Workshop Spotlight: Learn How to Make a Web Series at Intervention 5

Every year we expand into more areas of creative awesome, thanks to your registrations and donations funding our event! This year we have some instruction for those of you who are interested in making your own a web series:

5PM Sat. Aug. 23 in the Workshop Room: Shotgun Mythos teaches you The ABC’s of Creating a Web Series

The creator of Shotgun Mythos presents a workshop on the ins and outs of creating a Web Series. We’ll open with the first couple of episodes of Shotgun Mythos so you can see a finished product, then move right into the workshop presentation. After the workshop, you’re invited to stay for a special screening of the movie of the second season of Shotgun Mythos (Movie rating: R).

Check out this and more in our Programming Descriptions and the Schedule.


A closer look at the Intervention 5 VIP / Enabler T Shirts

We depend on registrations, donations, and the sales of our merch to fund this here family-friendly art festival and conference. We don’t feel right taking donations without giving you something in return.

For a $50 donation (Lvl 3 Enabler) you get this limited-run T Shirt! Owly stompy! :D

You can upgrade your registration to be a Lvl 3 Enabler by following the instructions here, or you can do it at the con when you arrive!


Official Intervention 5 Con T Shirts are Owly

Here is a closer look at the official Intervention 5 T-Shirt! You can buy one of these online for pickup at the con or you can buy one at the con when you get there for just $20!


Programming Spotlight: David Pescovitz’s talk at Intervention: Science, Art, and Magic: The World is a Wunderkammer

One of the Can’t Miss presentations happening this year at Intervention will be David Pescovitz’s talk Saturday at 1PM in the Large Panel Room. We are so pleased that David was able to come to Intervention this year.

David Pescovitz is co-editor of the popular weblog BoingBoing.net and also editor-at-large for MAKE:, the DIY technology magazine. Pescovitz co-wrote the book Reality Check (HardWired, 1996), based on his long-running futurist column in Wired magazine where he remains a correspondent. David has a way of making you look at art and tech in ways that you never thought possible and inspiring people to do cool things!

You can get a taste of what some of his past talks have been like through this video taken at Lift Conference. Just Say Know: A Cyberdelic History of the Future:

Be sure to check out his Intervention talk on Saturday August 23 at 1PM in the Large Panel Room: Science, Art, and Magic: The World is a Wunderkammer

He also has an AMA (Ask Me Anything) at 3PM on the same day in the same room.

This is one of many amazing things happening at Intervention this year! Can’t wait to see you there!


Daily Registrations Now Available Online

Daily Registrations are now available for purchase online in our registration system. The cost for daily registrations are as follows:

Friday: $25
Saturday: $30
Sunday: $20

You can still buy a full weekend registration for $50 online as well.

Please note that some of the Enabler Perks that require advance notice are no longer being offered as part of a purchase (Badge by mail, Enabler 3d Companion badge, placement in con book listing)

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