2011 Artist Alley Participants

Binary Souls / Other Dimensions

William Chrapcynski is composer and 3D graphic artist behind Binary Souls / Other Dimensions. BS/OD is a webcomic which is posted three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In between all of that, you can expect to see original music, reviews and other bits of geekery.

Selling: T-shirts, comics, buttons, badges, bookmarks, music CDs, commissions

Website: http://www.bsodcomic.net

Dana Moscariello - On the Bright Side

Dana is an artist from New Jersey who has been drawing from a very young age. She is the artist and writer of the romantic comedy webcomic: On the Bright Side; a story of two best childhood friends, Jacob andKaylee. Kaylee, along with her family, moved away and has returned 8 years later... and now that she is back, life for Jacob is never the same!On the Bright Side is updated once a week.

Selling: Buttons, bookmarks, stickers, magnets, prints, books, sketches, original drawings, keychains

Website: http://onthebrightside.smackjeeves.com/

Rob Stenzinger

Rob Stenzinger is the creator of the comic Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound (artgeekzoo.com), the video game Guitar Fretter (guitarfretter.com) for
iPhone and Android, and Comicaster (code.google.com/p/comicaster), an open-source content management system for comics hosted on Google App Engine. He's also the artist half of the creative team for his new project The Baby Adventures of Zoe Zeus (babieslovecomics.com). Rob keeps out of trouble by pursuing his passions and helping others do the same via comics, games, and software.

Selling: comics, guitar picks, buttons

Website: http://artgeekzoo.com

Snow by Night

Snow by Night is an online graphic novel, written by Eric Menge and illustrated by Brittany Michel. It updates weekly (twice a week starting in July). Follow the adventures of a pair of thieves, Blaise and Jassart, as they search for a mysterious rival who is beating them them to their marks and stealing from their wards. Muskets and alchemy replace swords and sorcery in this tale of colonial fantasy.

Selling: comics, buttons, prints

Website: http://www.snowbynight.com

The Cow - A Superhero Comic

Remember when comics weren't all grim and gritty? The Cow is a comic that tries to be fun. It's a familiar story of a man, brought back from beyond with fantastic powers. And of course, with great power comes ridiculous villains like Farmer Brown (humble farmer turned mafia kingpin,) Schrodinger McGee (a mad scientist who may or may not kill you) and Trish the Ninja (the world's luckiest . . . and dumbest ninja.) The Cow: Taking superheroics seriously . . . just not *very*. The Cow is written and drawn by Mike Donohue, Artist by night, supermarket clerk by necessity.

Selling: The Cow: Volume 1, Prints, T-Shirts, Commissions

Website: http://www.thecowcomic.com

Bored in the Basement

Tom and Ant started Bored in the Basement (BitB) in 2010 in a Wisconsin basement with the intentions of world domination, but failed to see that running a legitimate business is much harder than an evil company. They decided to stick with creating and making artistic, clever and witty t-shirts. BitB has been slowly steamrolling their way into the internet world picking up artists from across the country (and soon to be globe) spreading individual's artistic creations and names. This year, BitB will be bringing a few Intervention Con-artists, including Jennie Z, Marie Clipson, and possibly a few more... they don't know for sure, they'll have to see if they have enough time (or room in the car).

Selling: shirts, posters, stickers, buttons, and some other artsy stuff

Website: http://boredinthebasement.com/

Tangent Artists

Long ago a team of talented professional writers and artists tried to invent a machine that would translate imagination into vivid brightly animated images on a TV screen. Having no knowledge of neurophysics, complex machinery or even simple fractions, this plan was sadly abandoned in 2006. In 2007 the company endeavored to provide high-quality web comics to the world once a week, and this goal was met with far greater success. Thus was the creation of three comic series: The macabre comedy, “Skeleton Crew,” the celebration of nerd life, “Donuts for Looking,” and the screwball Swords & Sorcery, “CRIT!”

Selling: Comics, books, cards, buttons, bookmarks , t-shirts, commissions

Website: http://www.tangentartists.com/


My name is Monica H. or known as MonMon. I am a graphic designer by day webcomic artist by night. I run a webcomic called Ocean Tides. Which is about a girl name Lily who is going into her first year of college, but before she focuses on her studies, she is heading to the beach with her aunt on Tides Ave. Things get a little weird when Lily finds the guest book of the House they are staying at. Weird things like bags being packed, temperature dropping, and creaky floorboards. Lily meets a spirit named Alex. Can Lily help Alex realize whats
happening around him? or will he forever walk the earth alone? And why hasn't Alex crossed over? Ocean Tides is updated every Friday.

Selling: Buttons, book markers, key chains, original prints, and webcomic prints

Website: http://oceantides.smackjeeves.com/

Grendel's Den Design Studio

D. E. Christman's Grendel's Den Design Studio is a digital art and design studio that provides website design, graphic and print design, logo and branding development, media packaging design, and custom art and illustration. GDDS caters to a wide variety of clients that includes Halloween events, haunted house attractions, Steampunk themed events, film studios, music labels, artists, deejays, and festivals. For more information visit Grendel's Den Design Studio at http://www.GrendelsDen.net.

Selling: framed fine art, art prints, design services

Website: http://www.GrendelsDen.net

Bardsworth & Fairy Magik

"Bardsworth is webcomic that follows Mike Cosley, a young man from our world attending college in another one. While there he deals with girls, homework, magic, a demon who bakes cookies, and much more. The comic is appropriate for all ages, but only those with a sense of humor and heart.
Fairy Magik is a husband and wife art studio that produces cute and whimsical fairy artwork and crafts. Working with bright colors and an assortment of mediums, Fairy Magik will bring a smile to the young and young-at-heart alike."

Selling: Print collection of webcomic, art prints, t-shirts, buttons, fairy wings, cookie plushies, art/costume commissions

Website: http://www.bardsworth.com, http://www.fairymagik.com

Tummel Vision

Tummel Vision is a small press/indie company publishing comics and related merchandise. Our current titles include Grim Crew Presents: Dead Future, Extraordinary, Stitchwork, Grim Furry Tales, and Kidthulhu.

Selling: Comics, T-shirts, Prints, Buttons

Website: www.tummelvision.com

Kelsey Wailes

Kelsey Wailes, who is called Eattoast on the internet for some reason, is known for making silly comics, drawing ugly faces, and making cute but sometimes ugly toys. Because she is too stupid to make computers work, so she makes everything by hand. One day, she would like to make toys and comics for a living. You should help her along and buy some stuff.

Selling: Handmade toys, original prints, comics, and high fives

Website: http://eattoast.deviantart.com/

Jennifer Zyren Smith

Jennifer Zyren Smith is an author and artist residing in Maryland. Ever since she discovered ElfQuest at the age of twelve, she has been telling
stories through comics and has an entire file cabinet filled with character designs and comics from the last twenty years. Her current graphic novel,
“LaSalle's Legacy” is a fantasy story about the adventures of the crew of the Laughing Panda. When she isn't making art, she is playing video games
and failing in her duties as cat slave.

Selling: copies of webcomic LaSalle's Legacy, buttons, prints, and sketchcards.

Website: http://lasalleslegacy.com

Rafer Roberts

Rafer Roberts is the creator, writer and most of the time artist of PLASTIC FARM, a post-ironic new-age horror romance that chronicles one man's comedic descent into madness, despair, and world conquest. Rafer lives in western Maryland with his wife and muse and their multitude of retarded cats. He can be found online at http://www.plasticfarm.com/

Selling: Mini-comics, comics, TPB collections, Original Graphic Novels, prints, sketch cards, original artwork, poetry

Website: http://www.plasticfarm.com/

Technoangel Studios

Technoangel Studios is the joint venture of Laura “robynhime” Moiseev and Andrew “sadboyinsnow” McLaughlin, born out of an enjoyment of creating cute and entertaining artwork in their spare time. The studio has been spreading their love of all things cute and snarky across the Mid-Atlantic region since 2008.

Selling: Buttons, t-shirts, prints, and commissions

Website: http://www.technoangel.net

Curls Studio

Curls Studio creates and self-publishes original comics, designs and illustrations. Carolyn Belefski writes and draws the webcomic Curls, about a gal with mitten hands who hangs out with adorable animals and a piece of toast. She also collaborates with writer Joe Carabeo on the comic books Kid Roxy, Black Magic Tales and The Legettes. Carolyn's work has been published by National Geographic, USA WEEKEND Magazine and Indie Comics Magazine #3. Carolyn and Joe also host a podcast called The Carolyn & Joe Show, which is available on iTunes. Visit the Curls Studio Production Blog at http://www.curls-studio.blogspot.com to learn more.

Selling: Comics, Prints, Sketch Commissions, Shirts, Greeting Cards

Website: http://www.curls-studio.com/

Jennifer Blum

My name is Jennifer Blum and I am a crochet artist specializing in Amigurumi. Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting small animals, people or objects. I am inspired things I find around me every day. With a Geeky family like ours that could be characters from movies, books or games.

Selling: hand crocheted figures, accessories, hair clips, pins

Website: http://www.quirkycrochet.com

Tower of Ash Comics

Tower of Ash Comics is the works of Clare Moseley, writer/artist behind "The Otherkind", "Creator Confidential", "Bishounen Boys Who Sing (and the Women Who Love Them)", "No Special Snowflake" and the writer of "Ensign Sue Must Die!". Offering print comics, original and parody artwork, buttons, bookmarks and t-shirts.

Selling: comics, t-shirts, buttons, bookmarks, print art

Website: http://www.claremoseley.ca/

Liz Staley

Liz Staley is one of those people who have been drawing and writing for as long as they can remember. She came on to the scene with a novel called "The Hinomoto Rebellion", a martial arts story set in futuristic Japan, and then branched out in to doing web-comics. Currently she is doing Adrastus, the story of a girl who finds out the skeleton in her family's closet is actually a giant alien robot. She enjoys role-playing games and making custom My Little Ponies when not chained to her desk cranking out a new comic page.

Selling: Novels, Comic books, bookmarks, cell phone charms/keychains

Website: http://adrastus.comicdish.com/, http://lizstaley.deviantart.com/

Singed Cat Studios

Singed Cat Studios is a group of friends who do art, animation, design, illustration, webcomics, go to anime/comic cons & most of all, have good times. SCS currently hosts two webcomics, Honey & the Whirlwind (a story about dreams, reality, and everything in between) by Tim Ferrara and Squid Salad (a slice of the excellent: mayhem, mystery, and all the yummy things) by Anii Stoll. You can find, contact, and hang with them (and all the subsequent twitter/tumblr and etsy shop goodness) on the web: www.singedcatstudios.com | www.honeyandthewhirlwind.com | www.squidsalad.net

Selling: Comics, Steampunk goggles, one of a kind handmade jewelry, awesome 1" buttons, posters & prints (original & fan art), handmade books, custom commissions & sketch cards

Website: www.singedcatstudios.com | www.honeyandthewhirlwind.com | www.squidsalad.net

Stuffed Sushi

Stuffed Sushi is a crazy combination of sushi, fabric, fluff and love for all things japanese and/or anything geeky. We make sushi roll and riceball plushies in assorted sizes and "flavors". Come stop by and Hug a Sushi! Or... if you're not a big sushi fan (yet), or are in need of something a little more manly, check out our new wearable "Plushstaches" and assorted steampunk goodies. You can see and comment on our latest creations at www.facebook.com/stuffedsushi

Selling: Comics, sushi plushies, t-shirts, jewelry, buttons, keychains, giant mustaches, and random steampunk gear.

Website: http://www.stuffedsushi.com/

"That's So Cute" buttons/ Rival Hearts

"That's So Cute" buttons offers hand-drawn cute character images and portraits all on buttons. Choose from a large selection or request your own choice.

Rival Hearts - a new web comic of "epic" proportions, hopefully. Two people, raised as rivals, have had to live outside the life they once knew, relying only on each other. Now joined by a protective companion, they are thrust back into the war that brought them together, at risk of losing everything yet again.

Selling: character buttons, key chains, comics, prints

Website: http://www.thatssocutebuttons.com/ | http://www.blackaswhite.com/rivalhearts

Greg Uchrin

Greg Uchrin is a cartoonist and satirist from Alexandria VA. His political cartoon, Intravenous Caffeine (ivcaffeine.com), and its predecessor, Hail Dubyus! (haildubyus.com), have been running since 2003. Intravenous Caffeine is also the name of his studio. A visit to his deviantart site reveals other humorous works, including a multipart parody of BLEACH (part one published) called BLECCH!, portraits, and the occasional dark work when he is in a really bad mood. Future plans include both humor and horror comics in book form.

Selling: T-shirts, mugs, buttons, holiday cards, individual prints of art works, a
book of collected political cartoons "Bushwhacked", and part one of BLECCH!

Website: http://gregoriusu.deviantart.com/gallery/

John "The Gneech" Robey

Creator of the popular webcomics NeverNever and The Suburban Jungle, The Gneech has now joined the ranks of podcasters with The Short Story Geeks podcast, at shortstorygeeks.com. He and podcasting pals Buck Turner and Graveyard Greg sample, review, and talk about short fiction of all kinds, from pulp classics to the newest e-pubs, as well as sharing tips for writers and editors and interviews with authors, academics, and anybody who might have something interesting to say on the short story genre.

Selling: Suburban Jungle books, NeverNever books, geeky buttons, artwork

Website: http://shortstorygeeks.com/ | http://gneech.com/

Dawn Griffin

Dawn Griffin is the off-kilter mastermind behind "Zorphbert and Fred" (http://www.zfcomics.com), a webcomic for anyone who ever felt like an alien on their own planet. When she’s feeling slightly more grounded, she’s also the illustrator of the "Abby’s Adventures" (http://www.abbysfanclub.com) kids book series. And when she wants to share the crazy ideas that flutter about her head, she dishes out advice, videos & tutorials on Webcomic Alliance (http://www.webcomicalliance.com).

Originally out of Cleveland, Ohio, she’s still a Cleveland sports fan, further proof of her lack of sanity. She’s now speaking in 3rd person, so it must be time for her meds. Stop by her artist’s alley table for a Zorphbert and Fred collection (the BRAND NEW second collection is NOW AVAILABLE!), a slew of Abby’s Adventures kids books, or to make fun of her for speaking in 3rd person.

Selling: books, buttons, pendants, signed prints, commissions, sketchcards

Website: http://www.zfcomics.com | http://www.abbysfanclub.com | http://www.webcomicalliance.com

Also At This Table:

TL Collins is the artist and creator of the web-comic known as Bullfinch. A comic
known for it’s bizarre mixture of magic, monsters, fantasy, and squirrels thrown
into a large blender and pulped into a fine paste. He has collaborated on several
other comic works like Superfogeys, Th3rdworld’s Creature Feature, and Daniel Boom: AKA Loudboy.

selling: comics, sketches, original art

Skyscraper Soup

SkyscraperSoup.com is home to a handful of comics by the same artist:
Kerry Lynn Thompson. The three currently updating ones are *This is the
Worst Idea You've Ever Had!*: an urban fantasy set around a group of recent
college grads with poor decicion making skills, *Sin Pararse*: a love story
set in the same universe, and *Cuanta Vida*: a fancomic loosely based on the
popular game Team Fortress 2.

Selling: comics, art prints, buttons, and original art

Website: http://www.skyscrapersoup.com

Deanna Echanique

Deanna Echanique is an American comic artist and illustrator. Her main work, La Macchina Bellica, is a Neo-Victorian wartime romance/drama graphic novel, which began as a webcomic in 2008. She loves Steampunk, One Piece, dancing her little heart out, and karaoke.

Selling: silkscreen prints and shirts, commissions, bookmarks, posters, comics, artist trading cards, journals, badges

Website: http://www.macchinacomic.com/

First Law Of Mad Science

Super science. Cybernetic implants. Bizarre visions. Robot girls.
Sinister corporations. Ancient subterranean cities. Strange creatures. And a mysterious death. All in the first issue! Check out the comic that *Broken Frontier* called "a well-crafted science fiction epic powered by both enthusiasm and imagination." It's going to be a wild ride!

Selling: Comics

Website: http://firstlawofmadscience.com/

Interrobang Studios

Kevin Bolk and Sarah Martinez are the primary art and writing team for Interrobang Studios, an art collective which has been publishing original print and online comics as well as a host of free browser games since 2005. Best known for the parody comics It Sucks to be Weegie and Ensign Sue Must Die! (both part of Pot Luck Comics), Interrobang Studios also produces the fantasy genre send-up The Last Mystical Legend of the Fantastic Fantasy Trigger Star, the quirky auto-bio comic I’m My Own Mascot, and the silent, enigmatic Spinks. Recently, they've also released their first storybook, Daddy/Daughter Ninja Day: My First Ninja Training Manual. A curious reader could lose days of their life exploring the nearly bottomless archives at their website, so be forewarned and equip your desk chair with fresh water and some extra Kit Kats for the duration. Mmm….Kit Kats.

Selling: Comics, Prints, Art Cards, T-Shirts, Novelties

Website: http://www.interrobangstudios.com/

Geeks Next Door

When two geeks love each other very much, that is when the miracle known as “a webcomic” happens. Resident nerdy couple Jessi and Matt Pascal live in an apartment with otaku roommate Barry, and are occasionally visited by closet-geek / glamazon Maggie. Together, they combine their powers to mock the absurdities and celebrate the awesomeness of the geek life. Surviving a frat zombie invasion, playing various RPGs, snack attacks, and fighting girl scouts in a kaiju-style monster battle are just a few examples of their adventures online. Get to know the folks that could be the geeks living next door to you!

Selling: Comics, posters, t-shirts, and cards - all original designs. Free buttons and other giveaways, and also commissioned sketches.


Megami Jadeheart

Megami Jadeheart has been drawing as long as she's been able to hold a crayon, and writing since middle school. An interest in American comics segued into an interest in manga and anime, and an inspired art teacher in high school as well as a degree in fine arts directed her style away from imitation of either genera and into a hybrid of realism, Japanese, and American comic styles. She is also a seamstress and designer, and all around crafty person.

Annie: a Space Western, started with a bang in December of 2008, adapted from a role-playing game. With 25 chapters of the story written, she's in it for the long haul.

Selling: Teeshirts, silkscreened and painted by hand; prints of art both original and fanart; hand-made cat ears on hair clips; buttons of original characters; commissions drawn at the convention to order.


Morlock Enterprises


Catherine Lee


Sunken Library and Indanthrone

Selling: Darkened Heart folios (Written word and photography, Victorian horror)
, steampunk props, print copies of comics, some prints of artwork, originals
(illustrations and paintings), handmade silk-screened t-shirts

Websites: http://thedarkenedheart.com | http://indanthrone.com

BAR-1 Studios

Selling: Graphic novels of my webcomic, Peter is the Wolf, T-shirts I've designed for White Lightning Productions, RPG game books from Palladium Books& Tri Tac Games that my work has appeared in, prints, badges,& assorted artwork.


Ink & Toggery

Selling:Video game, anime, sci-fi, and table top gaming inspired fine arts, t-shirts, hats, bags, jewelry, pinback buttons, embroidered scarves, as well as original art versions of the same items.


Studio Sakura Garden

Selling: Art prints

Website: http://einlee.net/top.html

Paint Me A Perfect World Productions

A duo of video game fans, that <3 Fallout, bringing items out of the games into real life, comprised of Sherie Lund painter and drawer extrodinare and Robert Wilfong master builder and zinc saucier. In their spare time they can often be found wandering the wastes looting super mutants and raiders and making wasteland omelettes, yum.

Selling: Jewelry, video game related paintings, video game related props, Magnets, Keychains, custom made duct tape top hats, and nerdy handmade housewares, and assorted awesome nonsensical knick knackery

Website: http://paintmeaperfectworld.etsy.com/

Chris Otto - A Dog's Life

It seems customary to speak in the 3rd person in these things, but I like being different. I started "A Dog's Life" last September after years of being a webcomics fan and wanted to try to make people as happy as I am when reading them. I just had to wait for inspiration to strike, and one day I started seeing my dog Hunter in my head in comic strip form, and there it was. I may have been a little hasty from conception to the time I started posting comics; I wrote and drew up 30 strips in 3 weeks and started posting. Am I insane for deciding to start up a comic with no artistic history and pushing 40? Perhaps. Have I had more fun than should be legal since I started drawing? You bet. Dogs rule, cats drool.

Selling: Sketches, sketch cards, prints, original comic strip art.

Website: http://adogslifecomic.com/

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    Please reply with registration dates, fees, forms and other needed information.

    Thank you for your time and consideration

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