Intervention 2011 is happy to expand our programming this year with more live musical acts and programming. Right now we can tell you about the following groups who will be playing at Intervention this year:

Mark Aaron James

NYC based singer/songwriter Mark Aaron James was a winner in the USA Songwriting and UNISONG Songwriting Competitions and was twice voted the Best Singer/Songwriter in Greenwich Village by the Underground Music Organization. The Worlds of Warcraft based video for his song “Aquaman’s Lament” is currently receiving over 2000 hits a day on YouTube. He is a 2 time nominee for the Guildford Brit Award for Best Male Performer. Mark’s music has been featured in movies and on T.V. including “Lost” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.” He recently made his West End debut at the Vaudeville Theatre in London. His acclaimed recordings have received glowing reviews from local and national magazines including Time Out, The Village Voice, Performing Songwriter and The Nashville Scene. You can read more about him and hear some of his music at:

Radio Cobalt Presents “The Tombstone Teeth”

The Tombstone Teeth are one of the legendary bands who regularly feature on Radio Cobalt’s “Track of the Week”. Infamous as the first post-punk avant-garde rock band to travel through time, the Tombstone Teeth will be making their first appearance this century at Intervention. They will be performing perform a choice selection of their lost classics including: “Masterson the Bat”, “Live Minnows” and “X the Unknown”.

Appearing at Intervention: C W Cobalt (lyricist, conceptual artist, internet poet and charlatan); Lord Claudius von Vile Silencer (keyboard maestro, philosopher, cultivator of psychotropic limes); Bread Morton (guitarist, explorer, interstellar architect); and, making his first appearance on drums, Congressman Click Transparency (formerly of the Inter-Dimensional Time Senate). Catch up with them at:


Blue, of Hello, The Future! is a geekrocker who puts up a new song every week at

The FuMP

The FuMP (The Funny Music Project) is a collaborative effort made up of a core group of comedy musicians. Members of the FuMP playing at Intervention will be: Insane Ian, Tom “Devo Spice” Rockwell, and Rob Balder.

Eien Strife

Welcome to the mystic forest that covers the world we know as “Terina”. The land’s breathtaking aura is so spiritually and physically immense that the trees’ strength is the foundation for all of the life that inhabits the forest. Although there are many different villages and cultures throughout Terina, there is no interaction or even knowledge of each other. While this is for their own good, that fact is about to change so they can use their skills together to solve the puzzles that will save the Forest and each other.

The plan of “Eien Strife” has been set into motion…

And our two dance events:


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