Intervention 6 Panel: Learn how to get into the anime industry!


If you’re an aspiring voice actor, Intervention’s got you covered with voice acting workshops run by special guest Terry Molloy. But the anime industry in America isn’t just about voices: writers, editors, programmers, artists, and designers all come together to help bring Japanese entertainment to a Western audience. This year at Intervention, we’re offering information and education on careers in this portion of the industry as well.

Kara Dennison has worked as an editor and localization expert on anime for many years — first as a fan, and now for companies such as Crunchyroll, Discotek, and Sekai Project. Her credits include classic anime like Mazinger Z and Devilman, live-action dramas such as Liar Game, and visual novels and games such as Higurashi When They Cry and the upcoming official release of CLANNAD.

This year at Intervention, Kara will be running a panel sharing her experiences in the industry: what it’s like as a beginner, what skills and software you need to learn, and what it takes to get a show subtitled in time for an online simulcast. She’ll also discuss the pros and cons of working in an industry of which you’re a fan.

More panels and workshops will be announced soon, so keep an eye out!


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