An Interview with Christian Beranek of The Webcomic Factory

Intervention 5 is artist and writer Christian Beranek’s first year attending our event. Her resume is nothing short of amazing, ranging from co-founding the expansive Webcomic Factory to helping create background content for movies such as Max Payne and Se7en.

What is your contribution to The Webcomic Factory?

I do a comic called Validation, a story about a trans girl trying to lead a fulfilling day-to-day life and who is also into geeky stuff like comics and conventions. Also, Tony and I collaborated on Post-Apocalyptic Nick, which is about a slacker who wakes up and has the world’s last working iPhone.

How did you get involved with your movie projects like Se7en and Max Payne?

I lived in L.A. for 6 years and worked with a bunch of comic companies. Zenescope got the rights for Se7en from New Line Cinema and I was able to pitch them a few story ideas that they were able to use.

For Max Payne, I was working with a company called Splastik, which is a company that does motion comics. They also help to do DVD bonus features, so I helped create a motion comic prequel to the movie that you can watch on the Max Payne Blu-ray.

What attracted you to Intervention Con?

As a webcomic creator, I just had to do the show at least once. Tony DiGerolamo, who has been here before, told me that I needed to check it out. Plus, this is my birthday weekend and I wanted something fun to do. And I love being around like-minded folks and talking comics and everything.

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