Intervention 2011 Guest List:

Shaenon Garrity - Skin Horse, Narbonic

Shaenon K. Garrity is an award-winning cartoonist and scriptwriter best known for the online comics Narbonic, Li'l Mell, Smithson and Skin Horse. She works as a manga editor for Viz Media and teaches at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Her writing on comics appears in The Comics Journal, Otaku USA and She lives in Berkeley with her husband Andrew and their cat Tesla.

Jeffrey Wells - Skin Horse

Jeffrey C. Wells is best known as the co-writer and co-creator of the award-winning webcomic Skin Horse. His short story "Torn Apart and Devoured by Lions" is featured in the recent Machine of Death anthology. He lives in the wilds of rural Wisconsin with a wonderful spouse, a dial-up modem, and more pets than you can shake a stick at.

Jennie Breeden - The Devil's Panties

Jennie Breeden is the creator of the autobiographical webcomic The Devil's Panties. Ms Breeden has been posting her daily webcomic since 2001, over 3,000 comic strips online and five graphic novels that are in comic shops and book stores around the world. She documents her adventures at conventions and in life. Really, who hasn't gone clubbing with pirates in Canada, hunted dinosaurs in Virginia, and stalked Zombies in an abandoned mall in Burlington? She's still keeping an eye out for those pesky ninjas who periodically steal her sharpies. She lives with her boyfriend in Atlanta Georgia where they eat a disproportionate amount of popcorn.

Helene McLaughlin - GeekMom Blog

Helene McLaughlin is a core contributor to the GeekMom blog. Before her life as a stay-at-home-mom to two little boys she was a data analyst at the Space Telescope Science Institute. She has discovered supernovae, explored the Orion Nebula, scanned the Hubble Deep Field, processed Spitzer galaxy images, and analyzed countless FUSE spectra.

Her love of science started at a very young age and her passion for getting kids excited about science started in high school. She has put on summer camps specifically for 4th and 5th grade girls focused entirely on space science. She recently combined her love of Steampunk with her love of science experimentation into Lady Astrid's Laboratory, a site filled with experiments you can do at home.

Helene is an avid Doctor Who and Torchwood fan, and writes the weekly episode recaps of Doctor Who for the GeekMom blog.

Matt Blum - GeekDad Blog

Matt Blum is the Managing Editor of the GeekDad blog on, and has been writing for the blog since the spring of 2007. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and two kids, all of whom are also geeks, and two cats, who probably aren't geeks but one of whose names is "Gandalf," so that should count for something. In his day job Matt is a software engineer, and his geeky interests include (but are not limited to) science fiction, the Muppets, LEGO, board games, video games, and bacon.

Becky Sherrick Harks - Mommy Wants Vodka

"Becky Sherrick Harks, known to the internet as Aunt Becky, writes the award-winning blog "Mommy Wants Vodka." While she poses as a mediocre blogger and a mother to three children, she's actually an undercover CIA operative who saves the world with her mad skillz. Becky Sherrick Harks also knows how to use the microwave.

Pete Abrams - Sluggy Freelance

Pete Abrams is the creator of the highly addictive niftiness that is Sluggy Freelance, a remarkably twisted daily online comic strip that has been appearing at since August 25, 1997. Starting the comic strip as a creative outlet, his world with the switchblade-wielding rabbit quickly expanded into uncharted territory and grew into over a decade of alien vampire missile-launching fun. Since its Satan-spamming beginnings, Sluggy Freelance has attracted a devoted global following and is one of the most popular and well-known comics on the web.

Pete holds the honor of being twice-invited as a speaker at Harvard conventions as well as at a Vassar convention, making him all ivy-league-ish. Pete has gained recognition not only online, but through such high profile appearances as the original comics included in NY Times bestselling author John Ringo's Hell's Faire, and as part of the New York's Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art webcomics exhibition in Fall, 2007, as well as appearances on NPR's Weekend Edition with Liane Hansen. Pete is reputed to be the first person to ever make a living by drawing a webcomic.

Currently, Pete lives in New Jersey (and doesn't even mind it) with his wife, Rachel, and two daughters, Leah and Sarah. Click here to read his comic.

Rob Balder - Erfworld / The FuMP / Partially Clips

Rob Balder is a webcomics author and comedy musician. In 2002, his clip-art comic strip PartiallyClips ( began running in alt-weekly newspapers and magazines. Since 2010 the strip has continued under the authorship of Tim Crist. Rob co-founded the Funny Music Project ( His songs are often heard on the Dr. Demento Show, including the #3 most requested song of 2009, "Gamer Funk." Most of his time is currently consumed writing Erfworld (, an epic fantasy/comedy comic about an obsessive strategy gamer who is summoned to fight a real war. Time magazine named Erfworld one of its top ten graphic novels of 2007, and called it "Geekiest Comic Ever."

Carrie Gouldin - Web Community Manager for

It's hard, ridiculous work being a social media monkey at

Carrie heads up the Twitter,Facebook, blog, email, and Geek Points team at the top 200 Internet Retailer--and with an engagingly geeky audience, it's easy to get sucked into a day of @ replies and Facebook threads about the dangers of warp core breaches, the best companion thus far, and what it means to be a Bronie.

In keeping with ThinkGeek's mantra to be awesome, Carrie does her best to entertain as well as assist the half a million smart masses that follow ThinkGeek.
It's customer service wrapped in bacon. And ThinkGeek loves bacon.

Onezumi Hartstein - Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos

Fans say that Onezumi is what would happen if Dirty Harry and Weird Al Yankovic had a daughter that loved to draw.

Oni is one of the most active contributors to and supporter of the webcomics scene:

- She writes and draws Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos: A Lovecraftian Horror Comedy.
- Her dev team made the Webcomics Central App Service. They give free custom iPhone apps to other webcomics.
- She founded an entire webcomics and New Media convention. Intervention is a convention for webcomics, fans, and creators who want to learn, have fun, or just geek out.
- She posts random art, more tutorials, and awesomeness in her personal blog Onezumiverse.

CONNECT: Oni's Twitter - Oni's Facebook - Stupid and Insane FB Fan Page

James Harknell - Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos / My Annoying Life / / Erfworld


Harknell has been working with Onezumi for over 11 years. After noticing that there was very little online to help artists, he decided to do something about it.

Harknell customized his first art-centric Content Management System in 2003. Today he releases Wordpress plugins at and serves as a webmaster and guide for the online comic and blogging industry. His most recent accomplishments include custom website installs for Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos and Erfworld. Harknell co-founded Intervention and develops free iPhone apps for webcomics.

Harknell is best known for his easy to understand way of helping artists get their websites up and running. He has been a recurring guest speaker at places like XM Satellite Radio, Katsucon (, Ubercon (, Balticon (, and Otakon (

Today he lives in New Jersey with Onezumi and way too many computers.

Christopher Baldwin - Spacetrawler, Little Dee

Christopher Baldwin is a cartoonist, currently producing the science fiction webcomic "Spacetrawler" as well being a regular contributor to MAD Magazine. He began doing webcomics with his "Bruno" starting in 1996 which ran daily for 11 years, and "Little Dee" in 2004, which ran 6. He has been written up in the Washington Post, The Telegraph, CNN Online,, and many others. He had a Hollywood option contract for "Bruno" with director Jeremiah Chechik, and was represented by "United Syndicate" for "Little Dee". He's a New Englander at heart, having grown up in Massachusetts, and currently resides in Seattle, WA with his girlfriend and four cats.

Bill Holbrook - Kevin and Kell, and other comics

Bill Holbrook grew up in the Space Age atmosphere of Huntsville, Ala. in the 1960s. Upon graduating from Auburn University in 1980 he was hired by The Atlanta Constitution as an editorial staff artist. After several attempts at syndication, his office strip “On the Fastrack” was picked up by King Features and debuted in 150 papers on March 19, 1984.

Eleven days before that he’d met Teri Peitso on a blind date. they were married on Pearl Harbor Day, 1985, and now have two daughters. They also gave birth to a second strip about kids called “Safe Havens.”

In September 1995 he began a new strip called “Kevin & Kell” and sold it exclusively to online clients, which collectively get over 3 million page views a month. It has been featured in fifteen book collections, the latest being “Kevin & Kell: On Strike” which will be published by Moonbase Press in 2010. He was named Cartoonist of the Year at the 1998 Pogofest, an annual gathering in Waycross honoring the great Walt Kelly and “Pogo.” “Kevin & Kell” was given the Ursa Major Award in 2003 for Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip. In 2004 it entered the newspaper domain by appearing daily in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


"Taking "Fantasy Bellydance" to the next level; Antipode loves to mix belly dance, cosplay, pop-culture, and off-beat humor to bring you not just a dance, but full geek entertainment. Antipode consist of Ayla (Choreographer), Termariel (Scriptwriter), & Merika (Costume Designer), and will feature The Penn State Belly Dance Club for Intervention'11. As they "Aim to misbehave", Antipode will perform "Super Mario Belly Dance World" and "Guile's There Goes with Bellydance: an Internet Meme Tribute".

Please vote HERE which songs
you'd like Antipode to perform during the Meme Tribute.

For more information about Antipode, check them out on youtube or

Dave Chalker -

As the son of a science fiction author and a science fiction fan, Dave "The Game" Chalker grew up around science fiction, fantasy, technology and most importantly to him, gaming. As the founder and editor-in-chief of the award-winning gaming blog, Dave and his team of bloggers have been providing gaming news, reviews, and editorials since 2005. Dave also is a co-founder of the RPG Bloggers Network, co-host of the Dungeon Master Guys podcast, a freelancer for Wizards of the Coast, a designer for Margaret Weis Productions, and a developer for a variety of board game companies. He once took a lot of damage from Gary Gygax's wild boar.

Sara Mitchell - NASA Blueshift (Syneren Technologies & NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center)

Sara Mitchell is neither an astronaut nor a rocket scientist, so she’s pretty excited that her role as a “translator” in NASA’s education and outreach programs gives her access to both. Younger than Voyager and older than Hubble, Sara grew up daydreaming under the swirling heavens at Louisiana State University’s planetarium. She’s passionate about making astronomy fun and accessible to a variety of audiences, and has spent the past eight years on contract to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, collaborating on projects to engage and educate people of all ages. Sara appreciates the fact that doing educational work allows her to indulge her own desire to continue learning – meeting interesting people, going new places, and finding out about all of the weird and wonderful things going on in space science. She has a “cosmic bucket list” of space-related things to see and do, like experiencing a full solar eclipse, seeing the aurorae, visiting a place with 24-hour days (or nights), and taking a flight on the zero-g “vomit comet.” In her not-so-copious spare time, Sara enjoys zombie movies, board games, and potentially dangerous kitchen experiments. She drinks her tea with plenty of honey and would be happy to engage you in a debate about the best episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or tell you the origin story of her olfactory superpowers.

NASA's Blueshift Site:
Blueshift Twitter:

Brian McLaughlin - Geek Dad Contributor, NASA

Brian McLaughlin has always been very interested in all things related to science and engineering. Brian studied artificial intelligence as a part of his undergraduate work in computer science. Specifically, artificial intelligence within virtual worlds such as video games and interactive learning environments. Pursuing his interest in space, Brian began his career within the NASA community supporting the development of the Wide Field Camera 3 and Cosmic Origins Spectrograph instruments for the Hubble Space Telescope, which were successfully installed during Hubble Servicing Mission 4. He is currently supporting the next generation of polar orbiting weather satellites and a mission to return a sample from an asteroid.

Brian is also a contributor to GeekDad on where he generally writes about space exploration and astronomy. Brian enjoys science fiction in its many forms. He believes the importance of science fiction in capturing the imagination of the general public, as well as the next generation of scientists and engineers, can not be overstated. He shares his love of space, science, engineering, science fiction and many other topics with his beautiful wife and two amazing boys, one of whom has so much exposure to BBC sci-fi that he says "Doctor Who" with a british accent.

Michael "Mookie" Terracciano - Dominic Deegan

Michael "Mookie" Terracciano is the author and artist of the fantasy manga webcomic, "Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire." Since its humble beginnings eight years ago it has received acclaim for its unique characters, addictive storylines, painful puns, awful alliteration and (gasp!) reliable update schedule. Want to know what's so interesting about a grumpy seer, his deformed girlfriend, his angelic little brother, his talking cat, his archmage mother and rock-star father? See for yourself at!

David Reddick - Legend of Bill

We've Been Notified by David Reddick That He Will Be Unable To Attend Intervention 2011.

David Reddick is a professional cartoonist and the creator/writer/artist of the gloriously *cough* savage Legend of Bill, as well as “The Trek Life“ (previously) at CBS/STARTREK.COM, “Gene’s Journal” and “Rod & Barry” at, and he is a full-time cartoonist at Paws, Inc., where he works on the “Garfield” worldwide property.

David also worked as an award-winning staff cartoonist at a daily newspaper for 6 years where his editorial cartoons and single-panel cartoons were distributed to newspapers nationwide through Artizans Syndicate, Scripps Howard News Service and CNHI News Service. David also produces comics and cartoons for magazines like Star Trek Magazine, Knights of the Dinner Table, Renaissance Magazine, Nickelodeon and Scholastic’s The New York Times Upfront, to name a few, and has created comic book work for IDW Publishing and Tokyopop, has created product designs for various companies like Paramount Pictures, CBS Studios, Roddenberry Productions, Canson, Inc. and the NCAA, has created mobile content for providers like CBSMobile and ROK Media in the UK, and his abstract and pop art paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums in Indianapolis, Florida, Michigan, England and France, and he has painted wall murals in Japan. One of David’s original paintings and 3 original cartoons are also included in the permanent collection of the Muskegon Museum of Art.

E. Foley - Geek’s Dream Girl

Since 2008, E. Foley of Geek’s Dream Girl has been helping geeks from around the world find love. She writes amazing online dating profiles for her fellow geeks and guides them through the perilous waters of the dating scene and out the other side. She's totally proud to report that she's even caused a couple geek weddings! By day, she is the Copywriter at ThinkGeek, where her greatest challenges are coming up with enough Star Wars jokes that only reference the good movies and remembering which supers are Somethingman, Something Man, or Something-man. You can find her at or as @geeksdreamgirl on Twitter.

Steve Napierski - Dueling Analogs

Steve Napierski first got into webcomics in 1999 with the ill-fated Life With Fishnets about his local Rocky Horror cast. In 2004, he began work laying out and coloring Bored and Evil, a task he performed for the first two years of that comic's run. The following year he launched the daily webcomic The Outer Circle and later that year he debuted the twice-weekly Dueling Analogs. He is also the founder of the webcomic group Gamers Pair of Dice.

Garth Graham - Finders Keepers

“Hey you sass that hoopy Garth Graham? Now there’s a frood who really knows where his towel is,” would be the words on the lips of internet trawlers the world ‘round if we didn’t happen to live in the unfashionable western spiral arm of the galaxy. Instead, Garth lurks in moderate obscurity churning out captivating comics since 2004 in an artistic style that mystically abducts the essences of both western comics and eastern manga; blending them together through patent pending methods into an addictive drug that tantalizes the optic nerves in ways science has yet to be able to explain.

His latest artistic creation is Finder’s Keepers (, the dark urban fantasy of a young lady who accidentally claims the soul of a man who is not entirely human, thus entangling herself in a mystery that spans the breadth of human imagination. A mystery whose solution will most likely get her killed, but is the only thing that can return her to a normal life and break the bond between herself and her otherworldly companion.

Garth is also becoming well known for his steampunk art, though his heart will always belong to cyberpunk.

Super Art Fight

Back by mostly popular demand, Super Art Fight returns for Intervention 2011. Self-described as "The Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe", they've lived up to the grandiose title since their inception in 2008, having performed in front of growing audiences up and down the East Coast. Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, if you've never seen this crew perform live, you're living in regret - be sure to check out one of their shows this weekend, strap in and be ready for the awesome - you will NOT regret it! Equal parts Pictionary and Pro Wrestling, this event mixes artistic action with over the top entertainment and is a true original. And yes, for those fans wondering - an Unleashed show WILL be happening. Just don't tell the kiddies. As always, for more details, check out their regularly updated website


Cosplay Burlesque is a group of burlesque performers and cosplayers dedicated to combining the two for your entertainment. Our mission is to take the characters fans already enjoy and make them naughty! There is no fandom that we'll leave untouched in our quest for great source material. We are fan fiction come to life!

Dave Ghoul - DJ

Dave Ghoul is a longtime DJ and event organizer from Philadelphia that specializes in Dark Alternative Dance Music. He has performed at some of the largest dark-themed events in the U.S. and is well known for his energy, versatility, and large arsenal of music. He currently has residencies at Dorian’s Parlor and Shadowland Lancaster.

With over 15 years of experience in DJing and event organization, along with a strong love of all things spooky, Dave Ghoul brings a high level of knowledge and distinctive entertainment unmatched by most.

Dave will be DJing both nights at Intervention; Friday being a Goth/Industrial/Darkwave theme, Saturday a Steampunk theme--both starting around 10-10:30pm (and going until well past your bedtime).

Dave Ghoul can be contacted by email-- dave at or visit his website at

Ross Nover - The System

Rosscott is kinda famous on the Internet. Between podcasting, blogging, and writing bios about himself in the third person, he finds time to write the always amazing webcomic The System, a daily comic-strip style mess starring iconography and graphics most notable from street and wayfinding signage. Having been written about in Fleen, Comic Book Resources, and onward through the blogosphere (which surprisingly does not set off my spell check), The System and its growing fans (known as Systemics) are sneaking up behind you and hoping that you join their ranks, for which you may receive a cookie*. While he often travels, he maintains his humble apartment in Washington, DC (which is in need of a fair amount of tidying).

*Cookie currently unavailable.

Jamie Noguchi - Yellow Peril

Jamie Noguchi is a DC area illustrator and cartoonist. He is the
creator of the Asian American office romance comic, Yellow Peril, and co-founder of Super Art Fight. In his spare time, he journeys through parallel worlds recruiting fellow Kamen
Riders to join in the fight against the evil empire, Dai Shocker.

Darren Gendron - Alignments

Darren J. Gendron has a plan. He wants to ride a triceratops in the World
Championship of Jousting. The easy part will be genetically cloning dinosaurs back to life. I mean, Samuel L. Jackson once helped people do that. The hard part will be making jousting a relevant sport again.
To that end, he has become the Dern of Dernwerks, a writer, artist and known
scallywag. He's the writer of Hello With Cheese and the Dungeons and Dragons comic Alignments. He's the manager of Commissioned Comic, and you can also hear him on the Cheese Cast.

If you come in contact with dern in the wild, you can calm him and draw his
attention with the traditional call of “Heyo dern!” Be warned that he may
still be hostile to you if you are a hobo or a clown. Oddly, hobo clowns are
not threatening to him.

Radio Cobalt Presents "The Tombstone Teeth"

The Tombstone Teeth are one of the legendary bands who regularly feature on Radio Cobalt’s “Track of the Week”. Infamous as the first post-punk avant-garde rock band to travel through time, the Tombstone Teeth will be making their first appearance this century at Intervention. They will be performing perform a choice selection of their lost classics including: “Masterson the Bat”, “Live Minnows” and “X the Unknown”.

Appearing at Intervention: C W Cobalt (lyricist, conceptual artist, internet poet and charlatan); Lord Claudius von Vile Silencer (keyboard maestro, philosopher, cultivator of psychotropic limes); Bread Morton (guitarist, explorer, interstellar architect); and, making his first appearance on drums, Congressman Click Transparency (formerly of the Inter-Dimensional Time Senate). Catch up with them at:

Ditched By Kate

Due to a Scheduling Conflict Ditched By Kate will unfortunately not be appearing at Intervention 2011

Ditched by Kate is a DC based alternative rock band with original songs that honor four decades of musical influences.

Eien Strife

Welcome to the mystic forest that covers the world we know as “Terina”. The land’s breathtaking aura is so spiritually and physically immense that the trees’ strength is the foundation for all of the life that inhabits the forest. Although there are many different villages and cultures throughout Terina, there is no interaction or even knowledge of each other. While this is for their own good, that fact is about to change so they can use their skills together to solve the puzzles that will save the Forest and each other.

The plan of “Eien Strife” has been set into motion…

Mark Aaron James

NYC based singer/songwriter Mark Aaron James was a winner in the USA Songwriting and UNISONG Songwriting Competitions and was twice voted the Best Singer/Songwriter in Greenwich Village by the Underground Music Organization. The Worlds of Warcraft based video for his song "Aquaman's Lament" is currently receiving over 2000 hits a day on YouTube. He is a 2 time nominee for the Guildford Brit Award for Best Male Performer. Mark’s music has been featured in movies and on T.V. including "Lost" and “The Late Show with David Letterman.” He recently made his West End debut at the Vaudeville Theatre in London. His acclaimed recordings have received glowing reviews from local and national magazines including Time Out, The Village Voice, Performing Songwriter and The Nashville Scene. You can read more about him and hear some of his music at:

Endlight Entertainment - Ninjas Versus Vampires, TREKOFF Podcast

The folks at Endlight Entertainment are based in the DC Metro area and have enjoyed success with their cult films NINJAS VS ZOMBIES and NINJAS VS VAMPIRES (Which is playing twice at Intervention Con!) - Started by Screenwriter/Director Justin Timpane, Endlight has grown to include a small army of talented artists and technicians all dedicated to bringing microbudget films to the next level!

Their next project, NINJAS VS MONSTERS is slated to begin production in February 2012, and you can find out more about that at!

TREKOFF! The Star Trek Podcast with BALLS!
Sometimes crass, sometimes insightful, sometimes controversial, Trekoff has enjoyed thousands of downloads and is available for free
every week at This irreverent Star Trek podcast is hosted by DC Area actress Alexia Poe and Ninjas Vs Vampires Creator Justin Timpane, with some help from local theatre director Darrell "Mr. A" Poe. TREKOFF is exploring where many have gone before,
but it trashes the hotel room before it leaves..

TREKOFF is just a part of the ENDLIGHT PODCAST NETWORK, which has a bunch of free funny shows like POPOFF - which is currently taking a
hard, slightly drunk look at the Marvel Movies and Harry Potter, as well as THE HOT MESS, THE SUCKCAST, and NINJAS VS YOU - The official
audioblog of the upcoming NINJAS VS MONSTERS. All the shows can be seen and subscribed to together at

Come check out the podcast being recorded LIVE on Saturday Night, and listen every week at

Chris Impink & Barb Fischer - Sledge Bunny

Studio Unseen is made up of two carbon-based creatures: Chris Impink
and Barb Fischer. They recently premiered their new project, Sledgebunny: a sports-anime-inspired comic that takes place in the fast-paced world of flat track roller derby. On December 30, 2009,
they closed the book on Fragile Gravity, a strip that featured independent comics, conventions, and (in an earlier arc) an
invasionary force of penguins. Oh, and an extra-bitter stoat.

Chris Impink does the artwork and web design; he has been featured in
Antarctic Press and did much of the graphic work for The Babylon
Project role-playing game. Additionally, his work has been featured at
various conventions such as Katsucon, Technicon, and Rising Star. He
is also mildly notorious for co-founding Katsucon, though his team of
spin doctors has kept that under wraps for many years. In his rare
moments of free time, Chris works with the crew from Super Art Fight
( , running the Wheel of Death and
notching up wins on the championship belt.

Barb Fischer does the writing as well as merchandise assembly and
convention spotting; when not plotting out the nuts and bolts of
Sledgebunny, she takes care of her nine-year-old son which gives her
just enough time in the day to take one or two breaths before plunging
back into the fray. At some point, she’s hoping to find the time to
use up the boxes and boxes of fabric she owns.

Elaine Corvidae - Riven Sol

Elaine Corvidae's mom taught her how to read using Uncle Scrooge comic books, which is no doubt why she always dreamed of doing her own comic. When she read her first webcomic in 1998, Elaine fell in love with the medium. She began serializing her first science fiction novel online in 2004, and finally launched her first webcomic this year. /Riven Sol/ combines her love of digital art, H.P. Lovecraft, and science fiction. In addition to her online work, Elaine is the author of eleven fantasy novels and numerous short stories and novellas. She lives near Charlotte, NC, with her husband and their adorable cats, and enjoys brewing her own beer and eating vegetarian food. You can visit her on the web at

T. Campbell and Phil Kahn - Guilded Age

An ex-stage actor and failed Internet shut-in, T Campbell has written eighteen gazintillion pages of comics, including Guilded Age, Penny and Aggie, Fans, Cool Cat Studio, Divalicious, Search Engine Funnies, Rip and Teri and just a little Avengers. He spends his “spare time” designing crosswords, drafting health care bills and seeking the Anti-Life Equation.

A longtime Professional Neckbeard, Phil Kahn has spent a few years writing for various Webcomic, Webcomic Criticism, and Webcomic Enthusiast sites, and is now trying to take his accumulated knowledge and put it all to good use on Guilded Age. While building a daytime career as an A/V Technician and an IT Support Specialist, he also spends a great deal of time practicing silly voices/faces in front of a mirror for the inevitable day where the only thing that can save the whole of humanity from certain doom is his impression of Henchman #24. Out of the three creators, he has spent the most time playing MMORPGs and is totally that Gnome Warlock who just won’t DIE ALREADY.

Kara Dennison - Con Screw and many other comics

Kara Dennison (AKA The Heaven-Breaking Pen, etc.) is a deadly force of nature whose introduction into your universe comes in the form of broken arms and shattered spirits. It's not surprising given her feats of fancy: Aside from making the sun go supernova in the year 7689 due to a time paradox, she's drawn and written several webcomics, including the recently-wrapped ConScrew, and Fanbreeding for Nth Degree Magazine

Her acting talents can be seen in various productions (both on stage and in voice) and regular appearances with the elite Luna-C comedy troupe. Her costuming talents have been proven deadly enough to render a certain Japanese cosplay idol giddy with joy (before she broke her heart). Currently, she wanders the pop culture wasteland, searching for the truth that eludes us all. Pray that she's still out there....

Christiann - Sticky Comics

Christiann MacAuley is the creator of the humor webcomic, Sticky Comics. A former zine-ster, Christiann creates her cute but irreverent comics with actual paper and ink for bonus indie cred. Christiann's work has been seen around the internet on esteemed venues like Gizmodo, Groklaw, and Daring Fireball. This year she has shown her work at DC area art shows and is publishing a collection of her cartoons, tentatively titled The Sticky Comics Picture Book. Christiann lives in Arlington, Virginia.

Ben McCormick - Reality Amuck

Tovias (a.k.a. Ben McCormick) began Reality Amuck in August of 2003 and made every rookie mistake possible. After six years of attempted starts, he left his job as a systems engineer and now works full-time on the comic.

He currently lives in Southeastern Virginia in studio full of comic books and action figures ("THEY'RE NOT DOLLS!") where he writes and draws Reality Amuck into the wee hours of the night.

Travis Surber - Hainted Holler

Travis Surber is the creator of the webcomic Hainted Holler. He started out as a writer and was first published in the Dec 2004 issue of Midnight Ink, an independent anthology of mixed media works. After several failed projects in both online and print media, he decided to try his hand at webcomics and launched Hainted Holler in July 2009 on the Drunk Duck hosting service, before moving to his own domain in 2010. With no formal training he has managed to put out over 500 strips and just published his second collection of strips Hainted Holler 2:Redneck Boonaloo. Travis currently lives in Bassett,Va with his wife and 2 cats, and recently began work on an Urban Fantasy novel he hopes to publish next year.

Ben Kahan - Ansem Retort

Ben Kahan is the writer and creator of the webcomic Ansem Retort. Ben has been making Ansem Retort, a Kingdom Hearts sprite comic that has nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts, since 2005. Holding to the commandment that nothing’s sacred, nothing and nobody is off limits, morals are gleefully thrown out the window. If it can offend somebody, he’s made a comic about it. Originally from Connecticut, Ben spends most of the year in Philadelphia, where he is an English major at the University of Pennsylvania. Ben has worked for the Howard Stern Show and will be published in the upcoming Graphic Novels, an academic source from Salem Press.

Tom "Devo Spice" Rockwell - Musician

Devo Spice is a nerdcore/comedy/hip hop artist from New Jersey who has become one of the most popular artists on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show. Devo Spice performs regularly across the country at music clubs, comedy clubs, and science fiction conventions. He has shared the stage with Dr. Demento, MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, and many others. The live show features videos and animations synchronized with the music resulting in a hilarious show that goes over very well with a variety of audiences.

Insane Ian - The FuMP

Insane Ian is a comedian/writer from Baltimore MD who has been in several bands and enjoys writing third-person bios about himself. He specializes in music about video games and nerdy culture, but also finds time to work in songs about TV shows, the Moon, and actress Christina Ricci. After various comedy "bands" throughout high school and college, Ian found success after parodying the Foreigner hit "Juke Box Hero" as "Guitar Hero" went on to become the #11 Most Requested Song on the Dr. Demento show for 2008 (to Ian, 11 is just Number 1...twice). Since then, II has been hard at work, releasing two EPs, and two full length CDs: 2009's "n3rds0ngs" and the recently released "The Last Arcade". When not writing songs about video games, playing games, or reviewing games, Ian is...wait, IS there anything else?

Tony DiGerolamo - Super Frat

Tony DiGerolamo is a screenwriter, novelist, comedian and writer for the Simpsons and Bart Simpson comics. He's written for Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He’s the creator of the Super Frat webcomic ( and co-creator of The Webcomic Factory (, a high quality, webcomic hub that posts a new webcomic every day.

Blue- Hello The Future

Blue, of Hello, The Future! is a geekrocker who puts up a new song every week at Her music is 20% manic, 20% pixie, and 60% dream girl. She received a Best in Jamspace award at PAXEast 2011,
which is awesome, and is part of the Mink Car Cover project (19 of your
favorite geek artists covering TMBG's Mink Car for the benefit of the FDNY Foundation; more at Blue sings about robots, monkeys, tractors, more robots, webcomics, LARPing, Portal 2, giant robots, and Twitter (@HelloTheFuture). There are parts in her songs for your smartphones, so make sure they're charged and ready to go.

Chris Flick - Capes -N- Babes

Capes -N- Babes
Having graduated from Radford University in 1991 with a graphic design and commercial illustration degree, Chris has worked in a wide range of graphic design fields - from silk-screen illustrator to an advertising agency graphic designer. In between, he has done freelance commercial illustration and caricature work.

In 1999, he taught himself html and eventually went on to co-author two books about web design - both of which were published by New Riders Press. It was this association with New Riders Press that lead him to start a promotional webcomic strip for the website, Community MX ( which he has been doing weekly since May 2004. That webcomic is called "CMX Suite" and can be read every Wednesday at Community MX.

After a few years of working on "CMX Suite", and after talking to a wide variety of other webcomic creators such as Brad Guigar and Danielle Corsetto at various comic book conventions he attended, Chris decided to create an entirely new comic strip comprised of his own characters and dealing with his love of comic book and super heroes. And in November of 2007, Capes & Babes was born.

Capes & Babes is a webcomic about a strip mall, a comic book shop and one crazy werewolf and can be read three times a week at

Nerd Comics

Bree Rubin:

Bree Rubin is the co-founder of NERD comics. She is the creator of two regular webcomics, the autobiographical Sex, Drugs, & June Cleaver and the irreverent story about the business of God Mysterious Ways, Inc.. She is also responsible for several self-published comic titles, such as "Silly Rabbit: revenge of the Trix Rabbit". Known for drinking to excess and general roudy behavior, be wary if she offers you baked goods.

Mike Hall and Ryan Thompson- Darkstar Studios

Darkstar Studios was founded in 2007 by Mike Hall, which currently features three webcomics: "Across the Multiverse", "[sic] Productions", and the most recent addition "Fajita" which was created by Ryan Thompson who joined the Darkstar ranks in 2009. Between all three comics the site updates 5 days a week.

Mike Hall has been drawing since his hand could hold a pencil, but until 2004 it was always in a sketchpad and most of those sketchpads would end up in a box hidden deep within his closet. In 2004 an opportunity presented itself to allow Mike to bring his work to light in the form of a webcomic. His first attempts were, to his own admission, "very uninspired" and he quickly sought out the help of the international playboy, Brian Godwin to get the comic on track. Mike soon found himself with a writer and drawing full color comics on a weekly basis. In 2007 Mike decided to go out on his own and launched Darkstar Studios which housed his new comic "Across The Multiverse" and took over hosting of "[sic] Productions" which resumed updates in early 2010.

Ryan Thompson is the latest addition to Darkstar Studios lineup. Born and raised in Germany for 10 years on a steady diet of Ninja Turtles and Pokémon, Ryan discovered webcomics at age 13. Inspired, he intensified his already passionate work in comics, hoping to someday run his own projects. He is now the artist and writer for his webcomic, Fajita. A lifelong fan of comics, and die-hard cartoon enthusiast, Ryan hopes to bring his personal eclecticism, beliefs, and experimental styling's to the world through his work.

You can see all of Darkstar Studios’ comics at

Eric Kimball - Exiern

Eric Kimball (Drowemos) is the writer for the webcomics Exiern ( and Blade Bunny ( Exiern is a fantasy parody exploring about a barbarian warrior that gets turned into a barbarian maiden by an errant wizards spell. The comic explores gender roles and self perceptions in a humors light hearted way. Blade Bunny follows the adventures of a ninja assassin in a playboy bunny outfit . As for Eric he's just a guy who still finds the word Titmouse funny.

Chezhnian Angelus and Erin "eren" Fitzgerald - Tamuran

Chezhnian Angelus (right) and Erin "eren" Fitzgerald (left) are the respective creator/writer and artist/co-writer of Tamuran, a manga-style epic fantasy webcomic. Tamuran is a story about a young royal heir suddenly turned king-in-exile, and his quest to save his kingdom from the country of powerful, grudge-bearing sorcerers that have taken it over. The young king must travel far across the wilds of his dying land, accompanied only by a few unlikely and unexpected protectors - who include a wild elf whose entire clan has mysteriously disappeared, a shapeshifting girl from a magical ascended race who knows little of the mortal world, and a huge man-eating forest beast with an academic bent.

Chezhnian has been world-building the setting in which Tamuran takes place for over 12 years. The world of Tamuran has been under the pen for 5 years and counting, two of which have been spent in good company co-writing the comic script and contributing to design work. Writing music is also one of Chezhnian's passions, and an original score soundtrack inspired by and for the comic is currently in progress.

Eren has been drawing webcomics since 2005, when he started working on "Shades of Veil" as an homage to his college roommates' Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Now he is focusing his comicking mainly on co-writing and illustrating "Tamuran." Eren recently spent a year and a half teaching English in elementary and junior high schools in Japan, where his drawing skills and love of manga ended up being just as useful as his Japanese language degree.

Danny Valentini - Draconia Chronicles

First cooked up in 1999 and served up in webcomic form since 2005, The Draconia Chronicles combines epic fantasy, heavy drama, fierce action, and the occasional laugh, wrapped up in a sexy anthropomorphic package with just a twist of manga flavoring. Locked into what appears to be a stalemate, races of Dragons and Tigers fight each other in a centuries-old war with a long-forgotten cause, all while trying to keep order within their own respective camps.

Danny Valentini, known online by his nom de plume “RazorFox,” is a mostly self-taught cartoonist. Starting off as a writer in 1994, his repeated efforts to find artists to illustrate his comics were largely in vain. Thus, out of frustration, on a spring night in 1995, he picked up a pencil and decided to see what he could do himself. Today, he writes and illustrates The Draconia Chronicles, in addition to having his hands in a variety of other artistic side projects. Throughout the years, RazorFox’s work has been published by such companies as White Lightning Productions, Antarctic Press, Shanda Fantasy Arts, and Angry Viking Press, and The Draconia Chronicles appears in weekly installments at

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