New Programming Pages Up

We’ve added new programming pages for Intervention 2012, our Arcade Gaming Page, Music and Performance Page, and Children’s Programming pages are now available online.

We’re happy to work with MAGFest to bring Arcade cabinets to the event this year; they will be in the room right next to our already popular Video Gaming room (so you can now go from playing on our Commodore 64 to playing a multi-player game of X-Men Arcade in just a few steps).

We’re also happy to have Corinne Simmers back as our Children’s Programming coordinator, she’s set up a great series of family events to inspire children to work on art and animation over the course of our event.

And of course, we have a ton of performances scheduled over the 3 days of our event, so once you’ve had your brain filled with knowledge, you can dance and rock out to our great line up of evening programming.

We even have a few more things lined up for this year, so expect a few more announcements in the next week.

How did we manage to fit even more stuff into the event this year? It’s a mystery…

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