Today at midnight is the end of the pre-registration price and the room block discount

Today at midnight is it. The registration price goes up. The room block closes and disables the room booking discount, and we’ll do another drawing from all pre-registered people where you get to choose a prize from our sponsor goods. These aren’t cheap prizes – you can even win expensive software.

Please note if you were interested in advertising in our con book, tonight at midnight is also the deadline for that.

Long time attendees know that we are just a handful of volunteers funded by Harknell and I. We are not a big company. We are not backed by a big company. This is why it’s so important for you to register, attend, and if you can’t attend - tell other people about us. Your support directly helps us run this.

We committed in 2010 to having a fun event where all people could come together and learn cool things. 2 years later we are still doing that thanks to you.

We could not do this without you. You are the reason we find all of the long nights worth it. Thank you. :)

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