A Bid for the World Science Fiction Convention – Orlando in 2015

We at Intervention are always proud to support new and innovative ideas that spread community and geek culture.  The original geek gathering, the World Science Fiction Convention (or Worldcon for short), is enjoying its 71st year this year and the location for 2015 gets voted on next week at this year’s Worldcon in San Antonio, TX.  Of the three bids for the Worldcon in 2015, Intervention endorses and supports the Orlando in 2015 bid.

Orlando’s vision is one of inclusiveness – and their vision of being the first Worldcon to offer a virtual membership to allow persons to attend and participate in the Worldcon from afar – is one that Intervention supports.  Their plan to promote the Worldcon beyond the traditional science fiction community with free admission to the entire exhibit hall, including the dealer’s room, artist alley, art show and Worldcon history exhibits will bring new people into the Worldcon and into the overall science fiction and geek community.

The fact that Intervention’s founders, Oni and Harknell just love Disney and really like the Coronado Springs Resort where Orlando’s Worldcon would take place, is just gravy.  Please go check them and their amazing ideas out at www.orlandoin2015.org, or their Facebook page and they’re on Twitter at @OrlandoIn2015.

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