Intervention’s Co-Founder, Oni Hartstein quoted wrt Convention Harassment Policies #CosplayIsNotConsent

I guess Oni Hartstein would be me. Hi.

Intervention has always taken our attendee’s safety in a very serious way. When we mean that we are a Safe Space for families, we mean every type of family, all genders, everyone. So far, we’ve been boring my Security staff because we are so low-drama and so friendly. Last year even the 21+ late night room parties piled up their garbage as neatly as humanly possible and dutifully cleaned their rooms:

That’s something you don’t see every day at cons.

We have had a great harassment policy in place from the start to make sure that as we grow, we keep our Security staff as bored as they are now. We were actually one of the first cons to roll out such a policy and stand up for #CosplayIsNotConsent. Our friendly atmosphere will always stay true to the spirit of Intervention. The reason we thought this through in this way is based on some of my own personal life experiences.

I had the opportunity to speak to Jill Pantozzi of The Mary Sue about it. Go and check it out.

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Quick Reminder: Next Pre-Reg Contest Drawing on August 1st

A quick reminder that anyone who has pre-registered for Intervention 2013 will be entered in our next pre-reg contest drawing happening on August 1st. That and a discount on your cost of attending the event (and we’ve just posted our programming content, so you can see the stuff we’ll be doing this year) means that someone lucky will be receiving way more than they paid to go to the event in software from Smith Micro.


Intervention 2013 Programming Descriptions Now Online

The Programming descriptions for Intervention 2013 are now online. We are working on the schedule and hope to have that up as well by August 4th.

If you hadn’t noticed we’ve also posted the Children’s Programming for 2013 online as well.


Intervention 2013 Owl Plush Video

We recently talked about some of the benefits of becoming an Intervention Enabler. We wanted to spotlight one of the perks for 2013, Our exclusive Enabler Owl Plush doll:

To get one all you need to do is register as an Enabler level 4 or above. Of course you’ll also get the shirt and other perks along with it.


Why Become An Intervention Enabler?

What do you get if you register as an Intervention Enabler? Well, that depends on what level you buy. For just a small extra amount ($15) the intro level gets you wifi access to our own network that we set up in the event space as well as entrance to our special exclusive Saturday night “Enabler Meet and Greet Party” that allows you to mingle with Intervention Staff and Guests in an informal atmosphere while eating some specialty pastries, drinks, and food. (and where else could you go to chat with Mark Frauenfelder, Pete Abrams, Shaenon Garrity, Raul Aguirre Jr., Paul Sabourin, or any of our other guests like this?)

After that level you can get an exclusive Enabler only poster, Special limited edition Enabler T-shirt, 2013 limited edition Enabler Owl plush doll, or even crazier stuff. (and yes, we have already sold an Enabler level 7!)

Your support helps us pay for this whole shindig, and allows us to make the event even bigger and better every year. Why not help us out and get some fun stuff for yourself as well? If you’ve already bought a registration you can add on an Enabler level, or simply add it in as an option when you register.

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