More guests announced for Intervention 2013 this August 23-25!

Wow! I’m so excited about the con this year! As you know,

we are in AUGUST

this year so we’ll have warmer weather! Yay! August 23-25, 2013! Maybe both the indoor and outdoor pools in the hotel will be open this time. :D

Thank you ALL for your support so far. Your registrations and donations directly help us make the con more awesome than it would be without you. If you haven’t registered or donated yet, please do so. We really depend on you. If you work at a company with a cool CEO who may want to help fund us, please knock on their door for us. Corporate sponsorship info is here, but we also scale based on company size :)

We believe in providing a safe, fun, and educational space for the whole family. We are so incredibly motivated to go to the next level this year! :D

We’ve already announced Mark Frauenfelder of MAKE Magazine and Boing Boing. Paul Sabourin of Paul and Storm, Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance, and Raul Aguirre Jr. of Man vs. Art Podcast and Disney Animation. I have more guests today for you with more to come!

Welcome to:

Shaenon Garrity – Skin Horse, Narbonic

Jeffrey Wells – Skin Horse

A.J. Rosa – My Life with SEGA

Nicole Dieker – Hello the Future

Matt Blum – GeekDad.com

Chris Impink & Barb Fischer – Sledge Bunny

Kara Dennison – Con Screw and many other comics

Travis Surber – Hainted Holler

Chris Flick – Capes -N- Babes

Nerd Comics

Eric Kimball – Exiern, Sarah’s Missing Shadow

Ben McCormick – “Reality Amuck”, “Playing Doctor Podcast”

Click over to the Guests page to learn more about our guest speakers for 2013. Please check out their websites, too!

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