Programming Spotlight: Con Runners’ Track

This year, Intervention is introducing a new set of workshops and panels specifically for people who want to run conventions of their own! Join our panelists for six panels covering everything you want to know about kicking off your own conventions, from business to common pitfalls:

So You Want to Run a Convention? will guide you through everything from concept to post-con, helping you avoid some of the more common beginner mistakes many encounter.

Attendee Policies will help you learn how to keep your con safe and organized without being overly strict, from security to crowd-herding to medical help.

Leadership Strategy in Volunteers will teach you how to recruit and manage volunteer staff for your events, how to keep them motivated, and how to handle difficult volunteers.

Marketing and PR will teach you what to do on the other 362 days of the year: how to get the word out and bring people to your event.

The Horror Stories panel will be a time to share the worst of the worst when it comes to your previous experiences — and learn how to avoid these issues, or what to do once they’ve begun.

And From Bad to Worse: Tales from Running Conventions and Conferences will explore real-world examples of issues that could stop a con in its tracks, and how our con runners recovered from them.

Check out our programming descriptions for more information on these and more!

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