Movie Spotlight: Lloyd The Conqueror

Intervention is very happy to host two showings of the new film “Lloyd The Conqueror” in our Video room this year. It stars a wide array of talent (especially with Brian Posehn being “The White Wizard”, along with Mike Smith, Evan Willams and Harland Williams), and has won many awards so far, with some of the most notable being the AMPIA awards for Best Dramatic Feature and Best Original Score.

This will be the your first Northeast opportunity to see the film before it’s general release to theaters in 2013.

Here’s a description of the film:

Three male college students, must do battle against Derek the Unholy, a dark wizard who is determined to hold onto his title as champion of the Larpers.

Lloyd the Conqueror takes place in the eccentric and comedic world of Live Action Role Playing (LARPing). For those of you who are not familiar with this activity think of the game elements of Dungeons and Dragons, take it out of your basement and into the real world, adding homemade costumes and foam weapons. Throw it all into a real-live battle and only then can you begin to grasp the uncanny world of the LARP.

And check out the trailer:

The film will be showing on Friday the 21st at 9pm, and Saturday the 22nd at 7pm in our Video room.


Metro issues this weekend

We’ve discovered that there will be some Metro related issues during Intervention weekend. Some details follow for anyone using the Red Line Metro to get to the Twinbrook station (the one right behind our hotel):

The metro station behind the hotel, Twinbrook, is affected by the work this weekend.

The good news is that anyone using the metro to get to us on Friday won’t be affected, but the bad news is anyone using the metro to get to the hotel Saturday, or who will use it to get home on Sunday, will be affected.

So on Saturday, anyone coming from DC/VA/MD would take the Metro to Friendship Heights, get on a shuttle bus for three stops, get back on the Metro at Grosvenor and take that two stops to Twinbrook.

On Sunday, anyone going to DC/VA/MD would take the Metro at Twinbrook two stops to Grosvenor, get on a shuttle bus for three stops, get back on the Metro at Friendship Heights, and take that wherever they need to go.


Special Hotel Offer

Did you forget to reserve a room for Intervention 2012? Well, you are in luck! We’ve worked out a special deal with the Rockville Hilton to offer our special con rate all the way through the event itself! That’s right, while we’ve blown well past our con block numbers we were allocated by the hotel, we’re doing so great that they want the party to keep on going. So, we’ve been told that you can reserve a room from now until Sunday the 23rd at our con rate of $114 a night.

All you need to do is call up and use our rate code of RVE (full details on our location page), or tell them at the front desk you are here for Intervention when you reserve your room, and they’ll apply the discount to your room.

At this rate we’ll probably have to shut the doors to the hotel to keep people out….


Debuts at Intervention, Malevolent Owls, and some changed plans

We’ve set up our “Debuts at Intervention” page on the site, with details about the many new projects that will be available at Intervention 2012. The list is growing fast, so you may want to visit it again before the event just to mark down the stuff you’ll want to look for.

Our Enabler Owl Plush dolls are being produced right now (and will be given out for all Enabler registrations of Level 3 or above). There’s still time to add on an Enabler level and get one.

They look like a malevolent chorus waiting to pounce:

In other news, we unfortunately have to announce some cancellations. Daniella Pineda will not be able to appear at Intervention this year, she has a scheduling conflict. Also, Brendan Hunter, a member of the Fresh Dog Productions crew, is also unable to attend for a similar reason (though Fresh Dog will still be represented by Trevor Reid at the event).


Thanking our Enablers for 2012

Every year we are amazed by the response to our Enabler program. So far this year we are on track to have 33% of our Pre-reg purchasers elect to add on an Enabler level. The following people bought levels 3 or above, and really helped support us this year:


Chad Post went way into Enabler, and bought a level 7 this year (yeah, $1,000 and lifetime registration), which totally blew us away.

We also wanted to point out a special duo in our Enabler ranks, The History Twins, a father/daughter webcomic team that are working hard to help support the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation with their work. This is why we started Intervention, to be a part of the community and provide a place where people can come together to make these types of projects happen.

For all of us on the Intervention 2012 team, we want to thank everyone who Enabled Intervention this year, as well as everyone who bought a pre-registration, and those who will be coming to the event next week–we do it all for you guys, thank you.

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