Thanking our Enablers for 2012

Every year we are amazed by the response to our Enabler program. So far this year we are on track to have 33% of our Pre-reg purchasers elect to add on an Enabler level. The following people bought levels 3 or above, and really helped support us this year:


Chad Post went way into Enabler, and bought a level 7 this year (yeah, $1,000 and lifetime registration), which totally blew us away.

We also wanted to point out a special duo in our Enabler ranks, The History Twins, a father/daughter webcomic team that are working hard to help support the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation with their work. This is why we started Intervention, to be a part of the community and provide a place where people can come together to make these types of projects happen.

For all of us on the Intervention 2012 team, we want to thank everyone who Enabled Intervention this year, as well as everyone who bought a pre-registration, and those who will be coming to the event next week–we do it all for you guys, thank you.

One Response to “Thanking our Enablers for 2012”

  1. MaggieL says:

    Wow, Steve Miller is an Enabler? We’ve been enamored of the Liaden Universe books he writes with his lady Sharon Lee for quite some time now.

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