Video spotlight: Pete Abrams

Our Intervention vlogger Jennifer Logue spoke with the always-awesome Pete Abrams about Sluggy Freelance, his panels, and why he loves coming back to Intervention every year.


Genki Life Magazine supports Intervention!

We at Intervention are happy to have the support of Ed Gomez and his awesome online magazine Genki Life Magazine.

Genki Life Magazine is a quarterly anime-themed magazine that is absolutely free to everyone. It dates back to December 2010 and has since covered everything from the latest anime releases to cosplay to conventions. Additionally, there is always the promise of really excellent art in each issue! You can download their most recent issue, the Summer 2013 offering, or any back issues from their website.

Thank you, Genki Life!



Guest Spotlight: Simon Ladd

Intervention is excited to welcome artist and bad video enthusiast Simon Ladd.

Ladd is probably best known as the co-host of the panel Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos, which has appeared at anime and other fandom conventions up and down the East Coast.

A convention veteran, Ladd is the creator of the webcomic Conventional Wisdom, which pokes fun at convention culture. His other work includes the sci-fi comedy webcomic Far Out There.

While Ladd will be taking a break from panel hosting during Intervention, he promises that he will be scouring the convention for new webcomic material.


Guest Spotlight: Viga

Intervention is happy to welcome artist, panelist, and My Little Pony enthusiast Viga.

Viga’s background in art is wildly impressive. She is the creator of the recently-completed webcomic Panelburg Compendium, “best of” issues of which are available at her table in the Artists’ Alley. Currently, she is focusing her art skills on a number of offline projects, particularly print media for conventions and other events. Her work can be found in the upcoming Magic Bullet 7, an anthology of local area alternative comics, as well as in the anthology Eggshells.

Viga also hosts the web series Viga Loves Comics.

This weekend, she will be appearing on the Saturday panels Sh!t Gets Real: A Conversation With Frustrated Artists, Flirting For Geeks, and My Little Bronies: An Online Fandom Phenomenon.


Interventon 2013 Board Gaming Room features a large library of awesome and friendly faces!

Fans of Munchkin, Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons are all free to converge in Intervention’s official tabletop gaming library.

Room runners Chuck and Bean will constantly be on hand to offer assistance on any card or tabletop game of your choice. Over 100+ titles and accessories are available for rent or purchase.

A schedule of events for the duration of the weekend will be posted in the room and will be continuously updated.

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