The following Artists and Companies will be participating in the Intervention 2010 Artist Alley:

Binary Souls / Other Dimensions

BS/OD is fronted by William ‘Shaggy’ Chrapcynski who is an audio engineer, musician and 3D graphic artist. He lives in the DC Metro area with his lovely wife, Kate, who gave him the ability to lurk in his basement studio. This is where his adventure as a webcomic artist began.

William has been involved working with music in one way or another since he was a child. He’s played bass guitar in a number of different bands over the years and eventually found a love for recording new material. While he does play a number of different instruments, his love for the sound of synthesizers became the foundation of BS/OD’s music and actually came before the webcomic itself. In 2007, William decided to give BS/OD a face but he didn’t have the patience or ability to draw. So, he looked to 3D software to see if could find a way to make it happen and starting a webcomic gave him a platform where he could practice working with this medium.
Selling: Comic books, buttons, book marks, original music CDs and prints.

Friday Knights

While wandering in Tokyo, Wilfred and Laura Robinson conceived of an idea to start a web comic to chronicle their exploits. The idea was tragically lost in a kaiju attack. Months later safely back in America, the stubborn idea found its way back to them, and interrupted one of their weekly D&D sessions. The comic and the game merged into one entity, and to make it hilariously funny Michael Gans joined them as a writer. Thus was born Friday Knights, where humor meets critical failure.
Selling: T-Shirts related to the Friday Knights web comic. Hand made items including: earrings, necklaces, cell phone charms, key chains, small sculptures, drawings, prints, amigurumi. All items centered on web comic, or geek/Japanese culture.

Alice in Underwear

Hi there! I’m Amy Tiller, aka Alice in Underwear, the creator of the website! I’ve been a long time fan of shoujo manga so I decided to draw one myself. If you’re interested in manga, underwear, magic or romance check out my webcomic “Not So Magical Girl”.

A Little about me: I’ve been drawing since I can remember but I never really knew what I wanted to do with art until I started watching Sailor Moon in high school. By the end of my 1st year of Art college I decided to transfer to a school in Japan and spent 5 years learning the language, teaching English and doing what I love most, drawing manga. I’m currently teaching ESL and Japanese and earning my Master’s degree in Education. I also love to create nerdy jewelry with legos, roleplaying references, bottlecaps, and deco sweets. I’ll be selling these wares along with promoting my webcomic at my table. I’ll see you there!
Selling: Resin jewelry and accessories. Deco sweets jewelry and accessories. Lego jewelry and accessories.


Greg Uchrin is a transplant from New Jersey into the Washington DC area. He graduated from the Catholic University of America (CUA) with a BA in
Dramatic Arts. While an undergraduate at CUA, he received a staged reading of his play “Can’t Forget About Air Bubbles” at the New Playwrights Theater in DC. He later received an MA in Medieval Studies at CUA and has completed all the course work for his doctorate. His resume includes stints as a bartender, a videographer and several years at the Student Loan Marketing Association (Sallie Mae), where he worked in internal publications as an editor and graphics artist.

With the start of the Iraq War in 2003, he began an original political
cartoon website, HAIL DUBYUS!. Although HAIL DUBYUS! contained no X-rated material, it had the dubious distinction of having been rated “Adults Only” both in the Google and (temporarily) in the Yahoo image search engines. Since the beginning of 2009, Greg has been producing a new cartoon blog called Intravenous Caffeine where he continues to skewer politicians and other celebrities.
Selling: Book of collected cartoons from my old website HAIL DUBYUS! T-shirt for new Intravenous Caffeine website Larger artwork reproductions cartoons and other Commissions. (Spiked Bat Studios, LLC)

Realizing that they were getting too much sleep, Connecticut natives Kevin Roy and Blondie created “Caf-Fiends”, a lovely tale of a bot and his dog.

Well…not really. Our story takes place in the city of Hades. A place where
pool boys become superheros, mad scientists wear business casual, Elder Gods fall in love with robot girls and giant monster fights are a spectator sport. At least it’s not boring.
Selling: Prints, mugs, shirts, comics, buttons, and totes.

Phantom Blush

Priss-aka that pink-haired girl- graduated from UArts in Philadelphia in 2001 with a BFA in Animation. In 2003 started writing/drawing Fast Fashion a quirky character driven manga style comic. April 2010 I started a new webcomic- Suffocated by Cats, which is about cosplaying cats. I have been attending anime conventions since 1999 and have been in Artist Alley since 2003. Other skills include: I can perform about 50 yo-yo tricks, and if bathing cats was an Olympic sport I would bring home the gold.;
Selling: Buttons, shirts, tote bags,and prints based on my two webcomics- Suffocated by Cats and Fast Fashion. Also pet commissions, in which I draw people’s pets (sometimes in cosplay) in the style of Suffocated by Cats.

Dirk Tiede

Webcomics pioneer Dirk I. Tiede is the creator, writer, and artist of the indy werewolf detective graphic novel series, “Paradigm Shift”, and has been drawing comics for as long as he can remember. In addition to printed collections, he continues to serialize his comics online and was a founding contributor to premiere comics portal Modern Tales. His artwork is showcased in the books “Toon Art: The Graphic Art of Digital Cartooning” and “Webcomics”, appears the documentary “Adventures In Digital Comics”, and was featured in Season 3 of NBC’s “Heroes”.
Selling: Graphic novels, prints & original artwork

Afterimages of Ghostfire

Julia spent the first eighteen years of her life in an isolated farming community of just over 600 people. While that might have led some to sit and stare at the cows all day, she started drawing as soon as she could wield a crayon. By the time first grade rolled around, barely a sheet of paper would pass by without being covered with fantasy and fairytale drawings.

Twenty-two years later, she still finds herself firmly rooted in dark, “realistic” fantasy; with sci-fi, steampunk, sequential comic, and manga-styled work also making appearances. Most of her work is a combination of traditional and digital methods, with a heavy emphasis on digital painting. She has attended artist alleys at conventions since 2002 – from Chicago to Boston to Atlanta – and her art has won numerous awards online and through various art shows.
Selling: Pin-backed buttons, stickers, bookmarks, laminated signs/badges, prints, grab bags.

Psitta Lux Studio

Arthi Aravind is a second-year student at the College of William & Mary, studying Marketing and Environmental Policy. She operates Psitta Lux Studio as a way to share her illustration and jewelry design, and indulge her hobbies. Even though she doesn’t plan to pursue art as a career, it will always be her passion.

Psitta Lux Studio is relatively new and is inspired by Arthi’s love of nature and bird life. Most of her illustrations focus on these subjects and are made in her favorite mediums: colored pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor. The bright colors and neat lines produced by these mediums are hallmarks of her style. Her handmade jewelry also features bright colors and simple designs, often with sparkling crystals.
Selling: Artwork prints and photography, handmade jewelry, t-shirts.

Steven Younkins

Steven Younkins is the writer and artist of “Circ Jockeys”,**** [*surk jok*-ees], a webcomic about education and being educated. “Circ Jockeys” follows Steve, Richard, and Edi, circulation desk workers in a college library, as they attempt to cope with the boredom of daily drudgery and the malaise afforded to students of higher education.

Steven is a senior at Hood College in Frederick, MD studying English and
Writing. He has been drawing Circ Jockeys for assorted college publications since 2007, and it has been online since 2009.
Selling: Sketches, Prints, and 1″ buttons.

Geeks Next Door

When two geeks love each other very much, that is when the miracle known as “a webcomic” happens. Resident nerdy couple Jessi and Matt Pascal live in an apartment with otaku roommate Barry, and are occasionally visited by closet-geek / glamazon Maggie. Together, they combine their powers to mock the absurdities and celebrate the awesomeness of the geek life. Surviving a frat zombie invasion, playing various RPGs, snack attacks, and fighting girl scouts in a kaiju-style monster battle are just a few examples of their adventures online. Get to know the folks that could be the geeks living next door to you!

Matt and Jessi are both alumni of James Madison University, and live together in Northern Virginia. They have been doing comics together since 2005, and started “Geeks Next Door” in 2007. They frequent many conventions and live with their many game consoles, books, and dice in a messy apartment. Read “Geeks Next Door” online at
Selling: Comics, posters, t-shirts, and cards – all original designs. Free buttons and other giveaways, and also commissioned sketches.

Shapeshifter Studios LLC

Kate and Heather Graham of Shapeshifter Studios are avid tabletop roleplayers. Huge fans of the game: CyberGeneration by R. Talsorian, they decided to see if they could produce a webcomic for the game. To their delight, R. Talsorian agreed, and CyberGen 2027 was born. CyberGen 2027 is set in a future where between global warming, war, and plague, mankind has devastated the planet and been devastated by her in return. Heroes emerged to save the people of the United States, and these heroes were the Mega-Corporations. The Mega-Corps provided security, economic prosperity, and major advances in technology. But everything comes with a price.

CyberGen 2027 is the story of Comet: a boardpunk with a hoverboard and an attitude. This is the story of how she discovers exactly what that price is and whether or not she’s willing to pay.
Selling: T-shirts for tabletop roleplayers as well as t-shirts for fans of CyberGen 2027

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Zyren Smith is an author and artist residing in Maryland. Ever since she discovered ElfQuest at the age of twelve, she has been telling stories through comics and has an entire file cabinet filled with character designs and comics from the last twenty years. Her current graphic novel, “LaSalle’s Legacy” is a fantasy story about a young ship captain trying to follow in his father’s footsteps. When she isn’t making art, she is playing video games and failing in her duties as cat slave.
Selling: Printed version of the online comic, LaSalle’s Legacy, Chapter One; and “The Ballad of Sir Percival”, buttons and postcards of fairies and dragons.

Registered Weapon
Selling: Registered Weapon Case 001: Joseph Alphonse, or Footless & Fancy-Free — The first print collection of the webcomic, Registered Weapon, Pinback buttons of the main characters Frank and FELIX, A con-exclusive print, sketches and original art from the comic.

Around My Hat; Winged Wolf Studio
Selling: Around My Hat -Custom decorated one-of-a-kind top hats in Steam Punk and Fantasy styles. Also gemstone beaded necklaces in complimentary colors, to match the hats.
Winged Wolf Studio – Issues of original comics, Posters, Prints, T-shirts, Original art (inks, colored pencil) and mini sculptures.

Retail Gods

Kevin Ward is a digital artist and occasional bookstore worker currently residing in Charlottesville, VA. He started his webcomic, Retail Gods, in December of 2009 to get back in touch with his analog side and start toying with sequential art. Also, the penguins demanded it. He also reviews books and graphic novels on the site to justify his literary dependancy issues.
Selling: Merchandise related to the webcomic: buttons, plushie penguins, hats (possibly), and hand silk screened t-shirts.

Bardsworth, Fairy Magik

Peter Tarkulich does not believe in sleep. During the day he masquerades as a web administrator for a local theatre company. By night, he writes and draws Bardsworth, a family-friendly fantasy webcomic. He is also one-half of the art studio Fairy Magik, the other half being his lovely and talented wife, Katharine. He is also a writer, a reader, and a brewer of beer. With a new kitten in addition to his four-legged son of several years, sleep would be impossible even if he did believe in it.
Selling: Books (collection of the webcomic), t-shirts, art prints, original artwork, plushies/dolls, and buttons.

Selling: Jewelry from paper using origami and decoupage techniques.

Alex’s Guide to a Life Well-Lived

Alex Heberling hails from Columbus, Ohio, and has been making comics for the web since 2005. She currently produces Alex’s Guide to a Life
Well-Lived, a slice-of-life journal-ish comic that updates twice a week. Her previous work, a fantasy epic titled Garanos, was recently completed after 3.5 years and 487 pages. When not chained to her desk making art, she also enjoys The Office, caricaturing, and is the convention artist for Glass City Con in Perrysburg, Ohio. She earned her BFA from Ohio State’s Art & Technology department, where she learned how to make robots, holograms, and 3D models of nanomachines. (This means she’s pretty much ready for whatever the future tosses her way. Bring it on, Science!)
Selling: Comics, prints, buttons, keychains, coasters, bookmarks, and on-site art commissions.

Lisa Cavalear

Lisa Cavalear is a Connecticut based artist. She has been knitting writing
and photographing her weekly webcomic, Project Poppet since October of
2009 as well as a fantasy chibi comic called Goober Glade as of August of
this year. When not working at her day job as a library assistant or
cartooning, she enjoys knitting, drawing, and questing for dragons both in
tabletop games and the occasional convention or renaissance faire!
Selling: Project Poppet Related items: Hand knitted poppet dolls, Sewn plush cats (kitteh characters), Travel neck pillows kitteh style (handmade), Photo print. As well as Goober Glade (comic to be launched in August) related items: Character prints (original artwork), Keychains (original artwork), Character buttons (original artwork)

Athena’s Wink

Athena’s Wink is the brain child of cosplayers Athena-chan and Neo Angel Wink with a combined 20 of experience in costuming. They specialize in fleece hats, origami headbands and other cute accessories. Please stop by and check out their adorable selection of products.

Athena’s Wink on Facebook
Selling: Fleece hats, Origami headbands, hair bows, hand made earrings, key-chains and necklaces.

Jelly Bean Sniper Studios

Raised by his aunt and uncle on the desert planet of Tatooine, Shane McCarthy yearned for more, wishing to be an ace pilot in the… wait, hold on that’s not right. A webcomic veteran while also very much a newbie, Shane started his first webcomic, “Middle Man’, way back in December of 2003. Lasting only three pages, it was dropped and in April 2004 he started “Jelly Bean Sniper”, which wasn’t very successful but lasted longer than three comics.

After a two-year absence, he currently works on “The Space Between”, which has more gratuitous nudity than story progression, but his fans have said that it’s quite alright. Started in November of 2009, Space is much more successful than both of its predecessors, having far surpassed the fanbase of both previous comics combined! Sure, the combined fanbase was three, but a victory is a victory!
Selling: Comics, T-shirts, Original art

Megami Jadeheart

Megami Jadeheart has been drawing as long as she’s been able to hold a crayon, and writing since middle school. She grew up on Science Fiction and Fantasy books, and Saturday morning cartoons. An interest in American comics segued into an interest in manga and anime, and an inspired art teacher in high school as well as a degree in fine arts directed her style away from imitation of either genera and into a hybrid of realism, Japanese, and American comic styles. She is still constantly playing with mediums and finding new ways to express the worlds inside her head. Her favorite fall-backs are graphite, marker, and digital painting. She is also a seamstress and designer, and all around crafty person.

Annie: a Space Western, started with a bang in December of 2008, adapted from a role-playing game. Since then it has had a rocky update schedule as the artist struggles with life and her own tendency to overload herself with projects. But Megami promised she would finish what she started this time, and with 25 chapters of the story written, she’s in it for the long haul.
Selling: Teeshirts, silkscreened and painted by hand; prints of art both original and fanart; hand-made cat ears on hair clips; buttons of original characters; commissions drawn at the convention to order.

Sky-Dog Comics
Selling: Comics, T-shirts, Original art

Kelsey Wailes

Kelsey Wailes makes things to make you smile!! From handmade toys like
robots and monsters, to small games, and original prints.
Selling: robots and lot of kinds of handmade toys, original prints, and comics

Morlock Enterprises

Marisa Rand

Marisa Rand is taxidermist, woodworker, and sculptor living in Maryland. As an unemployed recent art school graduate, her only sources of income are the sales of her work. When she’s not in her basement factory with her assistant cat Solomon she’s on her laptop spending way too much time in the internet.
Selling: Cast plastic animal skulls, cast bones, real bones/feathers/bugs in shadowboxes.

Mike Donohue

Hailing from Rochester, New York, Mike Donohue is an artist by night and a produce clerk by necessity. His comic, The Cow, was created because there is a distinct lack of fun comic books. Taking the grim and gritty standby of “returning for vengeance from beyond the grave,” Mike has created a goofy world of (almost) invulnerable superheroes, evil farmers-turned-crime-bosses, and giant talking bats that can be found three times a week on his website,
Selling: Copies of my comic (The Cow), Prints, T-shirts, Commissions

Twins Lin
Selling: Jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, and anklets made from a unique thread from Asia.

Interrobang Studios

Interrobang Studios ( is a webcomics/games collective formed by the combined might of Kevin Bolk, Sarah Martinez, Blake Schreurs, Sally Catlin, and Roxane Myers. Together, the group is responsible for such internet monstrocities as “It Sucks to be Weegie”, “Ensign Sue Must Die”, “The Last Mystical Legend of the Fantastic Fantasy Trigger Star”, “I’m My Own Mascot”, and many more delightful diversions designed to slowly suck away your precious life escences. Not satisfied with that deliciousness, they are also out to drain wallets with their uproarious comics collections in print and various other arts and doo-dads! Give them money, they give you funny.

Okay, I’ve written your stupid bio. Can I please have my beloved cat, Baron Von Muttonbundle, back? You promised if I…hey, what’s that smell? YOU ANIMALS!! NOOOOO!!!
Selling: Art prints and card by Kevin Bolk (lead artist/Interrobang Studios), self-published comic books, stickers based on one our comic series “Ensign Sue Must Die”, T-shirts based on our comic series “It Sucks to Be Weegie”, Crocheted “Spinks” creatures, Commissions taken on-site

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