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Antipode Geek Belly Dance (Harry Potter Edition) with one of our littlest attendees!

Antipode Geek Belly Dance (Harry Potter Edition) with one of our littlest cosplayers!

Run by the same people who brought you the critically-acclaimed (Re)Generation Who Doctor Who Convention, Intervention is
a “Dragon Con-style” Sci-Fi and Fantasy experience in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Intervention 7 takes place September 16-18, 2016 at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville in Rockville, MD. Full weekend tickets are available at the pre-registration rate of $50 until Sept. 2nd 2016. Daily tickets also go on sale Sept. 2nd, 2016. Full Weekend Tickets at the door are $60. For more information about the event or to register, visit www.interventioncon.com.

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Terry Molloy (Davros on Doctor Who) doing a talk and screenign for fans about the "Kosmos" Sci Fi series.

Terry Molloy (Davros on Doctor Who) doing a talk and screening for fans about the “Kosmos” Sci Fi series.

Antipode Geek Belly Dance (Little Red Riding Hood Edition!)

Antipode Geek Belly Dance (Little Red Riding Hood Edition!)


Board Gaming for the whole family!

Gaming for the whole family!

Artists and Vendors

Artists and Vendors

Children's Program!

Children’s Program!

What People are Saying:

“I absolutely love Intervention. Pretty big game changer for me… Intervention for me was about sharing ideas, meeting people and exposure. Immediately after the event… was a pretty big deal for me.

I experienced a significant (and enduring) post-con bump after attending Intervention as an exhibitor. After sitting down and doing my numbers (because quarterly taxes), I realized that I can tie ~97% of Red Fish Rue Fish revenue for the quarter to transactions that occurred as the result of an interaction at Intervention. It didn’t all happen at once, but was a steady flow over the following 6 weeks. I expected about a week long bump but I when I realized it was more than that, I was able to leverage that momentum for more than expected and accelerate a few projects.”

– Stephanie, ruefish.com

“It’s the best con I know of that’s geared toward independent creators and helping people get their work out there, among other things (there are plenty of nerd culture cons, but this one is the most con-goer friendly if that makes sense) And there’s no air of superiority/holier-than-thou-ness from the staff of the con.”

– Phil Gorski, Intervention attendee

What is Onezumi Events?

Onezumi Events was founded in 2010 by Oni Hartstein and James Harknell. Onezumi Events immediately became synonymous with running events that are higher quality, welcoming to all people, and based in positive community.

Our experienced staff really cares that you have a great time and it shows. We believe in not just running events, but providing positive things for families to do together. Positive community changes lives.

We were one of the first major organizations to roll out an anti-harassment policy and to provide a safe space for all families, all genders. We’ve simplified and raised the bar on customer service at events.

16 Responses to “About”

  1. Ben says:

    is there a minimum age for entry to intervention?

    • Harknell says:

      Hi Ben,
      Children under the age of 12 need to be with their parents at all times, so that would be considered the minimum age limit. 13 and above (with parental permission to be at the event) can do the events by themselves if they wish. We are a family friendly event (with a small number of 18+ events that will be clearly marked and restricted)

  2. marcia polansky says:


    How do I get a table on artist’s alley?

  3. […] you are unfamiliar with our brand of geekery, look no further than our About Page, and the Archive on the top navigation bar for examples of what we did and will continue to build […]

  4. eduardo says:

    Noob question
    how is thid convention different from other
    conventions and is there gonna be people cosplaying
    sori for the noob questions

    • onezumi says:

      Many people will be cosplaying, but we don’t have formal events for it yet. We are focused on educating people about how to put their stuff (comics, art, podcasts, videos, blogs) up online and monetize it.

      The other half of the con is a festival of indie geek artists, board and video gaming, fan geekery, and crazy performances like Harry Potter belly dance and Cosplay Burlesque. So if you are a creator looking for help or just a fan who wants a most excellent party, there is plenty to see and do.

    • onezumi says:

      You can see our programming from last year here: http://interventioncon.com/archive/2011/programming/programming/

      We will be changing it and making it moar awesome this year.

  5. sara says:

    hey so cosplay is big! what are your rules for props (weapon props?)

  6. Lee says:

    Hi, there,

    I love the idea of your convention! I only wish that I can go, but I’m too far away and my time is sadly very limited. I see that you have some video up… will you post more video of the panels and events? Is there anything like what you do in the NYC/NY state area? Please let me know.



    • onezumi says:

      We intend to post more video – unfortunately last year a lot of the video did not come out. Hopefully it will be better this year.

      I don’t know of anything like us in NYC. We actually live in NYC/NJ but drive to MD to do this event because the costs are so high up there. If you decide to come one year, it’s really easy to get to us via Amtrak and BOLT Bus from NYC. :)

  7. Isabella says:

    do people cosplay, and if so what kinda of cosplays are there, can you wear any cosplay like from naruto to sailormoon?

    • harknell says:

      Hi Isabella,
      Yes, we do have Cosplayers at the event, and any of those outfits are fine. We have a few panels on cosplay design, so you might be interested in those. We may even have a small cosplay hallway contest happening this year, so look for that on Saturday.

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