Families celebrate 5 years at Intervention – get ready to Intervene and Inspire for another 50+!

Thank you everyone for a wonderful weekend. I am writing up a thank you post with pictures but I wanted to share with you a very special message that I just received.

When my husband and I started Intervention in 2010, we made a commitment to support families of all types. We stepped forward with our personal money and we are honored and grateful that you all stepped forward as well. We are a true labor of love and our impact reverberates far beyond the 1 weekend that we come together.

Webcomic artist Monica Marier just summed up exactly why we work so hard for everyone beneath our roof:

“Something amazing happened today. I brought my daughter to Intervention today and she made an LIFE-CHANGING discovery.

Since she started school, this kid had been told that she was weird, and wrong, and an outcast because she was a girl who liked things like skeletons, and steampunk, and Dr. Who, instead of American Girl Dolls and Horses.

Today she saw and met a ton of women and girls who liked all those “geek” things that she liked and that they were proud of it. And sherealized:

She was a part of something. And she was among people who thought that she was wonderful. IT’S SO GREAT that her first great con adventure was in such a safe, warm, friendly convention like Intervention and it was everything I hoped it would be and MORE. She’s already bouncing up and down in anticipation of ReGeneration Who.

THANKS SO MUCH, to Oni Hartstein, James Harknell , Pete Abrams and all the staff and artists that made this a truly fantastic weekend.

You guys put this smile here.”

Check out Monica’s work over at Tangent Artists.

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