New webseries KOSMOS now online: spread the word to unlock episodes!


Intervention 2015 guest Terry Molloy is just one of the actors appearing in Kosmos, an innovative new webseries that needs your help to be seen.

Kosmos is the story of a scientist working in the field of human genetics, who must enter the dreams and memories of his wife to find out why she’s in a coma. Very little is known beyond that, and there’s only one way to find out what’s going on: watch the trailer!

Instead of being released all at once or on a weekly schedule, new episodes of Kosmos air once a certain number of people have watched the previous episode. At present, the trailer is available, and once 5000 people have watched the trailer, the first episode will drop. Future episodes will be released in the same way.

Click here to watch the trailer and spread the word — and help us bring the first episode of Kosmos to the internet!

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