We need a few good Spawn to spread the word about Intervention!

Tell someone about us and be sure to provide a clear clickable URL ( https://interventioncon.com ) for our website when you do it so that they can find us with the least amount of trouble. Post about us on your blog, email your friends, tell your favorite community about us.

Link Banners
Print Resolution Logo


Want to volunteer for Intervention? Get details and contact us here.
A Volunteer for Intervention is someone who primarily wants to attend the events of the con, but would also like to help out for a few hours over the course of the weekend. If you can spare us over 12 hours though, we will give you a free registration for next year’s event. Check with our Help/Info staff at the event to learn how to sign up.


Here are some link banners for you to use:




460 X 64:

728×90 (click image/link to get to full size image):

73×73 Twitter Size:

100×100 LJ / Forum Avatar Size:

500 pixels wide for large blog posting!


Do you need some flyers? Contact us and we will send you some. Can’t wait that long? You can print them here yourself as well.

Printable Promotional Flyers in PDF format (1 page, 4 images per page)

Third Edition Flyer (PDF)

Intervention2011 Flyer (PDF)

Intervention2011 Second Flyer (PDF)


Here is a 6 inch wide 300 DPI logo in PDF format:

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  1. […] the best birthday present ever would be for you spread the word about Intervention. We even have flyers on the site you can print […]

  2. Hey Gang,

    Would you have an opening for a bag insert? We have high res vinyl stickers for your fans. We would just like to be able to toss up a banner for the Con if possible for some exposure. We would also be able to donate some AFA figures for the fans if you plan on a giveaway. If interested or have an opening as we understand it is down to the wire, toss us a call – 877-634-9123 & ask for Bob

  3. Noriko Santilli says:

    We’ve had some interest in these types of promotional items and had some graphics done by another vendor. Is it viable to use the same artwork? The company is Concord Signs & Banners 3568 Kimball Way Concord, CA 94518 – 925-808-3817. I’m not positive if the art files will be in a format that you can use.

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