Intervention 5 Programming Schedule Now Online

Intervention 5’s Programming Schedule and Descriptions are now online. We will likely be making some revisions to both over the next few weeks, but it’s not very likely to change in a very dramatic way.


Hotel Con Block Rate ending July 31st

We wanted to remind everyone that the Hotel con block rate of $89 will end on July 31. So, until the 31st, you should use our customized web portal to register your room for the event. If that isn’t your style you can also call up the hotel at 1-301-468-1100 and ask for the Intervention 5 rate.


Intervention 2013 Panel Video: Revenue Streams

We’re happy to put online one of our panels from Intervention 2013: “Revenue Streams, How to Make Ten Tenths of a Living”. This panel was comprised of our guests Mark Frauenfelder, Paul Sabourin, Nicole Dieker, and Steven Archer.

Note: We try to make as much of our content available online after each event as possible, but with limited resources we don’t always have the ability to adequately capture our panels and workshops. If you want to contribute to our efforts please consider donating to the event, or adding an Enabler level to your registration.


Enabler Perk Deadlines Coming Soon

We want to let you know about a few upcoming Enabler deadlines for Intervention 5. First off, If you want to receive your Enabler level 1 or higher badge by mail, you’ll need to register or add it on by August 10th. After that date we won’t be able to get it in the mail to you in time for you to receive it before the event.

The other Enabler Perk with a limited date is our new Enabler Level 2 or above 3D printed Companion badge:

This guy clips onto your lanyard in addition to your regular Enabler badge. Due to the production time we also can only supply these guys for people that have registered up until August 10th. There will be no extra availability at the event, so this is a pre-reg perk only. If you want to get our first ever 3D badge companion you’ll need to register with it, or Add it onto your existing registration. (so, any level 2 or above will get this item).


July 31st is your cutoff date to get a lower price for your room and registration

OK, you have until just 1 week from this Thursday to get your room and register for Intervention 5. Programming should be posted this week. Many people who rock art, marketing, and tech will be sharing their knowledge. We are going to make this year the best one yet!

To give you a preview, here is a draft of one of my talks:

Oni’s Secrets to Real Marketing for Real People:

Oni Hartstein has been making art since 2003 and blogging since 2006. Her blog has over 6000 unique readers per day and is well-known for it’s excellent coverage of haunted attractions. From this platform she designed, built, and manages both InterventionCon and (Re)Generation Who from the ground up. She’s been featured on Wired, The Washington Post, CNN, and a ton of other places. During the day she manages over 3 million dollars in marketing campaigns – a job she got because of the first part of this paragraph.

This is an informal discussion where she talks about everything she did to get to where she is and how you can use the same techniques on your own business. There will be no buzzwords or scenarios that you have to be a lucky fairy princess to achieve. Real Talk. Nothing is held back. Attendees OF THIS PANEL ONLY can book a 10 minute Q&A to get feedback and pointers about your specific small business needs at any time by signing up at con ops. Spaces are limited. Yes it’s free because you already paid to get into the con. Thank you for that. You rock. You are why we can offer this.

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