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Want an up close and personal look at some of our panels? Black Girl Nerds delivers!

Tai Gooden is back with full coverage of our “Webcomics 101″ panel, headed up by Thom and Kambrea Pratt (Shadowbinders) and Michael Terracciano (Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire and Star Power). These accomplished webcomickers answered questions on how to start, where to get ideas, and more.

For a full run-down, including video, check out the BGN article!


So how was it? Your reviews of Intervention 6!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Intervention this year! We had an amazing time thanks to our guest, staff, vendors, attendees, and enablers!

We’ll start posting photos and videos over the next few weeks showing everyone what happened while we were there — but first off, we’d like to share what some of you had to say about our event.

First up, Tai Gooden posted a review and run-down of her live-tweet over on Geeks and Cleats, where she lets her readers know that the name of the con reflects that “[T]his 3-day convention is designed to drive participants toward their positive obsession with all things geeky, entertainment, and entrepreneurial.”

Speaking of Tai, she also wrote an amazing piece for us that’s currently up over at The Mary Sue! See even more tweets, photos, and shenanigans.

We also got a look in from Joanna Campbell of Baltimore’s Mix 106.5, who interviewer showrunner Oni Hartstein about the con and what it’s all about. Have a listen here!

If you were at the event and posted a review, please post the link to our Facebook group or tweet it to us so we can share it!


Pre-Registration closed for 2015 — tickets available at door for weekend.

Prereg for Intervention 6 is now closed, but don’t worry — you can still buy tickets at the door for the weekend starting tomorrow!

Tickets for the full weekend are $50, with day passes being $25 for Friday, $30 for Saturday, and $20 for Sunday. You can also still add Enabler levels 1 and 2!

We’re getting ready to open the doors tomorrow — can’t wait to see everyone here in Rockville!


Performer Spotlight: Antipode Belly Dance



Geeky bellydancing troupe Antipode was a big hit at (Re)Generation Who this year with their “Miss Evil Universe” pageant and their performance of the “Time Warp” with Rocky Horror‘s own Patricia Quinn. They’ll be joining us again this year at Intervention with a new show — featuring the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood!

What will happen in this retelling of the story? Join us Saturday night at 9 PM in the Large Panels Room to find out!

And if you enjoy what they do, why not learn for yourself? Antipode will be holding a “Learn to Geeky Bellydance” panel Sunday at 1 PM in Panel Room 2.



Press Spotlight: TauRadio at Intervention!


Intervention welcomes press of all sorts to our events each year, and TauRadio has been with us for the majority of our lifespan as a con. They’ll be back again this year, and they’re going to be going all-out and broadcasting for all three days of the event!

Starting at 1 pm on Friday, TauRadio will be broadcasting regularly (with time off for sleep, of course) throughout the weekend. If you’re at the con, you can sit in and listen as they’re broadcasting, or even join them on air during one of their open-mic periods!

For a more specific outline of their broadcasting schedule, check out their Facebook and Twitter throughout the weekend. If you can’t be with us this weekend, you can listen in on the live stream as they chat with attendees, vendors, and maybe even a guest or two!

Thanks again to TauRadio for being with us. See you this weekend!

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