REMINDER: Aug 25 is your LAST DAY to book your hotel room; Sept 1 for VIP Items

REMINDER: Aug 25 is your LAST DAY to book your Intervention: Sci Fi, Fantasy, & Future Media room at the $99 con rate discount! Rooms are selling fast so you may want to book yours now.

As you know, our Enabler/VIP levels are donations to make the con more awesome. We give you items commissioned and handmade by local artists in return for your support – sort of like how PBS does it. Almost all of these items are pre-order only and Sept. 1 is your last day to do so.

VIP T Shirt and Poster:

Highlights include our VIP T Shirt and poster designed by me, Oni Hartstein. This you can get with a Level 3 Enabler / VIP purchase:


You get the poster for a Level 2 Enabler/VIP purchase:


VIP Parties:

For just a Level 1 purchase you get invited to a party for just Enabler/VIPs. If you’d like to party with a selection of our guests, you’d want to look at Level 4. Those of you who have attended our other event, (Re)Generation Who will recognize Level 4 as similar to Tea with the Doctor, but less formal. We won’t push you through like a sausage factory – you’ll actually get to have real conversations with our guests. Both parties are catered by our culinary department.

Check out the full list of Enabler/VIP perks to see how much cool stuff you can get for your donation to help the con be even more awesome!

Regular Con T Shirt:

You also have until Sept. 1st to pre- order a con T-Shirt, which you can order via the registration page. They are print on demand for your exact size:


As always – thank you for your support. It’s because of people like you who donate to what we do that we can keep the convention at a manageable size so that you can have actual conversations and interactions with our guests and each other in a low stress environment. Thank you so much for your support from the bottom of our hearts. :)

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