Kids made a Sharknado at Intervention 2013!

Last year our Children’s Program exploded with awesome. I was so happy to see so many new faces in the room – all families having fun together thanks to the hard work of our Children’s Program staff Corinne Simmers and Eric Hardenbrook.

One of the many things that came out of the weekend was a Sharknado-inspired Stop-Motion animation – made by the kids! Check it out:

For more photos and info about this part of the event, click here.


Making a big website update!

Hey guys! I am working on auditing and updating the site today and tomorrow. If anything is weird on the site please let me know. Most likely I am working on fixing it right now. Most notably, you’ll notice new buttons on the right. Only one of them works right now. All of them are off center until I have Harknell kick the CSS a little bit. We should be all good to go by 1/17 or 1/18 in the evening!

In the meantime:

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