Important message to all of you


Hey guys, this is Oni.

No matter how busy I am I wake up every day thankful for your support. If it wasn’t for you guys Intervention would have never happened. Together we now use it as a vehicle to help so many people every year. In our case you literally will not find another event like ours – families learning, gaming, and having fun together. People of all ages come to me every year in tears that what they learned helped them in a deep way in their life. Corinne Simmers, and Eric Hardenbrook have done amazing things with our Kid’s program.

Every year you see all cultures, all genders, and just everyone coming together under one thing: Be cool, have fun, and make something you love.

This is why I am open to everyone and everything exhibiting and sharing with us – knowledge is powerful and it affects so much more than you can even calculate.

These types of events are usually reserved for the rich of the world. It maens more to me than you will ever know that we are able to bring this to regular people – every person – and to do this for 5 years and counting is just tremendous.

I consider it a huge honor that you’ve supported us and never lose sight of who and why I am doing this. It matters.

I consider the words of Captain Picard in matters such as this, “Did you do your best?” Yes. I am so ready for Intervention 5 this August!

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