Rockville, one of the largest cities in Maryland, will host Intervention. Considered by many to be the technological center of the region, Rockville also has a rich cultural history dating back to the 1700s. If this is your first time to the area, here’s a handy guide to area restaurants, shopping, and attractions to help you feel a little more at home.

Food and Dining

You can’t throw a stone without hitting a restaurant in Rockville, but we’ve taken the liberty of picking out some of the better food options within walking distance of Intervention.

Twinbrook Grille
1750 Rockville Pike [Map]
The Hilton Rockville’s own restaurant. From their website: “From sumptuous entrees to delectable desserts, The Twinbrook Grille serves delightful Maryland regional cuisine. Enjoy Hilton’s Bountiful Breakfast Buffet which boasts over 100 items or a-la carte menu. Daily lunch specials feature a seasonal flair. Black Angus Steaks are our specialty each evening for dinner at our fabulous Twinbrook Grille.”
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0 feet

Riff’s Lounge
1750 Rockville Pike [Map]
“Relax with a glass of wine or a tasty martini under our glass roofed atrium with colleagues or friends. Riff’s in Hilton Washington DC/Rockville is the perfect spot for a casual cocktail, a cup of coffee, a light bite, and some peaceful down time while you enjoy delightful background sounds of light jazz music.”
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0 feet

Phillip’s Seafood Restaurant
1775 Rockville Pike [Map]
A little pricey, but don’t miss the $4 happy hour specials 4-7pm on weekdays.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 328 feet

India Grill
1761 Rockville Pike [Map]
A local favorite. Lunch and dinner buffet options from $7 to $11.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 449 feet

Rolls ‘n Rice
1701 Rockville Pike [Map]
Sushi and rice bowls.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.1 miles

Maria’s Bakery & Cafe
1701 Rockville Pike [Map]
A Hong Kong-style cafe that also has a bakery with a wide selection of sweets.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.2 miles

Kenny’s Sub Shop
130 Rollins Avenue [Map]
Some of the best Chinese food in the area at good prices. Apparently they also have subs, but we couldn’t tell you much about those.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.2 miles

Ruby Tuesday’s
12266 Rockville Pike [Map]
Your typical family restaurant. Often runs specials for multiple courses and people.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.2 miles

Whole Foods Market
1649 Rockville Pike [Map]
Not a restaurant. It’s a grocery store with natural and organic foods.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.2 miles

Mosaic Cuisine and Cafe
186 Halpine Road [Map]
Waffles and sandwiches by day, steaks and seafood dishes by night.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.2 miles

1592 Rockville Pike [Map]
Very good burgers, made to order.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.2 miles

Lebanese Taverna Cafe
1605 Rockville Pike [Map]
Perfect for those times when you wake up in the morning and say “I need Lebanese food today or I’m gonna be pissed.”
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.3 miles

Armand’s Chicago Pizzeria
190 Halpine Road [Map]
Nice assortment of pizzas and Italian food. Lunch and dinner buffets under $10.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.3 miles

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill
1607 Rockville Pike [Map]
A slightly tastier and healthier option than most of those other buritto joints.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.3 miles

Noodles & Co
1609 Rockville Pike [Map]
Noodle dishes from around the globe. You know a place must be hardcore about noodles when its URL is
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.3 miles

1617 Rockville Pike [Map]
Now you can eat ice cream for every meal!
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.3 miles

Hinode Restaurant
134 Congressional Lane [Map]
Japanese food with extensive menu. Lots of sushi options.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 0.4 miles

If you’re coming in your own vehicle, or you’re willing to hop on board Ride On Bus #46 which travels up and down Rockville Pike, there are hundreds more restaurants and dining options available to you. You’ve probably already found them on your iPad before even reading this far, but if you want to try things the old-fashioned way, check out some of these resources:

Culture and History

If you have some extra time to check out the surrounding area, you’ll find that Rockville is full of historic and modern attractions worth seeing. Here are some you won’t want to miss if you decide to play tourist.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gravesite
Rockville’s most famous dead person, F. Scott Fitzgerald, is buried at St. Mary’s Cemetary with his wife, Zelda.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 2.0 miles

Glenview Mansion Art Gallery
603 Edmonston Drive [Map]
Local and region art exhibits are regularly hosted in this enormous mansion seated at the Rockville Civic Center Park.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 2.1 miles

F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre
603 Edmonston Drive [Map]
Over 150 performances are held at the theatre each year, including concerts, dances, operas, plays, and more.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 2.1 miles

Redgate Golf Course
14500 Avery Road [Map]
Rockville’s own public 18-hole, par 71 with full service clubhouse and pro shop.
Distance from Convention Hotel: 3.1 miles

Other cultural and historical resources:


Don’t think for a minute that you’ll have a penny left after hitting the artists and vendors at Intervention, but if you are fortunate enough to escape in one fiscal piece, Rockville area merchants would be happy to relieve you of your remaining funds. Follow these guides for shopping in Rockville and the surrounding area.

Supplies and Services

Just in case you need them, Rockville has several stores offering supplies and services you may need on your trip. And even if you don’t need to hit the stores while you’re here, you may still want to consider a short pilgrimage to the nearby Micro Center electronics superstore if you’re not fortunate enough to have one near you.

Micro Center
1776 E. Jefferson #203 [Map]
FedEx Office
1750 Rockville Pike [Map]
US Post Office
143 Rollins Ave [Map]
CVS /parmacy
1580 Rockville Pike [Map]


Alexandria, Virginia Conditions & Forecast

The average high in Rockville in September is 82 °F, and the weather is generally warm, sometimes humid. Temperatures can drop into the 50s overnight, so be prepared in case you go out in the evening.

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