Why Become An Intervention Enabler?

What do you get if you register as an Intervention Enabler? Well, that depends on what level you buy. For just a small extra amount ($15) the intro level gets you wifi access to our own network that we set up in the event space as well as entrance to our special exclusive Saturday night “Enabler Meet and Greet Party” that allows you to mingle with Intervention Staff and Guests in an informal atmosphere while eating some specialty pastries, drinks, and food. (and where else could you go to chat with Mark Frauenfelder, Pete Abrams, Shaenon Garrity, Raul Aguirre Jr., Paul Sabourin, or any of our other guests like this?)

After that level you can get an exclusive Enabler only poster, Special limited edition Enabler T-shirt, 2013 limited edition Enabler Owl plush doll, or even crazier stuff. (and yes, we have already sold an Enabler level 7!)

Your support helps us pay for this whole shindig, and allows us to make the event even bigger and better every year. Why not help us out and get some fun stuff for yourself as well? If you’ve already bought a registration you can add on an Enabler level, or simply add it in as an option when you register.

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