Ticket price increases tomorrow at noon!

Still haven’t picked up your passes to come party with us this weekend? Now’s the time to register, because tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon ET, the price for a weekend pass goes up to our at-door price of $50! You can still register in advance, but you’ve just got one more day to get the best deal possible.

Remember, you can also buy day passes online and add Enabler levels to your membership to get cool swag and an invite to our exclusive Enabler party! Check out our registration page for more info.


Sneak Peek: Enabler Swag for 2015!

For those who don’t know, Enablers are what we call our VIPs: the attendees who donate a little extra to help make Intervention even awesomer every year! In return for their generosity, Enablers get cool bonuses at con like special shirts, artwork, badge holders, and invites to exclusive parties and events.

Our special items are designed and created by artists just like our attendees — and we finally have a look at the Tier 1 and Tier 2 goods!

Among the Tier 1 perks is a special 3D printed badge holder designed by Emma Lysyk of Em2a Studios. (Re)Generation Who attendees may remember Emma as the creator of the limited-edition jelly baby charms our (Re)Gen VIPs received.

Intervention6 Badge

At Tier 2, our Enablers also receive a special exclusive art print. This year’s print is by artist Ginger Hoesly, whose Doctor Who art you may have seen around Tumblr, at SDCC, or in the gallery during last year’s world tour.



Incidentally, this art is a coloured version of the art that will be featured on this year’s con T-shirts.

While the higher tiers have sold out, there’s still time to add to your Intervention membership at Tier 1 or 2. Check out what we’ve got!




Exhibitor Hall map is live!

Want to know where your favorite artists will be? Go to our Exhibitor Room page for our map!

You’ll also be able to see info on our exhibitors and artists and what they have for sale.

Many of our major guests will also have tables in the Exhibitor Room! So if you’re looking for them during the con and it’s not panel time, be sure to swing by — you may get a chance to chat!


Day passes now available!

Single-day preregistration is now live on our reg form! Prices are as follows:

Friday only: $25

Saturday only: $30

Sunday only: $20

At present, full weekend passes are still $45, and children 12 and under get in free. You can also add Enabler levels to a single day pass!


Programming Spotlight: Con Runners’ Track

This year, Intervention is introducing a new set of workshops and panels specifically for people who want to run conventions of their own! Join our panelists for six panels covering everything you want to know about kicking off your own conventions, from business to common pitfalls:

So You Want to Run a Convention? will guide you through everything from concept to post-con, helping you avoid some of the more common beginner mistakes many encounter.

Attendee Policies will help you learn how to keep your con safe and organized without being overly strict, from security to crowd-herding to medical help.

Leadership Strategy in Volunteers will teach you how to recruit and manage volunteer staff for your events, how to keep them motivated, and how to handle difficult volunteers.

Marketing and PR will teach you what to do on the other 362 days of the year: how to get the word out and bring people to your event.

The Horror Stories panel will be a time to share the worst of the worst when it comes to your previous experiences — and learn how to avoid these issues, or what to do once they’ve begun.

And From Bad to Worse: Tales from Running Conventions and Conferences will explore real-world examples of issues that could stop a con in its tracks, and how our con runners recovered from them.

Check out our programming descriptions for more information on these and more!

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