekly World News.

Originally I was supposed to come up with an all-new property for their weekly comics page, where Bagge’s strip Bat Boy appeared. I had this fun idea already sketched out, but then I was told that Peter had resigned from Bat Boy and they wanted me to pick it back up. I double-checked with him to make sure he wouldn’t mind my taking the strip wherever I pleased (he was totally supportive!), and The New Adventures of Bat Boy was born.

While I absolutely loved creating Bat Boy strips, I’m much happier to use my own characters. So, no: no more stepping into anybody else’s shoes for awhile. But thanks for asking!

Would you ever revive any of your old comics Fat Cat, Hazelnuts, or Ramblers (or mix characters from them into GWS)?
Sometimes I wish I could! I’ve considered doing new Hazelnuts strips, because I loooooove prequels (when they’re done well!) and Hazelnuts was the high school story behind Hazel and Jamie. Some other time, perhaps.

Ramblers was so much fun, and re-reading the strips always makes me want to do another, but all of the characters in that comic were based on real people, with their real names, many of whom I’m no longer in contact with. So, alas, Ramblers will just be its little self-contained story, a peek into my college years.

Anything else you would like to add?
Since Intervention is specifically geared toward Internet-based entertainment, let  me just say that I LOVE talking shop. If you have (specific!!) questions about my business model, how I make a living via a comic that’s online and subscription-free, be sure to ask me. Especially at panels and after the show! I’ll be hanging around; feel free to ask. Just don’t ask me where I “get my ideas from,” or I’ll deck ya!

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