GUEST ANNOUNCEMENTS: Juliet Landau, David Gerrold, and more!

It’s just a couple months ’til Intervention, and we have a bunch of guests to announce! Are you ready? It’s a big list!


First, welcome actress Juliet Landau! Buffy fans will remember her as the vampire Drusilla, and fans of Big Finish’s Doctor Who lines will recognize her as a new incarnation of the Time Lady Romana. Her credits also include voice acting work in BioShock and Ben 10 and writing for IDW’s Angel comic book series.

And speaking of writing…


Star Trek writer David Gerrold will also be joining us! David is the writer of the classic episode “The Trouble with Tribbles,” and the creator of the Sleestak race on Land of the Lost.

And there are still more guests!

We’re also happy to be welcoming Chris Flick of Capes-n-Babes, Matt Blum of GeekDad.com, MazeToons creator and performance artist Joe Wos, Adrastus creator Liz Staley, Narbonic‘s Shaenon K. GarrityMichael Terracciano and Garth Graham of Star Power, Erfworld writer Rob Balder, historian and scholar Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg, and Mary Ratliff of Nine Hour Films!

The band Ego Likeness will also be on hand.

Be sure to look at the guests we have already announced over here, because this is our biggest and best year yet!

Be sure to register now for your chance to meet all these amazing guests, and stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks!


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