Con hours: The con runs mostly nonstop from Friday at noon until Sunday at 4PM!

Programming List is now up! See Below.


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Intervention 2011 Programming Descriptions:

Intervention 2011 Programming List
Advanced Cel Shading

Learn how to use cartoon/anime style cel shading to render figures, establish mood and tone, and impress the hell out of your friends.
Antipode Presents: "Guile's Theme Goes with Bellydance: an Internet Meme Tribute"

Come See The Belly Dance Troop Antipode do their cosplay/dance performance "Guile's There Goes with Bellydance: an Internet Meme Tribute", with extra dance routines picked by your votes on the Intervention website!
Antipode Presents: "Super Mario Belly Dance World"

Come See The Belly Dance Troop Antipode do their famous cosplay/dance performance "Super Mario Belly Dance World".
Audio Podcasting 101

Audio podcasting is a way to create on-demand downloadable radio shows. Our panelists will talk about ways to start up your own audio podcast--the equipment to get, software to use, and creating a website for distribution.
Back In My Day: The Webcomic Veterans Panel

This panel is comprised of webcomic artists and creators who’ve been doing their work (of some sort, not necessarily just one comic) for at least seven years or more. They will grouse about the “good old days” and tell you youngsters to get off their yard. They might also tell you something that might “learn you” something.
Blue from Hello, The Future! presents: Webcomics Webconcert LIVE!

Webcomics Webconcert LIVE! is back at Intervention! Come rock out with a
full hour’s worth of webcomic and other Internet meme songs! Learn why T-Rex
has feelings, examine the mysteries surrounding Beartato, and have your
smartphone ready to pull up the lyrics for Xkcd Loves The Discovery Channel.
Get bonus songs about Portal 2, LARPing, and giant robots! Music and
webcomics go together like rockstars and models, and this show will ROCK
Bringing Space Exploration Down To Earth

A discussion of the science produced by the space program and how easy it is to get access to a great deal of that information on the web. Did you know you can look at images from Hubble and other space telescopes right Google Earth in Sky mode? Did you know that you can access some of the raw data files from some of those missions from there as well? How about all of the Earth science data that is collected? You can even get weather reports for the whole Solar System! Come and have a look. For science.
Charity Auction: Electronic Frontier Foundation Benefit

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the leading organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. They defend free speech on the Internet, fight illegal surveillance, promote the rights of innovators to develop digital technologies, and work to ensure that the rights and freedoms we enjoy are enhanced, rather than eroded, as our use of technology grows. Intervention is happy to donate the proceeds from this charity auction, which will feature items and artwork from many of our guests, to this worthy group and cause.
Club 242 Presents "Dapper In The Dreamlands" A Steampunk Dance party

Intervention goes retro with a dance party that's based on Steampunk. Bring your finest goggles, top hats, and waistcoats and dance with members of Cosplay Burlesque and Antipode. Don't have any Steampunk gear? Wear your finest geek, even if that's just jeans and a T Shirt.
Club 242 Presents "War at Innsmouth" Battle II: A Goth/Industrial/Geeky Dark Dance Party

Intervention's own Goth/Industrial dance Party--with members of Cosplay Burlesque and Antipode helping keep the dance floor moving. It goes as late as you do.
Copyright 101

A run down from an artist's standpoint of what copyright is, how it works, what it does, and what you only think it does. Learn how you can use the law to protect your work, and discuss the grey and ill defined line between outright theft and fair use.
Cosplay 101

Making and wearing a cosplay. What to avoid. What are the best materials, which don't work so well. Places to get supplies. Wig types, how to alter wigs, footwear, etc.
Cosplay Burlesque

(18+) Cosplay Burlesque is a group of burlesque performers and cosplayers dedicated to combining the two for your entertainment. Their show will be the epitome of live-action “fan service”.
Creative Marketing 101

Description: How to figure out who your target market is, plan your method of attack, and generate measurable results with your promotional campaign for your creative work.
Dating Advice For Nerds

(PG-13) Following on last year's super-successful Dating Advice For Nerds panel, this year we bring it back with: More panelists! More horror stories! More advice! More questions and answers!

If you are a nerd who enjoys dating, or a nerd who wants to know a little more about how it works, come join us as we rapid-fire through the DOs, the DO NOTs, and the OMG YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED THIS ONE TIME...
Digital Painting 101

Unleash your the digital Van Gogh within! Never again will you have to kick your significant other out of living room to make space for your giant easel and oil paints. You'll never worry about the cat clawing your canvas masterpiece to shreds simply to get your attention. Although, if someone tries to mess with your Wacom tablet, you may need to unleash a can of the Whoop Ass upon them.
Digital vs. Traditional - The Pros and Cons of Each

Some artists love digital. Some artists love pen and ink. Digital art gives you more flexibility but traditional gives you the ability to sell originals at conventions. A FRIENDLY discussion about the pros and cons of each.
Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire Q&A

Care for a peek into the future? Pick Michael "Mookie" Terracciano's brain for any questions and/or comments you may have about his webcomic, Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire. You may even get a spoiler or two if you’re lucky.
Don't waste time on social media

Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites can be lots of fun and great marketing tools--or just another way to fritter away an afternoon. The tweeting machines @thinkgeek and @NASABlueshift will tell you how to get the most out of social media with tips on when and what to share, tricks to keep you on track, and what is definitely, absolutely not worth your--or your followers'--time.
Drop-In Dating Advice with E of

Got a question about your dating life? E has been helping geeks find love since 2008 and would love to help you shine up your online dating profile, answer burning questions, or give advice about your love life. Stop in anytime during her "office hours".
Echoes of Empires LARP

The Echoes of Empires group will also be back this year for those of you who like their undead with less shamble and more fangs. If you want to dive deep into vampire politics and otherworldly drama, this is the event for you.
Enabler Only Guest Meet and Greet

Become an Enabler of Intervention and get invited to a special Guest Meet and Greet event. We'll bring the pastries, you bring your questions and small talk.
Everyone Needs Help Sometimes: Webcomic Portfolio Reviews

You have an idea for a comic, or want to get some feedback on your work. This is the place for you. During this open workshop our artists will gladly chime in and give feedback on your work or ideas and give you tips to get going to the next level.
Everything you wanted to know about tabling at a convention

Tip, tricks and general conversations about having your own art or sales table at a convention - how to go about it, what you should be aware of, how to be successful at it...
Expect the Unexpected: Strange Tales from the Webcomic Universe

Once you place your work online, and get a certain level of success and traffic, you can expect that you’re going to have a few “interesting” situations or encounters along the way. Our panelists will recite events or situations that they’ve encountered that are funny, horrifying, soul touching, or purely WTF in scope.
First Time's Not the Charm

Webcomic veterans discuss the successes and failures of their multiple webcomics over the years and what made them keep coming back for more.
Gene's Journal and other Treks: A panel with David Reddick

David Reddick of the webcomic Legend of Bill, Gene's Journal (Star Trek), Garfield, and many other comics will talk about his extensive body of work and his upcoming animated TV show based on his Gene's Journal comic.
Getting Paid to Blog

Who wouldn't want to get paid for their thoughts? Come listen to and ask questions of our panelists who have made that into their reality.
Getting Paid To Do What You Already Love: Working With Companies

Do you have dreams of getting paid to do your comic or other art? These guys have done it. Come listen to the experiences of our panelists as they talk about how they landed their dream jobs and still continue to do their own work.
Gobwins, Dwagons, and Twolls, Oh My! The Erfworld Panel

Meet and talk with Rob Balder of the webcomic Erfworld and Partially Clips fame.
Growing Your Audience by Shrinking Your Site: The Challlenges of Mobile Devices and Apps

Description: It used to be true that the big deal in web development was all about adding the flashiest new features to your site (i.e. Web 2.0), but the new surge in web visitors using mobile devices conflicts with this mantra. How should you set up your site to accommodate the iPhone, iPad, Android, WebOs, and other mobile devices? Should you make a dedicated App for your work? Is it worth the effort? And as mobile device users in the audience--are you upset about the design of certain sites? What would you suggest for the future of web development or apps for mobile devices?
History of Comics as a Medium

From pulp beginnings to the dawn of the superhero, the Silver Age, the "other" British Invasion, and the "Extreme" Generation, comics have a storied past full of spandex, heroism, and superpowers.

But are they worthy of academic study? And what would this study reveal about ourselves as comic readers?
Hitting people with Padded Sticks: The Joy of LARPing

Talking about LARP and our love for hunting our friends down in the woods and hitting them with padded sticks.
How to be a Pro in Webcomics

With nothing keeping anyone from being a webcomiker, what is it that separates the hobbyists and amateurs from the professionals? Is it skill? Is it financial success? Is it an attitude? Join an open discussion and help determine how we can all raise the bar and truly become Webcomic Pros.
How to be cool on the INTERNET.

This panel is satirical as well as informative on how to become popular on the phenomena we all live in known as the internet. You don't need to be a plumber to be popular on this particular series of tubes, although I can only think of one actual plumber who meets this criteria. As someone who has seen the internet morph and change since 56k, come check out a panel that looks a bit depth on why things are cool.
How to create a gaming/anime website with

The crew will talk about the Dos and Don'ts of starting your own gaming/anime website. This includes picking your web software, recruiting staff members, organizational tools, funny stories, and a QA session.
How to find the Doctor throughout Time and Space

Do you just have to know if Rory comes back to life again? Has the Doctor left you hanging again? Cliffhangers are the Bain of our existence as a Doctor Who fan. Lets talk cliffhangers and our favorite ways to find the episodes before we can watch them on TV or if the DVR fails us. And how does the internet contribute to and expand fandom for this nearly 50 year old series.
How to speak in public

Do you want to be up at the front of the room speaking on a panel? Do you want to be more successful selling your stuff and talking with people about your work? Get advice on how to speak in public from the pros who have been doing it for years.
Interfection LARP

Interfection, the Intervention Zombie LARP, will be making it’s triumphant return this year. Will you be infected? Will you fall prey to the evil Zombie baby (like so many of our participants last year)? Interfection was a huge success in 2010, garnering some of the highest feedback to us as a “must do” event at the con, so we are very excited to have them return this year for even more undead hijinks.
Intervention "Inprov" Comedy Group

For a second year in a row the blinding wit and lighting fast reflexes of people who spend all their time in front of a computer gather together to entertain and amaze in this "inprov" comedy show. The panelist will play a number of improv games and solicit interaction from the audience to make a fun and dynamic show. Come and see your favorite creators make a fool of themselves. 2 Shows Are Scheduled.
Is It A Boys’ Club? Can Women Be Successful In Comics?

Look around on the internet or at any comics convention--female artists are everywhere. But are they being taken seriously? And are they "successful"? Is the comic's field still one big boy's club?
Juggling Geek Life and Parenting

Keeping up with the latest nerdly trends can be tricky at the best of times, but finding time to keep up while raising kids? Well, that's a tribble of a different color. Come hang out with our panelists as they discuss their methods of trying to balance their geek life with the challenges of work and parenting.
Keeping Your Stuff Safe: strategies for backing up and preserving your digital life.

Think about everything digital that touches your life. Your blog posts and social networking statuses. Digital photographs and artwork. Text messages on your cell phone. All of these things can grow in importance over time, in ways that might not be envisioned or considered in the here and now. How do we make sure these things are kept safe?

Almost everyone with information stored digitally will face at least one major, significant loss of their important data at least once in their lives. And recent high-profile cloud computing failures have only shown that the webcomics, blogs and other things we entrust to the cloud is still at risk.

So, how do we keep our stuff safe? This session will discuss some strategies for good backup plans that can help preserve the information you value the most.
Live Music: Eien Strife

The "Adventure Rock" band Eien Strife will be playing at Intervention to continue their quest to save The Forest.
Live Music: The FuMP Concert

The FuMP Concert is a comedy music show featuring songs and videos by FuMP members Devo Spice, Rob Balder, and Insane Ian, plus surprise guests, maybe!
The Funny Music Project ( is a collective of top comedy musicians, putting out two free songs a week. With nerdcore hiphop and parody songs about technology, fandom, and classic gaming, these guys bring the geek humor like nobody else.
Live Music: Mark Aaron James

Mark Aaron James will be playing an acoustic set of many of his songs, including "Aquaman's Lament".
Live Music: Tombstone Teeth

The Tombstone Teeth are one of the legendary bands who regularly feature on Radio Cobalt’s “Track of the Week”. Infamous as the first post-punk avant-garde rock band to travel through time, the Tombstone Teeth will be making their first appearance this century at Intervention. They will be performing perform a choice selection of their lost classics including: “Masterson the Bat”, “Live Minnows” and “X the Unknown”.
Lunching with the Ladies

There will be a serious number of female creative-types at Intervention; here's a chance for them to get together, talk shop, and discuss anything that might happen to be on their minds (art, commerce, roller coasters, the naming of one's breasts... look, that happened last year. If you missed that panel, then it's your own fault). Come on in and join in the conversation.
Manga Studio For Webcomics

Manga Studio, a software package by Smith Micro Software, is designed to give your digital artwork the same look and feel as print manga. Come see a demo of the software in action.
Millennium City Mayhem LARP

Your secret identity in real life. Millennium City is in trouble Villains, Heroes and those in between are trapped in the thrall of The Dread and Terrible Sub-Galactic Emperor. Many heroes are changed, missing or worse. It is up to you to save the city, conquer it, or doom mankind. New Players Encouraged and Welcome, Make your character on site or use a pregen. Also, players of Champions the RPG and Champions Online may bring their characters to be translated into the Live Action System. Costumes a plus!
Mink Car Cover and How To Do A Project For Charity

On September 11, 2001, They Might Be Giants released their album Mink Car.
Ten years later, nineteen artists joined together to release a full cover of Mink Car, to benefit the FDNY Foundation.

This panel will tell the story of how Mink Car Cover was created, how we brought together the artists, managed the project, and raised the money, and will include tips and tricks for people who want to do charity projects of their own.
Movie Showing and Q&A: Working Class Nightmare

(PG-13) Join Jay Joseph Jr., the writer and director of the upcoming horror web series "Working Class Nightmare", as he shows a "Work in Progress" of this series and answers your questions on it's development.
Movie Showing: Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise

(PG-13) Intervention is pleased to offer its attendees a showing of the feature-length Harry Potter parody film, Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise.
Movie Showing: Ninjas Versus Vampires

(R) Ninjas battle Vampires for the fate of the world in this all new Action-Horror-Comedy from the creators of 2010's cult smash, "Ninjas Vs Zombies"!
Movie Showing: Toys Are Us: A Revolution in Plastic

(PG) Toys Are Us: A Revolution In Plastic is the first ever documentary on the creative, sophisticated, and often challenging world of designer vinyl toys, where artists create their own weird and wonderful figures for a booming, adult collector’s market. The film is a high-energy, fast-paced celebration of new forms of artistic expression, DIY culture, and of course, toys!
My Little Bronies: An Online Fandom Phenomenon

"Bronies", male fans of the new version of the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" animated series are an example of how the internet is changing and expanding traditional fandom. Find out why these Bronies love this series, and how the internet is allowing them to connect and expand this fandom in unique and new ways--and what this might mean for fandom moving forward in the internet age.
Net Neutrality: How Long Will We Be Allowed To Have The Internet As It Is Now?

Net neutrality, or the idea that all sites should have equal access and speed to all users regardless of internet connection, is a topic of contention for some of the major internet service providers and wireless providers. Does net neutrality (or lack thereof) affect the independent online creator? Will the lack of net neutrality kill the idea of the independent creator or their ability to be seen/heard? What’s your take on the issue?
Ninjas Versus Vampires: The winner is Endlight Entertainment

Find out how hard it is to pit Ninjas versus Vampires (and Zombies) by talking to the team behind the "Ninjas Versus" movie series, Endlight Entertainment.

This panel is an academic discussion that will have a bit of humor intertwined throughout. It will cover the history of MMORPGs, and discuss some of the issues and controversies surrounding them. It will also provide a forum for the audience to discuss and share their views about various MMORPGs, and the MMORPG industry in general. The panel will contain updated content for 2011, discussing the new MMORPGs have been released since last year, as well as new trends in the MMORPG industry.
Open Source Software for Everyday Use

Do you feel that your creativity is held back because you can’t afford programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut, or Microsoft Office? Our panel have freed themselves from the bonds of expensive closed software ecosystems and you can too. Whether you’re just fed up, want to try new things, or can’t afford to pick up the software you want, there is an open source alternative available to you. Find out what packages our panelists use, how to find software that fits your need, and how to join the amazing communities that spring up around open source software.
Radio Free Intervention

Join us for a live broadcast of Bomb Shelter Radio. Look over the console while the show is going, ask the DJ technical and style questions, request a song, sit down at a microphone, suggest a news story. Bring your laptop and see what is going on in our chat room and Twitter. This session is part performance, part Q&A and massively unstructured.
Raising the next generation of nerdlings: Tales from GeekDads and GeekMom

Helene McLaughlin, Brian McLaughlin, and Matt Blum (of and talk about who they are and what it's like to help inspire the next generation to love math, science, computers, and art.
Real World vs. Geek World: Balancing Your Commitments

Whether you run a webcomic, a blog, a podcast, or an MMO guild, there's a good chance you're not one of those who can (yet) make a living on your geekery. Is it possible to do both at the same time? How do you manage your own creativity as opposed to getting your real-world job done? And which one do you tell people is your job when they ask what you do for a living? Hear what the web's multitaskers have to say about how and why they do it.
Revenue Streams: How to Make Ten-Tenths of a Living

Books, merchandise, subscriptions, donations, advertising, spinoff comics, mobile apps, paid downloads, character licensing, games, animated series, movie options, speaking fees, selling original art, springboarding your other projects and services! It might be that none of these can make you a living on your webcomic, but combining many or most into one business model could.
Sh!t Gets Real: A conversation with frustrated webcomic artists

(PG-13) A bunch of webcomic regulars sit around and complain for an hour. Cursing will be tallied and encouraged.
SlackJaw Launch Party

Peej and Bengie of Slackjaw: The Working Dead, talk about their newly launched webcomic, and their unique multimedia additions to the genre.
Sluggy Freelance and the Dimension of Nuts

After over fourteen years of daily webcomic content, people must wonder just how crazy Pete Abrams actually is. You can ask Pete questions, and watch him skillfully (?) dodge the point. Pete is notorious for drawing and sketching his way through panels, but at this one, he’ll have to actually say something!
So, How’d We Do?

This panel is the last panel of the con. Come give Harknell, Onezumi, and the rest of the Intervention team your feedback on the event. We encourage you to make suggestions for next year as well.
Steam Punk Pastries & Cooking Fun

The Antipode crew can do more than dance and cosplay, they can cook up some fantastic SteamPunk inspired Yummies! Come to this panel to get some ideas on what to serve to your guests on your next Trans-Atlantic dirigible ride.
Steampunk 101 - Why am I in this dirigible and where are we going?

Before it was a fashion trend, it was a genre: steampunk! Learn it's origins in history and literature, where it came from, what (if anything) does it have to do with its cousin Cyberpunk, and what both genres and resulting subcultures may mean about us as a society.
Steampunk Costuming: Clothing beyond a vest and cargo pants

Learn inexpensive tricks and tips to step up your Steampunk kit. We will discuss the evolution of the Victorian aesthetic into the height of Steampunk fashion. This panel will assist you in outfitting your entire Steampunk family.
Storytelling to Make Your Comic’s UI Awesome

How do you make your webcomic, comic app, or ebook user-friendly and engaging? In this interactive workshop, cartoonist and app developer Rob Stenzinger will demonstrate how you can combine user-centric design principles with storytelling experience to design and construct an interactive home for your digital comic.
Super Art Fight

The self-described “Greatest Live Art Competition in the KNOWN UNIVERSE” return to Intervention with a vengeance. Equal parts Pictionary and pro-wrestling, Super Art Fight is an exhausting spectacle sure to blow your mind! Shield your eyes as artists clash on the creative canvas, and have their bouts fates chosen by the WHEEL OF DEATH, a random topic generator filled to the brim with suggestions from YOU, the fans!
Super Art Fight Unleashed

(18+) You’ve seen the show. You know what they’re capable of. Now what happens when we give them a live microphone and zero plans? Join the gang behind Super Art Fight as they discuss the history of SAF, where it’s heading, and honestly, probably whatever else comes to mind. No filter, no set topics. Shield your eyes, children (uh, yeah...don't bring them); it’s gonna get ugly. Did you know Intervention started their ongoing "Man Train" meme?
Talking Gaming to Gaming Business

More and more bloggers and webcomics are making the jump to working for gaming companies or starting their own companies to make games. Learn how you can make the jump yourself, and learn about a few of the realities of doing so.
Telling the Microserialized Story

Webcomics and flash fiction/microfiction often involve stringing out one long story over dozens or hundreds of updates, with gaps of days in between. Not every page of a graphic novel can pack a punch to tide the reader over. Or can it? Should it? And what happens to surprise when fans have days to speculate about the upcoming plot? How does it affect a writer’s approach when the story must be told in such tiny increments?
The Art Studio

Intervention presents the Art Studio, a room open 24 hours a day that encourages attendees, guests, and staff to contribute artwork or statements on the dry erase walls of the room. At the end of the con, the results will be imaged and placed online. You might even win a prize or two.
The Artist/Writer relationship

It's not easy to find the right artist or writer to collaborate with--our panelists will discuss some common pitfalls of the Artist/Writer relationship and how to deal with them when they arise.
The Computer is Willing, but the Spirit is Weak: How to Build the Motivation to Keep Going

Everyone hits that point in their career — where it seems like a wall has popped up in front of your creativity or output. How do you find the motivation to keep on working? Our panelists will talk about the techniques they’ve used to move forward and keep their motivation and creative juice flowing.
The Devil's Panties

(18+) Not Satanic Porn...Honest
The Skin Horse Panel

Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells of the webcomic Skin Horse talk about their work and where they are going from here.
There Is a Line: Handling Potentially Offensive Topics in Webcomics

Since webcomic creators only answer to themselves and their audience, how do they decide how far to go with humor, language, violence, sex, and other situations? Does a creator have a greater responsibility to police themselves or does literally anything go?
TREKOFF LIVE: A foulmouthed Star Trek Comedy Podcast

(18+) Endlight Entertainment, the producers of the "Ninjas Verus" movie series bring their Star Trek Podcast live to Intervention.
Ultimate Room Party: How to seem completely badass with booze

(21+) This will be an informational panel describing more about different kinds of alcohol, safe ways to drink, and useful hangover remedies. This will be held at the Event Hotel Bar area.
Video Room: Viral/Funny/WTF

Our Video Room will be showing some of the greatest online videos of all time. It will be open most of the time the con is running. Check out our con video twitter at to see the currently running video — or look it up in the Intervention iPhone app.
We Are The Intervention

Every event has a story, so what's the deal with Intervention? What motivated Harknell and Onezumi to create and get this con going? Come talk to the Co-Con Chairs of Intervention and find out directly from the founders the whats and whys of the con, and where it’s going in the future.
Webcomic Innovation: Standing out from the crowd

Join our panelists for a discussion of innovation in webcomics. Discuss how to pool all your resources together to experiment with all aspects of the creative process. From artistic style to writing techniques to marketing and exposure "Use your strengths to stand out in the crowd"
Webcomics 101: Creativity, Art, and Writing

You're looking at a blank screen or a blank piece of paper and you just keep looking! Let our panelists help you figure out how to get started, how to keep going and how now to paint yourself into an artistic corner. Let's talk formatting and how to best communicate your vision to your artist. And, if you're an artist, how can you take advantage of the written word to make your story better.
Why does Mommy Want Vodka? A panel with Beck Harks

Come meet Becky Harks, otherwise known as "Aunt Becky" of She'll answer your questions, talk about how and why she started her blog, and share some blogging tips.
Wits & Wagers Game Show

Gather up a team for the Wits & Wagers Game Show, the trivia event for people who don’t know trivia. Teams submit numerical answers to a variety of trivia questions, for example “how long is the armspan on the statue of liberty?” or “how many different stormtroopers appear on screen in Star Wars?” and then have an opportunity to gamble on which answer they think is closest. Bring a team of 3 people, or show up and assemble a team at the event. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the event.
WordPress 101

WordPress is the fastest growing online content management system, and can be adapted for use for comics, blogging, podcasting, video, and nearly infinite other uses. Come learn the basics on it's set up and usage from our panel of experts.
World Building 101

A pivotal part to any great story is the world in which it takes place in, be it the past, present, future, or even an alternate universe! If you are new to story creation, or are just looking to get a different perspective, stop on by as we discuss the basics of creating and presenting a new, fascinating setting for your comic or game.
Writing and Creating Three Dimensional Characters

When writing an adventure or a story, having characters that the readers can get into is half the battle. If the readers or players become intrigued by the characters, then the rest of the story will fall into place. Join our panelists as they discuss creating vibrant and dynamic characters that will grip your audience.
Writing Unique Heroes and Memorable Villains

Tired of square-jawed do-gooders, angst-ridden “anti-heroes”, weak heroines in little outfits, and villains who are antagonists for trivial reasons? Come get some tips, pointers and advice on how to make your heroes and villains stand out and live forever in someone’s memory.
Young Punks Kicking It: What I Learned From My First Years of Making Webcomics

This panel covers the lessons learned in the critical first years of making a webcomic, by creators who just went through it all! Covering issues such as advertising, hosting, getting (and keeping) a buffer, time management, and other important lessons.
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