Time is almost up to get your VIP packages!

Have you bought your VIP packages for the con yet?

Our VIP packages serve a specific purpose. This is our fund raiser. Your purchase of these help us pay for the venue, supplies, and guests. It’s because of community support that we can make this event happen. Your purchase matters. It makes a difference. We don’t believe in taking money without giving, so we reward you with items that we’ve commissioned from local artists to thank you for your financial support.

Not only are you helping us, you are helping directly support local, small businesses.

The items for each level are print on demand. If you want a VIP level you need to pre-order. Levels 1 and 2 are the only levels available for purchase at the con.

Levels 3 and above shut off for purchase 2 weeks before the con and must be ordered online. The cut off day is September 2nd. Read below for details and purchase your registration or upgrade your existing registration here.

We are also pre-selling our regular con t-shirt. We will have very limited numbers of them at con, but it’s best to pre-order so that we can guarantee your size will be waiting for you.


VIP Levels:

$25: Level 1
– Invitation to the special Enabler exclusive party event at the con.
– First crack at limited events or workshop signups.
– Special 3D Printed Enabler Badge Companion Piece
Example from Intervention 6:

$50: Level 2
ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Special Intervention Poster which contains exclusive artwork.


$85: Level 3
– ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Mentioned on the Intervention website in a list of “Enablers”.
– Special Enabler T-Shirt. (Not sold or available to the public.)


$125: Level 4
– ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Invite to our exclusive “Meet and Greet” event where you get to have snacks and hang out with some of our celebrity guests. This is similar to (Re)Generation Who’s “Tea with the Doctor” event, but it’s smaller and less formal. Currently scheduled for Saturday night at 8PM but this time is subject to change until the program is final.
– Mentioned on the Intervention blog.

$250: Level 5
– ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Mentioned in Con Book with ability to place a short message next to name (140 characters)

$500: Level 6
– ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Preferred seating at events.

$1,000: Level 7
– ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Free admission to Intervention for life.

$2,500: Level 8
– ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– A Panel Room at Event named after you (with sign)

$5,000 Level 9
– ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Assigned personal assistant at the con.

$10,000 Level 10
– ALL of the above benefits, PLUS:
– Free Green Room (Guests and Staff area) access at Intervention for life.
– Our shock that someone actually bought this level.

Click here to purchase your registration or upgrade your existing registration.

And Thank you so much from both James Harknell, the staff, and myself. :)

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