New Enabler Perk added for Enablers Level 2 and above

What is an Intervention Enabler? Well, Enablers are people that donate an amount of money to the event in return for some bonus perks and items when attending the event. Our complete list of Enabler levels and their associated items are visible on our Registration page or on our Get Involved page.

For Intervention 5 we are adding in a brand new additional item for Enabler levels 2 and above, a special limited edition 3d Printed Enabler Badge companion:

The image above is a prototype for the item, and the actual design may change significantly, but it will be a 3d printed item that will be able to be clipped onto your lanyard for the event to supplement your Enabler badge.

So, if you want to get this item and other fun things, remember to add on an Enabler level (in this case level 2 or above) when purchasing your registration to the event.

If you’ve already purchased a regular registration and want to add on an Enabler level, you can do that as well by upgrading your registration.

If it’s a case that you want to change your existing Enabler level to a higher level, you can use our contact form (select “registration changes” as the subject), or directly email payment@interventioncon.com and we’ll assist you in the process.

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