Suites and Rooms Still Available At Event Hotel

We wanted to let everyone know that there are still some (after we extended the room block) regular rooms and suites available at our event hotel. If you use our dedicated hotel reservation link you can get a regular room for up to 4 people for $114 a night, or a suite for $129 a night. Please note that some nights may already be filled for suites (as in Thursday the 22nd), but other nights are still available (as of the posting of this).

If you have a group coming to the event these are the best deals for more than 2 people in a room, and will be ending in 2 weeks, so reserve now and don’t lose this opportunity.


Full Length Album By 2012 Guest The Tombstone Teeth Now Available For Free

One of the exciting things that happened at Intervention 2012 was the recording of a full length album of songs done exclusively at the event. One of our musical guests The Tombstone Teeth set up shop in one of our rooms and recorded their album “The Forbidden Mansion of Doctor Salamander” (available for free download at the link) with participation by co-con chairs Onezumi and Harknell, as well as others at the event.

This is the type of spontaneous collaboration and artistic output that we hope to foster at our event, and is just one example of the type of things you can expect to see and participate in at Intervention.


Sponsor Spotlight: Warner Archive Instant

Intervention 2013 is happy to spotlight our sponsor and their new product Warner Archive Instant. Warner Archive is a supporter of our Movie and Video presentations at the event this year, and we’re very happy to work with them for the second year in a row to bring our attendees a great selection of indie movies and videos as well as their creators.

Warner Archive Instant is their new online streaming service that gives you access to their unique array of rare and cult films. Some of the benefits of their service are:

  • Instantly view rare and hard-to-find movies and TV direct from the studio.
  • View select titles in 1080p HD using a Roku set-top box.
  • Watch as much as you want for $9.99 a month.
  • FREE two week trial.
  • As great supporters of our event we encourage all Intervention attendees to give them a look and enjoy the wide array of great films they have available.


The Intervention Trailer Video premiere – this is The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity!

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Last Chance For Pre-Registation Contest Drawing Number 1

Pre-registering today is your last chance to be eligible for the first Intervention 2013 Pre-registration contest drawing happening tonight (July 15th) at midnight. So anyone pre-registered for Intervention 2013 at that time will be part of a random drawing to receive up to $299 in software from Smith Micro.

To put this in perspective, you buy your registration for a discount, and when you show up at the event you possibly receive over $250 in value more than you paid to get into the event. Nah, that’s not a good deal, forget we said anything….

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