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2012 Artist Alley Participants

Plaza Art

Whether you're an artist looking to get started, create your next masterpiece or frame a special treasure with our expert framing team you have come to the right place.

Besides a huge selection of art materials, creative gifts and custom framing, we also offer Gift Cards, Workshops, Demos and Classes, Delivery, Special Orders and Bulk Discounts. If you don't see what you are looking for ask one of our sales associates and they'll do everything they can to fulfill your particular needs.

While you are in, don't forget to ask about our Plaza Savings Card program and if you can't get to one of 12 stores visit us anytime at

Brenda Kirk

Brenda Kirk is a cartoonist and illustrator. She created the webcomic Lanarama and founded, and is a contributor to IDW's Womanthology. She likes pizza and hockey and shirtless Batman. Also, puppies.


Jay Joseph Jr

Due to a Scheduling Issue Jay Joseph Jr will not be appearing at Intervention 2012

Jay Joseph is an artist of questionable age, skill and origin. Born in a horrific wasteland, he learned his craft by modeling himself after the most powerful man of the 20th Century: Trevor Belmont from Castlevania 3. He has now saved the world several times over, namely by co-authoring a deceased webcomic named Chugworth Academy, creating films, and working for television networks you may have actually heard of. His latest project is Working Class Nightmare, a webseries that stars actors.

He will be debuting "Black Guy White Guy", a sketch webseries exploring the deep intricacies of race relations and nerdy black dudes. Details TBA at


Scott King

Scott King Scott King was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Ocean City, Maryland. He received his undergraduate degree in film from Towson University, and his M.F.A. in film from American University.

“DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel,” King’s first book was published in Fall ’09. He is also the creator and writer of “Holiday Wars.” In addition to his work in comics King is also a part-time Faculty member at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

He will be debuting "Holiday Wars Volume 1" at Intervention (The book officially releases on September 25th but there will be copies for sale at the show!).



Vidgle is a internet television website with its original series and films which is available on

Vidgle will be releasing their first film, "Con Drama," at Intervention.


Cynical Woman

Helen E. H. Madden, also known as Cynical Woman, is a writer and artist who quit her lucrative day job years ago with no idea what she might do next. In the last three years, she’s written 165 short stories and one novel for the Heat Flash Erotica Podcast.

As a webcomic artist, she has produced “The Adventures of Cynical Woman” and “Rats!” She also runs, an online gallery of children’s artwork about scary stuff, and draws ""Mustachequerade,"" a small zine about the wonders of mustaches. She is very much in love with zombies right now, but that’s probably because she is one, and could someone please explain the concept of “sleep” to her? Because she’s never experienced it herself.

Issue 3 of "Mustachequerade," a zine about the wonders of mustaches, will be debut at Intervention. The 8-page zine will feature a very special story called "The Mystery of Medusa's Mustache." Cost will be $1 per copy. Some issues 1 and 2 will be available for sale as well.


Monica "MonMon" H.

Currently residing in Northern VA with her two fish (Fin and Picasso), Monica or “MonMon” works as a graphic designer/web developer for a county site by day and a webcomic artist by night.

She has been drawing and crafting since she was very little. Her hobbies consist of painting, drawing, baking, crafting and graphic design.

She will be debuting her mini comic ""Lost Dog"" from her collection called Push Pin Comics in print.

Push Pin Comics are a collection of mini comics ranging between 8-10 pages long.


Luke Foster

Luke Foster is the cartoonist of the science fiction/comedy webcomic "Moon Freight 3," which has updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since August 2008. He is also the cartoonist of the new, daily all-ages strip "The Center of Somewhere," which debuted Aug. 6, 2012. He was also the writer/artist of the non-fiction comedy comic strip "The Gang From the Store: True Tales From the Comic Book Shop," which ran from November 2009 to June 2010. He lives in Connecticut and likes pancakes.


Chris Otto

"Now entering it's third year, "A Dog's Life" has brought many people lots of smiles and joy, especially its creator, Chris Otto. This past year he has published two compilations of his comics, appeared on TV to promote his work, and completed "Bark To The Future", a year long story written by his friend, Ben Taylor. Ben will be appearing with Chris at their second Intervention, and both will be signing and sketching all weekend!

Ben sums up "A Dog's Life" perfectly in the first book: "How often do you follow a dream with no preparation and no prior experience? That's what "A Dogs Life" is all about. One man following his dream to sit down and draw funnies. These humble beginnings will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone."

"Bark To The Future", a book collecting over a year's worth of strips in which we parodied "Back To The Future", will be featured at Intervention. 161 full color strips, plus extras.


Technoangel Studios

Technoangel Studios is the joint venture of Laura “robynhime” Moiseev and Andrew “sadboyinsnow” McLaughlin, born out of an enjoyment of creating cute and entertaining artwork in their spare time. The studio has been spreading their love of all things cute and snarky across the Mid-Atlantic region since 2008.


Tangent Artists

Rachael Hixon works on Story, Inks and Colors.
David Joria does Story and Script. Monica Marier does Story, Script, Pencils and Colors. She has also written a book series based on CRIT, “The Linus Saga"" published through Hunt Press.

Last Year we debuted the "Miles Reyner's Handbook for Saucy Bards" and sold out in record time! This year we have restocked and brought along a new item of interest!


Alex Heberling

Alex Heberling hails from Columbus, Ohio, and has been making comics for the web since 2005. She currently produces Alex’s Guide to a Life Well-Lived, a slice-of-life journal-ish comic that updates twice a week. Her previous work, a fantasy epic titled Garanos, was recently completed after 3.5 years and 487 pages. When not chained to her desk making art, she also enjoys The Office, caricaturing, ponies, and works for a local screen printing business. She earned her BFA from Ohio State’s Art & Technology department, where she learned how to make robots, holograms, and 3D models of nanomachines. (This means she’s pretty much ready for whatever the future tosses her way. Bring it on, Science!)



Kytri writes and draws an urban fantasy comic called This is the Worst Idea You've Ever Had! as well as a few other things. She's been doing webcomics in one form or another since 2003.

She currently lives in Raleigh, NC with two roommates and a cat.

The second book of "Worst Idea" has just come out.


Intravenous Caffeine

Greg Uchrin is a cartoonist and satirist from Alexandria VA. His political cartoon, Intravenous Caffeine (, and its predecessor, Hail Dubyus! (, have been running since 2003. Intravenous Caffeine is also the name of his studio. A visit to his deviantart site ( reveals other humorous works, including a multipart parody of BLEACH (part one published, part two in the works) called BLECCH!, portraits, fanart and the occasional dark work when he is in a really bad mood. Besides his ongoing blog and BLECCH!, he is currently working on a ghost story based on the Hanako-san legend

In addition to selling T-shirts, mugs, buttons, holiday cards, individual prints of art works, a book of collected political cartoons "Bushwhacked", and part one of BLECCH!, Greg will be debuting "BLECCH Part Duh" at Intervention.


Paint Me a Perfect World Productions

A duo of video game fans that <3 Fallout, bringing items out of the games into real life, comprised of Sherie Lund, painter and drawer extraodinaire, and Robert Wilfong, master builder and zinc saucier. In their spare time they can often be found wandering the wastes looting super mutants and raiders and making wasteland omelettes, yum.


Snow by Night

Snow by Night is an online graphic novel, written by Eric Menge and illustrated by Brittany Michel. It updates three times a week (text update on Friday). Follow the adventures of a pair of thieves, Blaise and Jassart, as they search for a mysterious rival who is beating them them to their marks and stealing from their wards. Muskets and alchemy replace swords and sorcery in this tale of colonial fantasy.

Snow by Night will be debuting their latest chapter book, "Chapter 4: What No One Expects". In this chapter, Blaise, Jassart, and the mysterious rival work together to steal a great treasure but do so for very different reasons. The chapter book is 40 pages long and is full color.


Megami Studios

Rob Barba and Ayne Hart make up Megami Studios, a Virginia-based media and design company. Established in 2004, Megami's project range from website and graphic design to typography to our webcomic, "Claude & Monet".

They will be offering the limited edition font "Onigiri" for sale at Intervention. This is an Intervention exclusive and will not be made available after the con is over.


21st Century Sandshark Studios

Dan Nokes is the sequential indie creature of myth, that other creators speak of in fearful hushed tones! He is usually spotted in the suburban Southern Maryland marshland known as Lusby MD! When not roaming the commercial district, finding unhealthy low nutritional and other survival items, he is diligently at work, on his various creator owned projects, as part of his one man company known as 21ST CENTURY SANDSHARK STUDIOS!!! His past projects have included THE REPTILE AND MISTER AMAZING (2002) THE PARANORMALS(2003-2008) THE PISTOLEERS (2008-2010) and ADAM AND EVE: BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (2011-2012) Approach him with extreme caution, accolades of his artistic endeavors and large sums of cash...IF YOU DARE!!!!

21st Century Sandshark Studios will be entering the webcomic fray for the first time with two projects slated to come out in the second half of 2012. The first is THE REPTILE AND MISTER AMAZING: THE RETURN OF KAT CARSON with artist Will Nix III! The second is a space comedy described as MEN IN BLACK MEETS CLERKS entitled IMPOSSIBLE SPACE TALES OF THE LAST PIT STOP!



Dana is an illustrator and webcomic artist from Southern New Jersey. She is the creator of the romantic comedy webcomic "On the Bright Side".


Wayward Studios

Emily R. Gillis and Crystal M. Rollins make up the comic-creating duo that is Wayward Studios. Together, they work on the webcomics Aspect and Jikoshia.

This year, Wayward will be releasing the first printed volumes of both comics.


Fes Works

Note: Fes Works has informed us that he willl not be appearing at Intervention 2012

Fes Works is a cartoonist and podcaster, active within the webcomics community since 2006. A person addicted to projects, with the goal of encouraging people to share and create. He has worked on several webcomics over the years, in several collaborations; including the Crossover Wars. Presently he runs The Webcast Beacon Network, a podcasting group, with one of the strongest running webcomics podcasts online: The Webcomic Beacon. His present comic endeavor is in co-writting and coloring the comic Ardra; of which he will be showcasing the first issue at Intervention Con.


Liz Staley

"What do you do when you find that the skeleton in your family's closet is a giant alien robot?" Liz Staley is the creator behind Adrastus, a web-comic about a normal girl who races motorcycles, fixes cars, and really would like it if the tabloid reporters and the invading army of aliens would just leave her alone!


Jennifer Zyren Smith

Jennifer Zyren Smith is an author and artist residing in Maryland. Ever since she discovered ElfQuest at the age of twelve, she has been telling stories through comics and has an entire file cabinet filled with character designs and comics from the last twenty years. Her current graphic novel, “LaSalle's Legacy” is a fantasy story about the adventures of the crew of the Laughing Panda. When she isn't making art, she is playing video games and failing in her duties as cat slave.



Kelsey is a Maryland based toymaker/illustrator who teaches a college comic book class during the summer. She makes ugly things cute and cute things ugly. Her terrible things have been featured on io9, the Daily What, and Kotaku. She lives in a cornfield and doesn't understand how magnets work.

At Intervention, there will be comics, handmade toys, prints, sketchbooks, custom vinyl toys and HIGH FIVES


Rival Hearts

Rival Hearts is a fairly new webcomic, started January 2011. While making slow progress, it is building up to some big adventure.

Rival Hearts will have it's first officially (professionally) printed comic for first release at Intervention. There will also be new prints and sketches never before seen.


Accidental Fancies

Note: Accidental Fancies has informed us that they will not be able to appear at Intervention 2012

A crafter with a mission: Learn new techniques and combine them to create new and interesting accessories. If there is a hidden secret to it, then BONUS POINTS!

Jenny Truss has an addiction to crafts of all sorts, and an even greater addiction to finding new ways to make new and interesting items with geeky themes to it.


Duae Designs

A crafter with a mission: "Can you teach me how to crochet?" Aries asked.
"Sure." said Duae.
A few ugly scarves, lopsided blankets, and wonky hats later, Aries decided to try his hand at amigurumi Now, pretty much anything he can think of can be recreated in tiny yarn form.

Duae handles the organization and has epic battles with the sewing machine that often result in cool stuff. She also dabbles in soap-making and other crafts.

Together they make a pretty good team.


Escapement Studios

Escapement Studios is a small independent game development team based out of Raleign, NC. We’re all about exploring new possibilities in interactive entertainment! Our primary gaming project, In The Dark, is currently in development and expected to release within a year. You can keep up with the game's progress on the Escapement Studios website.

Katy Millay (animator for In The Dark), joined by Mark Thompson (project lead & programmer), will have game merch and original art available at their table for your perusal.


The Gneech

John “The Gneech” Robey is the creative force behind the popular webcomics, NeverNever and The Suburban Jungle, Starring Tiffany Tiger. There are currently five collections of his cartoons in print: La Vida Panthera, Love Bites, Orange Alert, and Tough Breaks are the Suburban Jungle collections, and Childproof the Unicorns is from NeverNever. Previous writing credits also include pieces for White Wolf Games’ Mage: The Ascension line, Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game supplements, and West End Games’ World of Indiana Jones. Gneech has received several honors for his work, being named Guest of Honor at the 2005 Mephit Furmeet and Confuzzled UK 2011, Iron Artist (Comics) for three years at Further Confusion in San Jose, and of course, multiple-time recipient of Websnark’s “Tasty, Tasty Biscuit.”



Creator of the webcomic La Macchina Bellica [] and artist of the webcomic Kindling []

Professional illustrator and comic artist.


Raven Warren Studios

A small studio based on Maryland's Eastern Shore producing sequential art stories and dabbling in game design. Currently you can find them working on Kidthulhu, Dead Future, Winter's Eye and a few other obscure incantations.

At Intervention, Raven Warren Studios will be featuring Kidthulhu Volume #1 (writing by Martin Brandt and artwork by Rihana Martinson), which delves into the madness of Kidthulhu's awakening and the hijinks that ensue thereafter.


Quirky Crochet

After teaching herself to crochet in 2008, JJ Blum quickly realized that she didn't follow directions very well. She began doodling with yarn and creating Amigurumi of pop culture items. Small characters from movies, TV and books and accessories born from a quirky mind and geeky family dominate her collection.


Erica Fletcher


Christopher Paulsen

Raised on newspaper comics, when Chrispy decided to toss out his fine art degree in favor of cartooning, it was only natural he would emulate his heroes. His daily webcomic, Precocious, is now in it's fourth year.

The first Precocious collection was released in August, and I am very excited about it! I will have copies of it at Intervention, which I will be signing and sketching in!


Rascals Rogues and Dames

Becca Hillburn and Heidi Black are best friends and comic artists living in Savannah, Georgia, and pursuing their Masters in Sequential Art at SCAD. They are part of Rascals Rogues and Dames studio, and produce all sorts of goodies, ranging from high quality prints, to mini comics, to buttons, to charms and paper dolls.

Both artists are willing and able to take two types of commissions- at convention (which are completed at the convention) and take home. Take home commissions tend to be in either pencil or ink on cardstock, whereas take home commissions can be done using any requested media and mailed to the customer.

Becca Hillburn will be debuting a new installment to her ongoing mini comic series "When I was 13", a lighthearted autobiographical comic that takes a nostalgic look at being a nerd in the late 90's.

Heidi Black will hopefully debut the first chapter of her comic "Dealing with Trolls" in garage print format. "Dealing with Trolls" is a watercolor fantasy comic with a Nordic flair.


Megami Jadeheart

Megami is an artist and seamstress from either 7000 years in the future or the past. She can't seem to remember which. But with a passion for Historical Recreation and Science Fiction, it doesn't matter much to her when she is, as long as she has access to art supplies and fabric.

She has been known to occasionally work on a webcomic called "Annie: a Space Western" in between work, cons, sewing, and taking care of her cat. This will be her third year at Intervention, and she's glad to be back.


Geeks Next Door

When two geeks love each other very much, they get together and make a webcomic. Resident artist Jessi and snarky writer Matt have been posting the exaggerated everyday adventures of their lives for five years, including tales of mecha-fighting girl scouts, meme-tastic romance, muffin attacks, and tales of the convention scene. Start getting to know the folks who might just be the geeks next door to you!

At Intervention we'll have a few surprises on hand, for sure! Please drop by and take a look!


Binary Souls / Other Dimensions

William 'Shaggy' Chrapcynski is a musician, producer and 3D graphic
artist. He's been composing a stylistic variety of music for a number
of years and his web-comic, Binary Souls / Other Dimensions, has been
running for nearly five years. Music and comics aside, he is involved
in community theater doing sound design. When he's not busy doing all
of these things, he's playing video games as well as taking on the
role of house husband.


Lesser Key Studios

Lesser Key Studios has been attending conventions since 2006 and has presented a number of original works over the years. Recently the Studio has developed a webcomic named 'Ianua' featuring a teenager named Janus who lacks a fear mechanism that most individuals possess.


Toro Comics

Selling: original comics and two different art books of collected work. Also available for commissions.


Dead Bat Designs

Dead Bat Designs produces both original design t-shirts and does custom work for others.

Dead Bat Designs' work mostly comes from a slightly dark sense of humor, but it is always meant to inspire laughter. We have a lot of geek culture references, but also many completely original designs. The biggest collection of designs is Death is Good, which portrays the adventures of a Reaper who refuses to be grim, and the many situations he encounters, both while growing up and in later life.


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