Record number of registrations and donations – thank you!

The registration price went up last night to $45.

Thank you to everyone who registered and donated yesterday. It was a record number of people when compared with our past metrics. It’s because of your ongoing support that we can make this happen. Thank you so much! You have until August 10th to get the $45 ate and then it goes up to the at-door price.


Intervention’s founder interviewed on The Billfold about conventions and money

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Discussion/Forum Area (on Reddit) Now Available

We’ve just set up a place on Reddit where you guys can talk about the event. Use it to discuss anything from programming ideas to carpooling / room reservations….or anything else you want to talk about.


UPDATE: Register now: The price goes up Jun 29 at midnight

Time is closing in on us, guys! The registration price goes up Sunday June 29th at midnight. As you know we rely on your donations and registrations to run Intervention. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll be helping us fund the great programming that we bring to you every year.

In 2010 we stood up and pledged to everyone that we would run the best event that welcomes everyone of all genders, all families, and all people. We want you to leave us every year recharged and ready to do what you love.

One thing is certain – we can’t do Intervention 5 without you. The price goes up on this Tuesday so you just have a few days left to save money.

You could do a lot of things with the money you save. If buying a pile of fun size candy bars so that you an erect a fun size candy bar mini fort that your cat knocks over isn’t enough for you, you could also put it toward being an Enabler. What is an Enabler? This is what we call the wonderful people who donate to make this convention run. Much like PBS we depend on them every year as our attendance revenue grows. We have made some amazing progress, but are still evolving toward our final form – thanks to you. Our Enablers believe in the idea of family-friendly education and fun just as much as we do and we love them for it.

We always offer cool things to those who donate – like free wifi and our extremely popular Enabler Party.

This part is where you get to meet us, the guests, and enjoy food prepared by our Intervention chefs. (Yes, we actually have trained chefs volunteering their time here. :) )

The new thing this year is that Enablers can buy up to a level which earns them a 3D printed badge. This is new to us, so this is a prototype – the design may change slightly:

To get details about our Enabler program, each level and what it offers – click here.

If you can’t donate but you can register, this also helps us out a lot. If you can’t register please tell people about us. Perhaps they can. It really makes a difference. Thank you everyone who has been helping us in ways big and small since 2010. It truly – truly – means a lot to us.

This isn’t easy, but when you love something this much that is not a big deal. We all believe in this and and we can’t wait to see you again this year for our 5th anniversary! :)

Registration information is here or you can just go to the registration site and register! :)


Submit your idea for 2014 programming: NOW OPEN

Are you attending Intervention 5 and want to present a panel, workshop, or happening?

Click here for more information and fill out the form.

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