NEW SPONSOR: Pike District joins Intervention 7!

Pike District is proud to be a sponsor of one of the most unique and diverse conventions in the country, Intervention 7, which celebrates the intersection of science fiction, fantasy, pop culture and the arts.

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Pike District is the 2.5 mile segment of Rockville Pike in Montgomery County, Maryland that scans Grosvenor, White Flint and Twinbrook Metro Stations and is rapidly evolving into a walkable, sustainable urban-suburban community. Formerly White Flint and better known as the North Bethesda/Garrett Park area, Pike District was named #1 suburb to live in Maryland and #18 in the nation in Niche’s 2016 Best Places to Live. The County’s focus is to support and promote the diverse people, places and events within a 10-minute walk of the three metro stations.

Check out Pike District at pikedistrict.org, https://www.facebook.com/pikedistrict/, https://twitter.com/Pike_District, and https://www.instagram.com/pike_district/

Thanks to these kind folks, we will be getting in touch with Rockville local schools who will in turn be offering a number of free passes for the kids High School level and below to come to the con so that they can meet their favorite celebrities and learn about art and technology in our Creator’s track! :)

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