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All Up Together interviewed me about it here.

“When I began exhibiting at cons myself as an adult I saw kids who were just like me when I was at that fragile age. They were now coming to me. That’s when I realized that art is far more important and resonant than many give it credit for. I guess my own past drives me to help others. I see myself in other people.”

Fan to Pro interviewed me here.

“Many Americans work hard at jobs that make them miserable and unfulfilled. They rarely see their families and then get laid off with maybe just a handshake. I’m seeing more and more people who would rather be with their family doing something they love than to continue chasing after things in a system that doesn’t care about any one person anymore. Gone are the days where most people stay at one company for 20+ years. It’s sad but it seems to be the common experience. The internet allows you to reach the people who would like what you do no matter what it is or where they are.”

I’m super-excited about this year! Keep all of your suggestions for guests, topics, events, and companies you’d like to see at the con coming! Remember – we work hard to make this awesome for you! :D

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